To anyone considering taking this course you won’t be disappointed. Open your heart/mind and know you are good enough. The world of infinite love, honor, kindness, joy, peace, abundance, freedom, forgiveness, and endless possibilities awaits you on the other side. Trust that you are right where you’re supposed to be. You have been brought here for a purpose and the timing is perfect. Now is the time for your “Awakening”! I’ve prayed to be surrounded with good people. I’m grateful for our leader Sophie,  her heart, energy, and confidence have brought us into this time and place. I’m understanding energies and vibrations in a much more spiritual manner; allowing my mind to be open and freeing myself from such a regimented restricted lifestyle is refreshing. I feel my heart opening and the world around me changing. My faith has grown stronger. I know now more than ever that I was created on purpose for a purpose. I was my own worse enemy and now I’m my own best friend.

The Weekend Retreat was an incredible experience. I feel that I achieved an incredible amount of personal growth in a very short period of time. I was encouraged and not forced to go out of my comfort zone, and could express myself without feeling judged. Over the years, I have denied parts of myself because of fear of judgement, but what woke up in me since attending this retreat is my desire to live my life out loud. I no longer want to hide from the world and live my life in disguise. 


One thing that had a huge impact on me is how well we all cohabited peacefully and lovingly in one house for three days. Working with women has always been difficult for me. I have always felt like there was an unconscious power battle happening when working with a group of women. At our retreat, I never felt that. I felt that everyone communicated in a non-threatening, kind, manner. The retreat had structure with flexibility. There were opportunities for sharing, check-ins, individual reflections, group reflections, and different healing modalities. 

This experience was life changing from the time I arrived to the time I left! Sophie has such a passion in what she does, and I felt it deeply. I am inspired by her and love that she held the retreat for us. I felt so comfortable with our tribe of women, there was no judgment, and I learned that there are other beautiful souls out there that want to help others awaken and change - just like me. The work was real, serious questions were asked, and we dug deep to our core issues. I realized that spirit is there whenever we call upon them, their presence was there all weekend. All the women in our tribe made a impact on me!  I now understand that we all go through our own struggles and are all capable of making a difference no matter our age or race, size, or background. We all have that light within us. Thank you so much to Sophie and my tribe sisters for letting me be my true self, believing in me and accepting me fully. 

 I draw such strength from Sophie's words and her focus, and as Jon said, how connected she is. I love her soft heart of humility regarding meditating and radiating, and how she has taught me to set a new intention going forward. Everything in this program and what Spirit is doing in me moment by moment is in perfect alignment! ️

I have received such clarity. This clarity has allowed me to meet my spirit and begin to cultivate a relationship. I had only dreamt of such a gift. My inner healing work has now presented gifts of spiritual travel that I had never thought was possible. It is absolutely amazing what healing does for your entire being. I look forward to the meditation each day. I am leading with the spirit and walking with God. If you would have asked me four weeks ago if I was doing either of the aforementioned, I would have laughed at you.

Sophie ~ I can't say it enough ~ Thank you for being the vibrant you and for bringing to light this beautiful course for all of us to flourish and assist others on their life path.  I am so ready to be open for I know we are here to help, support and carry the light for each other when the other's light may be dim. 

I am so grateful for this program and for everything that I learned and how it helped me to release. One of the many things that I have learned is to surrender everything to God. I have seen the changes in my life both physically and mentally since I started this journey. Because of the inner healing that has taken place in me since going through this program, I am now able to face what is happening and allow myself to let go and allow God to perfect in me what concerns Him. I have let go of a lot of guilt, shame and most importantly, forgiven. What is more clear to me than ever is that what was designed to kill you will definitely make you stronger if you let go and allow God to work in you and through you. This program has taught me so much: how to listen to myself, handle my emotions, how to say no and the art of meditation. Going through the life coaching program and getting the opportunity to help change lives has been nothing short of a miracle. 

I could not have dreamed of a better teacher. Sophie, you have been so inspirational, supportive, dedicated to us all evolving and finding our own unique gifts. The course was challenging and the information was new and dynamic. I feel you opened the space for me (us) to really dive in deep and yet also made it ok for us to breathe out! My heart and thanks goes to you today and always.

Sophie you are our limitless leader and spiritual goddess warrior!

I am astounded by all that has transpired in my life since this amazing course began. I am in a place of greater peace, more clarity of purpose and am seeing changes in myself that I used to look upon with absolute fear.


This class has really inspired me to reach for more and believe in more!  You hold such a soft but empowered space for everyone and it's been such a joy to be a part of this cohort and your teachings!  I sing your praises wherever I go!  And I always will!


Thank you for this incredible opportunity, it's completely changed my life!

