Melanie McLeod


The Weekend Retreat was an incredible experience. I feel that I achieved an incredible amount of personal growth in a very short period of time. I was encouraged and not forced to go out of my comfort zone, and could express myself without feeling judged. Over the years, I have denied parts of myself because of fear of judgement, but what woke up in me since attending this retreat is my desire to live my life out loud. I no longer want to hide from the world and live my life in disguise. 


One thing that had a huge impact on me is how well we all cohabited peacefully and lovingly in one house for three days. Working with women has always been difficult for me. I have always felt like there was an unconscious power battle happening when working with a group of women. At our retreat, I never felt that. I felt that everyone communicated in a non-threatening, kind, manner. The retreat had structure with flexibility. There were opportunities for sharing, check-ins, individual reflections, group reflections, and different healing modalities. 

Vanessa Hernandez


This experience was life changing from the time I arrived to the time I left! Sophie has such a passion in what she does, and I felt it deeply. I am inspired by her and love that she held the retreat for us. I felt so comfortable with our tribe of women, there was no judgment, and I learned that there are other beautiful souls out there that want to help others awaken and change - just like me. The work was real, serious questions were asked, and we dug deep to our core issues. I realized that spirit is there whenever we call upon them, their presence was there all weekend. All the women in our tribe made a impact on me!  I now understand that we all go through our own struggles and are all capable of making a difference no matter our age or race, size, or background. We all have that light within us. Thank you so much to Sophie and my tribe sisters for letting me be my true self, believing in me and accepting me fully. 

Carolyn Sullivan


The greatest impact this course had on me is how much I learned about myself. Now I am living with a deeper connection to my soul and enjoying a purposeful lifestyle as my truest self. I look forward to guiding others as they search for the inner peace of joyful, soulful living. Sophie is a caring, approachable and passionate teacher. She provided a fun and empowering space for learning while continuously offering a wealth of transformative information and valid resources.


I first met with Sophie and the other students at the weekend retreat held at a spacious and beautiful Florida residence. The Retreat with Sophie was well planned, welcoming and peaceful. Our new Creation Cohort is a beautiful bond of supportive women. We have continually been vibrationally entwined in the most fascinating and personal way. I would highly recommend this certification course to anyone, especially soul seekers. Even if you are not planning to become a life coach, this course will be beneficial for anyone who desires to live a life that is a reflection of who they truly are, and who want to experience their fullest potential and brilliance. You will open up to a life of clarity, connection, and contentment as you learn so much about yourself. Plus, you will attain the confidence and skills necessary to help positively transform the lives of others.

Sophie's Spiritual Life Coach Certification Course is a tremendous value. Not only did I receive my certification and a clear path to my own spiritual way, but I also received a multitude of physical resources. I now have books, awakening passages, meditations, healing audios, journaling sheets, worksheets, and many coaching materials. I oftentimes refer to this powerful reference library that was lovingly planned by Sophie. 

Jacque Hartke


The Retreat surpassed my high expectations and matched my level of excitement about learning, doing the work, and growing into my unique role as a Spiritual Life Coach. The perfection and magic that we created together under Sophie’s poetic planning was truly a Divine experience. I healed on a deep level, gained knowledge and skills of crystals, the subtle power of aromatherapy, and the vibrational elevation of sound healing. Our agenda illustrated the value of planning the process for a healing and coaching session. My vision for my current and future professional development has expanded and I am moved and motivated by the other women in our cohort, my new soul sisters. We came together and have birthed something magical. We each have so much to gain from being in this together. 

Thank you Sophie, for your personal time that you spend responding to me! I think about how young you are and how much you do and have accomplished! It is very grounding to have a teacher that is so reassuring, someone I enjoy emulating and have tremendous respect for. 

Georgie Skover

I’m so glad I decided to sign up for this program! It was deeply meaningful and calming for me. I felt that each part of it had a special effect on me, and led me deeper into myself. Meeting the women who are spiritually seeking, and open to what may come to them and through them was so nice. Each one had a special sparkle that was shared with all of us, and we were all very different, but on a similar path. The house had beautiful energy that was enhanced by the crystals, essential oils, and Sophie’s lessons, meditations, and intuitive guidance. There was a lot of information coming to us, but it was all held in a loving embrace, and so was easy to assimilate. There was a great flow from one part of the retreat to the next. So my attention was always on what was happening, who was speaking, and the lessons that were being taught. There was never a dull moment! 


This work is sacred.


I will show you how to trust what comes up,

Deeply share your truth, 

illuminate your imagination and 

shine your

spiritual light brighter than before!


You are safe.

This work will change you.

It will strengthen you. 

It will help you activate

your soul's highest calling! 

And then...

I will show you

how to serve others from your



I believe that there is something so magnificent about you,

+ it is my mission to call that out in you through this program!

Has something been calling your spirit to take a new step? 

Have you been feeling like you are

having a spiritual awakening, but feel a little lost?


Are you ready to release that nagging feeling that

you are not doing the work that you are meant to do? 

If so, this program may

be the answer! 


I understand the space you are standing in right now. 

And I can tell you that once I took the leap +
got connected to my soul's calling

my career blossomed!

I learned how to cultivate true abundance
by understanding my energy + removing my blocks.

{one of the many lessons you will learn in this training}

I started playing with the energy I put out,
+ began to see it


being drawn back to me!

It was like money would just replenish itself.

Self-love was my first thought. 

Clients were lining up!
It was kinda like I cracked my own


Abundance Code!

If you want to learn these kind of lessons

you are in the right place!

So I invite you to fully step

into your Life Purpose!