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Spiritual Class For Men | Awaken Within



This course will change your life! I will show you the way through your wounds and then help you stop living in fear, and tap into your true power + potential.


Men report, "Everything in this course just seemed to be in perfect alignment to what I needed that very week."

I can help you free yourself from a regimented and restricted lifestyle, enhance your spirituality, heal relationships, and become your own best friend. This transformation container offers you the 12 most powerful techniques that you need to step into your most empowered self.

Spiritual Class For Men | Awaken Within Cohort

Become the Man you're meant to be.

I invite you to join us for this healing course, called Awaken Within, a 12 week journey to discover yourself in a way that will change everything. This is a container for your own personal transformation.


If you are ready to become the man you are meant to be and drop all that energetic baggage you have been carrying around for far too long...

Join us.

Spiritual Class For Men | Increasing Your Self Worth
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Flow of the Program

This course contains 5 pillars of growth: getting mentally balanced, imagery work, deactivating your stress, healing the inner child, and unlocking beliefs. It’s a powerful path to transformation and awakening your spirituality! And this method is only taught in our signature program called Awaken Within: Men’s Edition.

Spiritual Class For Men | How to Get Balanced


Spiritual Class For Men | Imagery Work


Spiritual Class For Men | How to Reduce Stress


Spiritual Class For Men | How to Heal Your Inner Child


Spiritual Class For Men | How to Unlock Beliefs


Your Transformation

I will walk you through a process that will change your life...if you let it. Through this experience you will learn over 20 different techniques that will help shift, change, and increase your energy on a daily basis.

Spiritual Class For Men | How to Increase Your Energy

The Impact

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Spiritual Class For Men | How to Meditate

These 12 Weeks will...

✔️ Unlock an inner sense of empowerment that turns into confidence

✔️ Show you the chaotic or disruptive energy inside that is blocking you and how to clear it


✔️ Help you calm down on a deep inner level

✔️ Teach you how to cancel and delete mental chatter that may be running toxic energy to you and show you how to clean up your mind.

✔️ Show you how to build a meditation practice into your life that will change the way you approach your day and lift your energy on a daily basis




To anyone considering taking this course you won’t be disappointed. Open your heart/mind and know you are good enough. The world of infinite love, honor, kindness, joy, peace, abundance, freedom, forgiveness, and endless possibilities awaits you on the other side. Trust that you are right where you’re supposed to be. You have been brought here for a purpose and the timing is perfect. Now is the time for your “Awakening”! I’ve prayed to be surrounded with good people.



I draw such strength from Sophie's words and her focus, and how connected she is. I love her soft heart of humility regarding meditating and radiating, and how she has taught me to set a new intention going forward. Everything in this program and what Spirit is doing in me moment by moment is in perfect alignment!



I have received such clarity. This clarity has allowed me to meet my spirit and begin to cultivate a relationship. I had only dreamt of such a gift. My inner healing work has now presented gifts of spiritual travel that I had never thought was possible. It is absolutely amazing what healing does for your entire being. I look forward to the meditation each day. I am leading with the spirit and walking with God.


On this 12 step transformation journey, you will learn how to feel an inner sense of empowerment that turns into confidence. If you feel something calling you to join us, please start your registration below!

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