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Linda Tate


Linda serves as a business strategist and wellbeing expert. She took time to study yoga, fitness, mindset coaching and plant based culinary. She now combines these modalities to bring you Lila Life. The essence is to help you tap into the core of who you are and express it through life and business. 


After she overcome bulimia, anxiety, depression and alcohol abuse - she found her passion for wellbeing. Her whole journey has been propelled by the mantra, make things better. She is an observer and innovator and finds creative solutions, when others may feel stuck. She helps you apply these solutions in your life to thrive.

Linda loves helping people connect to their deeper layers to go into the world and make the greatest impact. She loves business and the social and innovative impact of business to make the world a place, where we can all thrive.

Spiritual Gifts: Teacher, Spiritual Guide, Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Leader, Visionary, Reporter

Joanne Marobella

It is Jo's mission to help young women acknowledge, accept and achieve by harnessing the energy and learning from her own path of self-discovery, and discover a beautiful path to self love through studying and applying spiritual laws and principles. Jo has done her inner work and now it is her calling to pay it forward and continue her work through being a teacher and offering guidance to girls and women who want to connect with and embrace their truest selves, heal and create amazing, heart-led lives. 


Jo is inspired by creating new practices to move people closer to the light inside of them. She sees them ripping off the labels given to them by others and tear by tear they start to see how beautiful and brilliant they really are, as they come to understand they are spirits. Their purpose becomes clear and they realize they are worthy, loving, loveable and alive. 

Spiritual Gifts: Coach, Spiritual Guide, Visionary

Anja Baum


As a Certified Spiritual and Transformational Life Coach, Anja offers holistic programs to empower her clients to create the life they truly desire. She has a Master of Arts in Communication and an MBA in Management, and her focus is on marketing, social competence, and coaching. 

In Holistic Transformational Life Coaching, Anja has found her passion and life purpose and incorporates spirituality, energy healing and the teachings of the law of attraction. All the tools and techniques she discovered on this spiritual path, she sees as treasures and is happy to pass them on. With her experience, her desire is to help clients heal what keeps them from stepping into their truth, their life purpose and the best version of themselves. Guiding them in their darkest moments and seeing them miraculously transform and rise!

Spiritual Gifts: Healer, Coach, Spiritual Guide, Claircognizant, Empath

Bella Lane


Bella was led to this path by very difficult childhood experiences. Those challenges ignited an insatiable curiosity around why we are the way we are and why we do the things we do? That curiosity has never ceased.


She has studied with a plethora of amazing therapists, teachers, gurus and coaches all over the world, which led her to her deepest desire - to share the knowledge she has been so blessed to have garnered. She encourages and inspires her clients to increase their awareness, connection and ultimately guide their transformation towards manifesting a happier, healthier, more abundant life, according to their unique vision. Her clients express that they feel safe to share their deepest thoughts, feelings and experiences without ever feeling judged or pressured. Her compassion and giving heart drive her to create a new world where love, healing and transformation are synonymous with being on this journey.

Spiritual Gifts: Healer, Teacher, Coach, Spiritual Guide, Peacemaker, Clairscentient, Leader, Empath

Danni Mares


Upon returning to the states Danni decided she wanted to integrate what she has learned from her own personal healing journey to assist others in their life path. Danni came from a broken home, parental abandonment and self-medicated this hurt for 23 years. Once she put the bottle down and began embracing her clarity, she was able to work on past hurts and programming to find her self-worth and self-love. Danni knew she wanted to help others with their worth and self-love and now she has an opportunity to do so on a much deeper level with offering her services as a Spiritual Life Coach.

She believes in the power of vulnerability and optimism, and advocates for transparency in any partnership whether it's business, friendship, family/marital relationships. Danni listens to your story with an empathetic ear and an open heart and mind. She assists you in identifying your greatest gifts through quieting the noise in your life to uncover what you truly want. Through her gentle questioning, designed discovery sessions, goal-setting, personal awareness, with accountability, we will begin finding the path to happiness tailored to your wants and needs. Danni is aware that everyone is unique and strives to make every session a distinctive experience creating an affordable, collaborative and customized life practice to help you achieve your full potential. 

Spiritual Gifts: Healer, Teacher, Coach, Spiritual Guide, Peacemaker, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairscentient, Claircognizant, Empath

Krissi Jacob


As a Spiritual Life Coach, my mission is to assist you in transforming your life into the most Limitless version you can dream of! My own journey of healing began after 20 years of substance abuse and an abusive marriage ended. The healing that came as a result of these experiences has enabled me to believe in miracles, that life is meant to not only be lived wholeheartedly, but self created!

