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Spiritual Life Coach Certification

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Our highest level of private support for powerful, enlightening, and expansive breakthroughs. Heal alongside me + calibrate your energy into high vibrations

Are you an Intuitive Empath who...

→ Feels weighed down by issues you don't know how to get into and heal?

→ Wants to stop suffering from your trauma?


→ Wants to know the difference between your trauma and intuitive voice guiding you?

→ Feels anxious on a daily basis and knows there is a better way to live?

→ Knows there is something blocking you, you just can't seem to find?



✔️ Release toxic memories

✔️ Gain clarity on moving forward

✔️ Feel empowered

✔️ Tap into your Inner support

✔️ Feel happier with who you really are

✔️ Stop worrying, Start manifesting

✔️ Trust your higher self


✨ Healthier relationships

✨ More life-force energy

✨ Your most Sacred Self

✨ Self-Love like never before

✨ Your own Wisdom

✨ Feeling safety deep within

✨ Trusting your own path


Free Class

Want to learn how we will help you self-heal, 
break free from embedded trauma 
that overpowers your intuition, and 
step into the New Earth 
with a high vibration!!


Hi, I'm Sophie

When I stepped into my spiritual journey 20+ years ago, my calling was clear: to help others heal what is blocking them and spiritually awaken to their greatness.



1. You can heal anything, and I mean anything. YOU have the power to transform and heal ​any false belief​ that is blocking you​. 


2. Your true power lives within. You were given an enormous amount of power that is currently living within you, and I will show you how to plug into it.


3. You are deeply loved by the Universe, and when you do the deep spiritual healing work and practice self-love you activate your ancient code of true acceptance.


Watch what happened to these beautiful ladies as they shifted their inner trauma and stepped into their wholeness.

Your Five Pillars of Growth



Inner Child.png


Inner Child

There is this little thing called your inner child. And she is probably hurting. But when you learn to meet her, and make her feel safe, you will see a huge difference in your energy levels. You may also notice that it becomes easier to know who you can and can’t trust. Healing your inner child makes it much more pleasant to interact with people in general.

Laws of The Universe.png



If you are tired of being tired, and can’t seem to get ahead in your life, understanding how energy moves through you and the laws around it is a game changer. Learning about these laws was so powerful that it actually allowed me to give up coffee for good. We will teach you you how to use your energy, vibration, magnetism, and the 5 things to do every day to get your energy connected and flowing.



Energetic Cords

Do you feel clogged by the end of the day? You may be an empath with clogged cords. Cords connect your energy to everyone and can end up running toxic energy to you and through you. When you clear your cords, you will instantly begin to turn those feelings of overwhelm into a free-flowing sensation. This type of energy clearing changes everything.



Dream Life

Everyone talks about being happy, and love and light, and raising their vibe - right? We all want these things, but do we actually know how to really achieve it? What we will teach you in this last module is how to heal your frequency to match your desires and begin to manifest the life you deeply want to live. This will happen through a series of vibe raising techniques that build upon each other and uplift your vibration to 5D!

Empowerment_Apple copy 5.png


Soul Love

Soul-Love is a distinct spiritual love, an evolved version of self-love where we teach you how to get in tune with your Divine rhythm. You will connect to your own acceptance in a deeper, way and learn how to start feeling better on a daily basis. You only need to do two things; watch our videos + listen to the internal practice sessions, and your love will begin to blossom.


You are reading these words right now, because something within you wants more, and something even deeper within knows you can have it.


You will be shown, step-by-step, what you need to practice each week to help you understand and integrate this ancient spiritual knowledge.


I will show you how to truly love yourself, feel safe in your skin, and raise your vibration.


I am inviting you onto a new path to show you a whole new world that awaits within you.



If you are considering taking this course, it is 100% worth the investment and your life will be changed forever! You get to heal yourself! It is such a safe and sacred container for healing.



It truly felt like every lesson + session each week was exactly the spiritual medicine I needed. I evolved and went to the next level. I’m so grateful to be on this spiritual journey with Sophie’s guidance and teachings, because I really don’t know where I would be without it.



I am forever changed. The mystery of inner healing is far more powerful than I had anticipated. Sophie provides such a safe, nurturing, loving environment, which allows true healing to take place. The most profound experience was feeling this lightness that followed and showed me my connection to source.

You Can Expect

Our Spiritual Healing Mentorship will transform your world in the most authentic way - showing you how to deal with all the gunk that is blocking your light. When you really work through your past mental and emotional programs, release past energetic debris, and transform false beliefs you will get:

​✔️ Complete Mindset Shifts: You will have continuous mindset shifts where you begin to really understand that things don’t happen to you, they happen FOR you.

​✔️ Energy Boost: You will begin to gain more energy, better responses, and clearer thinking.


​✔️ Self-Growth: Your self-love, self-acceptance, will begin to open in ways you never thought was possible. 