I have gained so much internal self-insight that I feel I can not even begin to describe with words. There have been so many energetic shifts, deep-rooted belief system shifts and it has changed my whole outlook. The ability that I gained to go into issues that arise and find the deep root of the belief will benefit me throughout my life. Not to mention the lives of the people I will be sharing this work with. I can listen to others with such an open mind and turn to my guides that I have been able to learn and open clear communication with. I feel so connected to the guides around me through what I learned through this program. This has given me access to a limitless understanding and knowledge way beyond what my mind can offer me. With the curriculum offered I will also be able to turn back to it when I feel I have something blocking me. This work is such a gift to me and to all I will be working with. I would  encourage you to take this course if you are seeking a deeper understanding of yourself and how you can help others. This have given me more then I can explain.

I believe the universe has also been with me showing me taking me by the hand and leading me to the journey I have been longing for but didn't know how to find. And then I came to an email that I opened and read and it was from Awaken With Sophie. It was almost as if the universe planned the whole thing. Because within a day or two I was going to a spiritual retreat with other likeminded ladies. It is this retreat and the time and space that was held for me that seemed to really open me up on a deeper spiritual path.

In the past months I have gone through some big transformations. I feel like I have stepped into my power because the right tools were given to me. I cleared a lot of old wounds that were triggered, which was extremely painful at times, but I feel lighter and more like a creator and goddess than ever before.

All, my life I have been waiting for someone to show me the way. Well, God has definitely answered my prayers by leading me to Sophie. It's like AWAKEN hit me in the face (well my screen). Sophie has  designed this program from the soul. And if the other soul is willing to work for "unconditional love, peace, "  there's nothing that will stop the soul. Every morning, I now find myself loving life, counting my blessings, feeling all the beauty on Earth, and feeling the love in my heart and essence. My relationship with my husband has grown leaps and bounds and I am growing into the Mother I always wanted to be. What I love most about this coaching program is SOPHIE LIVES HER WORK. 

I’m so glad I decided to sign up for this program! It was deeply meaningful and calming for me. I felt that each part of it had a special effect on me, and led me deeper into myself. Meeting the women who are spiritually seeking, and open to what may come to them and through them was so nice. Each one had a special sparkle that was shared with all of us, and we were all very different, but on a similar path. The house had beautiful energy that was enhanced by the crystals, essential oils, and Sophie’s lessons, meditations, and intuitive guidance. There was a lot of information coming to us, but it was all held in a loving embrace, and so was easy to assimilate. There was a great flow from one part of the retreat to the next. So my attention was always on what was happening, who was speaking, and the lessons that were being taught. There was never a dull moment! 

The Retreat surpassed my high expectations and matched my level of excitement about learning, doing the work, and growing into my unique role as a Spiritual Life Coach. The perfection and magic that we created together under Sophie’s poetic planning was truly a Divine experience. I healed on a deep level, gained knowledge and skills of crystals, the subtle power of aromatherapy, and the vibrational elevation of sound healing. Our agenda illustrated the value of planning the process for a healing and coaching session. My vision for my current and future professional development has expanded and I am moved and motivated by the other women in our cohort, my new soul sisters. We came together and have birthed something magical. We each have so much to gain from being in this together. 

Thank you Sophie, for your personal time that you spend responding to me! I think about how young you are and how much you do and have accomplished! It is very grounding to have a teacher that is so reassuring, someone I enjoy emulating and have tremendous respect for. 

Sophie's Spiritual Life Coach Certification Course is a tremendous value. Not only did I receive my certification and a clear path to my own spiritual way, but I also received a multitude of physical resources. I now have books, awakening passages, meditations, healing audios, journaling sheets, worksheets, and many coaching materials. I oftentimes refer to this powerful reference library that was lovingly planned by Sophie.The greatest impact this course had on me is how much I learned about myself. Now I am living with a deeper connection to my soul and enjoying a purposeful lifestyle as my truest self. I look forward to guiding others as they search for the inner peace of joyful, soulful living. Sophie is a caring, approachable and passionate teacher. She provided a fun and empowering space for learning while offering a wealth of transformative information and valid resources.

I feel I have a new outlook on my ability to become a coach thanks to making connections with my cohort and feeling a sense of calm when listening to Sophie's divine wisdom. I admit too feeling stuck and unable to envision myself in the role as spiritual life coach but after the weekend I feel more confident. I cant wait to see what the Divine has in store for me moving forward. I feel I am willing to open myself to my own guidance and feel a fire had been ignited inside of me to really focus on creating an amazing life. I know that my own suffering and pain are my greatest teachers and I when I hear others tell their stories or share their pain I feel a deep sense of connection with them. We really are in this together and having someone by your side that understands on a soul level warms the heart. I felt that this program gave me an awakening in my heart and soul. 

What others are saying...

I believe in you!

I understand the space you are standing in right now. And I can tell you that once I took the leap + got connected to my soul's calling my life truly changed.  This work will change you.  It will strengthen you.  It will help you activate your soul's highest calling!  And then... I will show you how to serve others from your overflow!

Come transform with us!

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