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What Happens When You Have An Interdimensional Experience?

When you dive into your inner world through spiritual healing work, you are in a sense, entering a higher interdimensional space. In this inner realm, not limited by the physical laws of the third dimension, the frequency of truth is heightened. This makes it easier to see through the illusions that we are presented in the physical world or third dimension (3D) that you may have become so familiar with. This hidden inner realm, beyond your 3D understanding, can offer you a valuable opportunity for wisdom and deep healing to come into your consciousness.

What Happens When You Have An Interdimensional Experience?

I get to see this every day with my students in the Spiritual Life Coaching Certification. For example, I had a student who was able to heal a situation of abuse by going within and finding where the energy still lived inside of her.

With the guidance of our tools and application of using imagery, she was able to shrink this energy down until it literally turned into a figurative smudge on the floor that she was able to wipe up. What happened after she came out of that internal practice session (as I call them) was astounding.

She was able to bring a whole new energy to her relationships, especially with her husband. Her soul purpose flourished and she began getting ideas every day on how to connect with her ideal clients, she was seeing colors in a whole new hue.

Why? Because on the internal level she removed the frequency of violation and unsafety. She pulled her power back and became the captain of her ship. And once she started driving the boat, her external reality shifted.

What could take 15-20 years to uncover in eyes open conscious work (in the third dimension), can be transmuted in a matter of minutes in your internal realm. This is what I call interdimensional experience or interdimensional healing. The stories I have to share in this space are endless.

Here's what I have seen people transmute:

  • Rage into compassion

  • Addictions into new business ventures

  • Rejection into deep acceptance

  • Insecurities into degrees

  • Allergies into Freedom

  • Broken hearts into soul mates

What Happens When You Have An Interdimensional Experience?

These fast unveiling of truths that come from tapping into this deep interdimensional experience are available to us all, living right behind those eye lids. All it takes is a little guidance on how to go within and begin to explore your inner landscape. If this concept triggers unsettling feelings, it is important to remember that behind the initial fear or uncertainty of stepping into your interdimensional experience, there's so much wisdom that can be encountered. Know that what lies beyond your fear is a deeper understanding of yourself and the ability to completely change your entire world. 

Going within at this point to have your interdimensional experience will lead you to this threshold where your deeper hidden blocks will come to the surface, and this is necessary. It is important to address these past wounds because you can’t take this kind of density with you into the New Earth. This leads you to a choice: face the energy arising and do the healing work to clear it, or run from it and return to lower consciousness. All these awarenesses can help you clear out what has been implanted in you, that is now ready to heal. 

I encourage you to allow your truth to emerge, and to have the courage to face it. Our Spiritual Life Coach Certification is a space that offers you the roadmap to learn how to navigate this kind of inner terrain with internal power, courage and confidence. I believe that in order to truly help someone you need to face yourself first. (Notice I didn't say you need to become perfect in your healing, but FACE yourself.)

When you know how to find your own shadows, you become so empowered in helping others find theirs. So in our Certification, we focus on YOU first, and offer you applicable steps to experience your own interdimensional healing and understanding of how to effectively navigate this terrain.  

I describe this as, "If I have not gone to the root of my wounds, how can you authentically guide and mentor YOU in that space?"

The truth is, this kind of work requires devotion, openness, dedication, willingness, time, and most of all - you showing up for you! When you clear out long standing doubts or false beliefs that may have been implanted along the way, and truly transmute them, you become a higher version of yourself. And this version is who we then certify as a spiritual life coach.

The best part is, once you learn how to have an interdimensional experience, you can always visit and revisit your inner chambers whenever you need to. This skill becomes a lifeline in your toolbox.

Here you can call upon your spirit team: whether it's Jesus, your Master Guides, or your Angels to assist you and work with you to find clarity and truth in your inner realm.

The point is, you hold all your answers.

I don't have your answers but I can show you HOW to find them.

I can help you remove the dense layers holding you back, so you can find and unwind these deeper embedded frequencies and clear them. So right now, I ask to search your heart; have you felt that  little nudge in your heart to help others?

Maybe you're becoming more passionate about your spirituality or you find that people start showing up that want to spill their personal details to you, this is a sign that something deeper inside your interdimensional experience is calling you. It is waiting for you to come inward, so that you can clear your wounds and begin doing the impactful soul work you were made for. If this piques your interest, I invite you to join our next Spiritual Life Coach certification cohort.

You can begin by watching a free mini training session here.

When you dive into your interdimensional experience, with a wide open and brave heart, you enter a higher vibrational realm. This inner space then helps you move beyond the limits of the third dimension and opens you up to having quantum shifts, where the truth frequency is so heightened that you can heal what has been holding you back for years, in an instant. And I can show you how in our Certification.

By Sophie Frabotta, M.A.

Founder, Healer + Spiritual Guide

Sophie Frabotta - Spiritual Life Coach

Hi! I am Sophie Frabotta, The Soul Whisperer, Healer, Author, Spiritual Guide and Mentor and the founder of the Awaken Collective, where I help women like YOU to step into your heart and turn your wounds into freedom! I don't just teach you about this spiritual healing work, I show you how to deeply heal the root wounds that have been holding you back, so that you can finally experience this inner freedom that only comes from doing this spiritual healing work. My Spiritual Life Coach Certification will help you to move far beyond where you are now and wake up a part of yourself you have been dreaming to become. Your time is now!

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