Being of service to others is my greatest joy in life and is why I have chosen to work in this field. It allows me to give others what was given to me in my time of need, which is hope, encouragement and the tools to assist you in your journey back to wholeness.

My goal is to empower you to realize the divine greatness within you and to harness that power to live from purpose and passion. There is nothing you cannot be, do or have! I believe in you. Allow me to gently guide you to a place where you believe in yourself!


Spiritual Gifts: Healer, Teacher, Coach, Spiritual Guide, Peacemaker, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairscentient, Claircognizant, Leader, Visionary, Empath


Vanessa Hernandez


Vanessa is a Healer and Spiritual life Coach that helps to transform lives. She has been in that dark place where everything felt uncomfortable and seemed unbearable to take on alone. This is when Vanessa chose to dive into her spirituality and higher self to become one with God. With Spirit’s guidance, Vanessa was able to find her way to the light.

As a Certified Spiritual life Coach and Energy Healer, Vanessa works to help others transform into the best version of themselves. She helps turn fear into faith, brokenness into healing, energy blocks into power, loneliness into love, and darkness into light. Vanessa does everything through God and spirit’s pure Love and Light. 

Spiritual Gifts: Healer, Teacher, Coach, Spiritual Guide + Empath

Georgie Skover

Georgie is a Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer, who woke up with a new spiritual passion for her design and remodeling work. After taking this certification, she realized that a Spiritual Entrepreneur can have any kind of business. Its not the business that needs to be spiritual, but the way you go about operating within it that makes you a Spiritual Entrepreneur. 

Georgie works with people’s ideas, emotions, relationships, conflicts, and creativity. She is a designer who will coach and guide you into clearly defining what you want, help resolve differences in varying ideas, and determine how to get the project completed in the most effective way, on time and within budget.

Spiritual Gifts: Teacher, Coach, Guide, Clairaudient, Leader, Visionary + Empath

Website: www.GLSDesign.net

Carolyn Jane


As a certified Spiritual Life Coach, Carolyn will lovingly be there for you as a friendly guide so you can clear away mental, emotional and physical clutter. Her process allows you to resonate with the true messages from within. When you ask yourself, '‘Who am I really?’ or ‘What is my purpose?’, or "How am I supposed to contribute to this world?" Carolyn's coaching practices will help you to find those answers within. We are all born with purpose and innate gifts. YOU are the only YOU there is. That is your Power! 


The Spiritual Coaching sessions that Carolyn offers are for individuals who want to live a life that is a reflection of who they truly are, and want to experience their fullest potential and brilliance. All while creating a life of clarity, courage, creativity, connection, and contentment. Her desire is to lovingly share with you what she has cultivated through heartfelt guidance, inspirational practices, and dedicated spiritual coaching. 

Spiritual Gifts: Teacher, Coach, Spiritual Guide, Peacemaker, Visionary + Empath

Melanie McLeod


Melanie McLeod is the Founder of Coach You Solutions. She specializes in helping people become successful in business and life. If you just need help with a new business idea or you are having challenges in your existing business, she can help. If life challenges are interfering with your ability to move forward in your life, she can help. 

Melanie incorporates business, academic and coaching knowledge to support people and businesses in making and executing a plan for success. 

She looks forward to supporting you in making your dreams come true! 

Spiritual Gifts: Healer, Teacher, Coach, Leader, Visionary + Empath

Jacque Hartke


Jacque provides Aligned Guidance to those seeking to release fear and perceived inadequacies. Ultimately, she is here to serve; to give others tools and ideas to know they are unique, powerful, special spiritual beings, simply having a human experience. 


As a Spiritual Life Coach, she leads women, ages 35 and above, on a journey of alignment with their true self and to a place of inner peace. She serves as a conduit for others to tap into their highest purpose, who want to fulfill a luminous life, live without fear, shame, regret or a wounded Spirit from life’s hardships, traumas and uncertainties. Jacque is raising the human vibration, one individual at a time.

Through her training as an Energy Healer and now as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Aligned Guidance serves clients to maximize wellness, achieve goals, and live a life with true purpose. 

Spiritual Gifts: Healer, Teacher, Clairaudient, Visionary + Empath


Sophie Frabotta

I teach aspiring coaches, healers, and light-workers to make an impact from a higher vibrational space + help you activate your naturally born  spiritual gifts to help others transform.

If you want to quench your spiritual thirst, and grow in your alignment with Spirit, Now is your chance! 


You can become a trusted Spiritual Life Coach that empowers others to step into their truest self, manifest their deepest desires, embrace the future with joy, connect to the Divinity speaking within, and access your inner wealth of wisdom!