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  • Sophie Frabotta

7 Minute Technique to Remove Fear Completely

Fear can arise in your body for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons can be anger, frustration, rejection, not fitting in, feeling unable, or feel like you don't have enough or you are not enough, etc. Whatever your emotional and energetic Achilles' heel is, is what will trigger this red-hot reaction inside of you.

The first thing we must remember is that fear is not a feeling, fear is a reaction. It is simply a shadow reflecting back a deeper wound that needs to heal. The biggest threat that comes from fear is that this “shadow” wants you to think it's going to turn into reality.

One thing that's really important is to realize that what happens inside of us when fear comes in, is that we get resistant. We may have an inward moment of chatter that says, "Oh my gosh, I don't know why I'm scared, I shouldn't be scared. This is ridiculous." And we become even more resistant. But this resistance actually blocks us.

To help you understand what these powerful steps in this technique are + how to practice them, so that you can truly embody them, I am going to list them below:

1. Drop Your Inner Resistance

2. See the Fear

3. Pull Your Consent

4. Invite God in

5. Demand that God Remove this Fear

6. Recycle the Fear into Light

7. Find the opposite energy of that Fear

8. Ask God to plant that opposite energy inside of you now.

9. Do a Wash

1. Drop Your Inner Resistance

The first thing we want to realize if that we need to drop that inner resistance. When we enter a resistant state, Spirit can no longer intervene because we have free will, and so then we become this human in a bio body suit without our spiritual armor. I am going to take you through a powerful process that can change your fears, if you let it.

You cannot be it and see it at the same time. One way you can SEE the fear is by inwardly saying: “I see you, Fear. I am not you, Fear. I'm going to deal with you, Fear. I now surrender my resistance and invite in the light to deal with you Fear.” Let’s break this down.

2. I see you, Fear.

Not, "I am you". There is a difference. It is not "I am scared". It's "I see you, Fear." This helps you begin to recognize, this emotional reaction rising up in you, is not you.

3. Pull your consent.

I no longer give my consent to allowing this fear to live inside of my body. And it is in that very moment that you stop letting this fear run wild. Pulling your consent away from anything that you no longer want or need is a game-changer.

4. Invite in God.

Right then and there, invite in God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, anything that is really attuned to the highest point of light, think Master guide and higher, who you invite into your body in this living moment. Whatever “God” means to you is fine, just make sure that frequency is aligned with the highest point of light source, creator, God, energy, and invite it into your body.

“I invite you in. God. I invite you in. Jesus. Take residence in my body, my soul.”

Breathe into this like you are actually breathing the breath of Divinity itself. (Because you are, if you believe it.) You have now invited in the light, so now you can see the darkness.

5. Demand that God remove this fear from your body