I amSophie Frabotta

I teach ambitious women to AWAKEN their soul's magic through a process of consciousness techniques that result in whole life healing and transformation! They call me the SOUL whisperer because my work opens up a channel in you that sounds like a whisper. And most people report that they can still hear it long after they have completed their work with me. I bring light and wisdom to your soul by offering a space of deep healing through my Spiritual Life Coach Certification. Together, we will open your soul into this powerful new space and define who you are in this important time on your souls journey. As we AWAKEN your soul's magic there will be a profound activation of the most powerful healer within, YOU!


I hold this healing + transformational space for my clients and students.  What I can promise you is that I pour my heart and soul into this work. And as you begin to dive deep into your soul, I will show you how to activate the most powerful healer within, YOU! This is not therapy, this is a transformational opportunity to connect with your SOUL. I am here to nurture and midwife your transformation.

I became a Life Coach...

Not because  I felt that I knew a lot about life, but because life had challenged me to my core at such a young age. I had always been a highly sensitive empath who could feel on such a deep level, and before I understood this gift, it used to feel more like a curse. I can remember walking through my college campus and feeling happy, then sad, then overwhelmed; all just on the way to class.


At age 19, I was depressed, anxious, bulimic, suicidal and 60 pounds heavier. I was miserable. I was lost. I was overwhelmed by the darkness. However, it was this darkness that ultimately led me to finding the light.

After several years of mild improvements in therapy, I found life coaching and my life began to transform before my very eyes. Things started to make sense, I learned how to create energetic boundaries, how to distinguish my feelings from others, and how to create real change in my daily life! 


It was like someone put the sparkle back in my diamond. I had found the inner work that freed my soul, and I wanted to teach other people how to also do this work, so they could get their life back + sparkle like a diamond too!


I went back to school, got my undergrad in psychology, my Master's in Transpersonal Psychology (later in the game), got certified as a holistic life coach and then took the leap to start my own coaching business in 2007. 


Fourteen years later, seasoned with a ton of mistakes, but thousands of hours helping others climb through their own limitations, I stand here today to share that you can turn your spirituality + inner work into an abundant career!


You do not have to be perfect, you can learn how to effectively set up your desires with action + make the best of what comes your way. 

To me, life is about being your true self and having the courage to share that with the world. So I stand before you today as me; a work in progress, highly motivated to help you get into alignment with who you really are, so you can co-create the life and career you are seeking to experience!"



Sophie Frabotta

  • Masters Degree - Transpersonal Psychology

  • Certified Spiritual Life Coach

  • Achieved 10,000 1-1 Spiritual Healing

  • Meditation Teacher

  • Sound Bowl Healer

  • Crystal Guide

  • Author of The Continuous Appetite 


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Awaken Life Coaching offers Men and Women private coaching and online courses, using a hybrid approach of healing and creation to help them thrive in their life! Often, on the way to a goal, many get lost because there are internal wounds that need to heal that are blocking the path. Awaken addresses these wounds + brings healing to those deeper layers and helps you release that energy, we then focus on moving forward into what you desire to create.   

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I created the Soul-Love Mastery method which contains 6 pillars of growth: healing the inner child, healing the trauma response, transforming energetic cords, building a spiritual practice, soul-love practices, and raising your vibration. It’s a powerful path to transforming and awakening spiritually! And this method is only taught in our signature program called Awaken Your Soul's Magic.
Our Spiritual Life Coach Certification is a 5 month transformational journey that takes you through your own transformation first, and shows you how to do this inner healing work. Here we teach The 4 R's Method that will help you embody the deep understanding of how to help someone transform. Through a blend of experience and knowledge, this program prepares you to work with your clients in an authentic way, after you are certified.


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We create hand-crafted crystal jewelry that is designed to assist you on your healing journey. Each piece of our jewelry gives off specific resistant-free patterns and can help you clean and clear out your energy field so that you become more open to these high vibrational frequencies.  





Hey Spirit Lover,


I know I have something that can change your life. And if you are ready to show up for YOU, then I am here to help you go further than you have ever gone before. You have landed on this page for a reason, and I invite you to trust that. The universe has brought us together and I am just so excited to see where this will take us.

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So thrilled to meet you!







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