​✔️ Healing: You will learn ways to really forgive your past, present and future. 


✔️ Freedom: A new inner freedom will be unlocked where you truly believe that you can heal what comes your way, because you now have the insight and tools to face your life in a positive way. 




I’m still in awe of how much I connected to myself through this mentorship. I feel like I’m back home, I'm just in a different stance. I’ve let go of a lot of my controlling ways and just surrendered. I’m now able to observe my life in a way that before would trigger me or I would judge and criticize, and now I just let it be. Going through all these tools, I’ve been able to just be and that’s amazing!



The work I have done with you Sophie has truly changed my life. I react differently to people. I have confidence that I haven’t had in years. I’m excited about life again! Thank you for creating a space for us to heal Sophie. Thank you for putting so much love and attention into your content. I’m eternally grateful for this rewarding experience.



At just one week into this mentorship, as I was doing Sophie’s Inner Child meditation, I met another part of myself. My masculine self that exists within me in spirit - my ‘other-half’ or ‘soul-mate’ and felt so comforted that he is always with me, filling the void within that I have tried to fill with those outside of myself. I now feel more whole, more complete, and I am not searching or needing something outside of myself to fulfill me. I have all that I need, and it is always with me.


Take a Sneak Peek 




⪢ 4 Day Intensive Healing Kickoff Week. Daily video lessons, 3 healing meditations, and readily available online support to fully help you build a proper spiritual foundation. 


⪢ Module 2. Start your deep inner healing work as I show you how to turn off your stress response, heal your inner child, learn our breakthrough trauma healing technique and have a variety of tools that you can practice for the rest of your entire life.


⪢ Module 4. Learn how your vibration is in constant communication with the Universe and how you can shake the lower densities and embody higher vibrations in your field. All leading you to become a carrier of LOVE. 



⪢ Module 1. Go on a 7 day journey to embody self-love into all your cells. This is an important aspect to building your solid foundation to doing this spiritual healing work. 


⪢ Module 3. Learn the depth and spiritually insightful practice of working with your energy. We teach you to clear, alter, unglog your energy and how to handle toxic energy. Ending this module with an activation to realign all your relationship to the New Earth, 5D consciousness.



⪢ Module 5. After you have done all this internal spiritual work, we show you our authentic 12 step process for vibrational alignment and manifesting, this is where you can pull your dreams into your reality.


Commonly Asked Questions

How does it work?

This is a private 7 month experience where you get your very own private classroom with 28 weeks of training. We take you through our proprietary process on how to heal your deeper wounds and show you how to create the life you want to live. You also get 1 private session each month with Sophie and Voxer chat support during your entire mentorship to guide you through those tricky moments. 

Do I have access to a portal or your trainings?

Yes, you get your very own private classroom with our proprietary healing method, dripped out to you weekly to ensure you are healing in a safe and effective way. With lifetime access to the content at the completion of your mentorship.

Is there homework?

Yes, but I call it inner work and this is where your change takes place. Each week you are given activities to do that support the change you want to make. You can then post in your weekly section and I will provide you feedback on your journey. This is of course optional, but just another way to get the most of this experience.

Do we get on private calls?

Yes, you will have 1 private zoom session per month in our mentorship, where you can get private coaching or have Sophie take you through her breakthrough and life changing healing technique during the call.

What does this mentorship with Sophie look like in the day-to-day practical sense?

You will be building a toolbox with a variety of tools to address what comes up in your life. You also a private have Voxer chat support channel with Sophie to ask all your questions or get guidance on which tool to use and why as you navigate your life during this mentorship.

What is a typical outcome from your past students?

This kind of healing ❤️‍🩹 work has lead to:
- new love relationships
- healed relationships with family
- telling your story = writing your book
- new career ideas
- creating inspired art, music or poetry 



Your growth, your quantum leaps, your evolution happens in:
Discomfort ➾ when we do the scary thing
The Unknown ➾ when we say YES to what is calling us 
Big changes, require big changes, and I can help you change your vibration for the rest of your entire life!
In order to move forward, you have to really choose expansion.
You have to really commit to YOU!


Our Results


Watch how she experienced a huge shift in her world!


This rockstar was able to see how to create this deep connection with herself, and it changed everything!


Watch what she overcame and how she found transformation + peace!


I invite you to watch a mini lesson. Take 5 minutes for yourself right now, and learn the 4 steps you can take to make a balanced decision.

Let's Work Together

When you're looking for privacy with an experienced Mentor + Healer, there's 2 ways we can work together. Take a look below and see which calls to you ↓

Start Your Mentoship

Our mentorship is designed to provide you the ultimate healing space to AWAKEN and transform at a deeper level than you have gone before. Through this spiritual healing work I will guide you to tap into space so profound, you will vibrate open, learn to have 5D relationships + begin to navigate the New Earth with a wide-open heart! It is this inner work that will change your whole life!

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