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Here is your invitation to truly leap into the call of your soul, get connected to your inner self and raise your vibration so you can overflow your magic into the lives of others! Start now by watching our free workshop on the Top 10 Questions all Aspiring Spiritual Life Coaches are asking👇🏻

Is this You?

→ Stuck in a career that no longer lights you up

→ Knowing you want to coach others, but not confident enough to start

→ Feeling like you need to heal your blocks, but not sure how

→ Having continuous thoughts about what you should do next

I deeply understand this space. I too felt all these things and had no idea how I would step away from a career that supported my lifestyle but drained my joy.


The first day, after I quit my job back in 2007, and went full time as an Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach was exciting + freaking scary.  I thought, "how am I going to do this?" But it was that fear, that led me to keep asking deeper questions. Every day, I got a new answer that seemed to magically move me into the direction of success.


And those intuitive answers have lit the path of my spiritual career.


I stand here booked to the seams with clients! I was so eager to step into my purpose, that once I did, the Universe continued to deliver opportunities I needed to build my dream career. Believe me, if I can do it, you can do it too. 



✨ Understand how to use your innate spiritual gifts in a way that empowers you

✨ Heal + unblock your past traumas and have a formula that can help others do the same

✨Overcome all your codependency + people pleasing tendencies

✨ Effectively manage your daily energy with healthy boundaries 

✨ Connect to your higher consciousness and feel energized by your soul alignment

✨ Confidently take others through a process that will transform them from the inside out


Sophie Frabotta The Soul Whisperer

Hi, I'm Sophie


When I stepped into my spiritual journey 20+ years ago, my calling was clear: to help others heal what is blocking them and spiritually awaken to their greatness.



1. You can heal anything, and I mean anything. YOU have the power to transform and heal ​any false belief​ that is blocking you​. 


2. Your true power lives within. You were given an enormous amount of power that is currently living within you, and I will show you how to plug into it.


3. You are deeply loved by the Universe, and when you do the deep spiritual healing work and practice self-love you activate your ancient code of true acceptance.



I am here to ​show you​ how to deeply heal​, to activate you​r ancient codes embedded in your body so you can AWAKEN Your Inner ​healer!


​I am here ​to expand ​you ​into your fullest potential a​s a​ Love first responder.​​


It’s time to activate your cosmic blueprint​ and become a ​Spiritual Life Coach. 


You will go through your own healing first, find your hidden wounds and remove them through all layers of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

I will help you expand beyond where you have gone, show you how to open your heart and then step into the role of being a spiritual coach with an authentic template to serve your clients from post graduation, because YOU have done the inner work.

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I am confident that I have something that can change your life. If you look at traditional psychology, they will tell you what we are doing is impossible.


Yet we are witnessing deep healing and transformation in our program that blows us away. 


Our Certification will ignite your spiritual practice and connect you to the higher frequencies that are waiting to come through you!



Personal Virtual Retreat with intensive healing, daily video sessions, live masterclasses, mediations, and readily available online support - to fully heal yourself in a way that sets you up to begin healing others 

100+ Hours of Transformation Work through breakthrough tools, live group coaching calls, support, and weekly feedback on all assignments - to help you begin stepping into your coaching position 

Library of Spiritual Life Coaching Templates like scripts, worksheets, forms, contracts, and even our 4 R’s method  -to allow you to coach like the expert you are 

Best Business Building Tools for creating a website, writing your spiritual business plan, defining your unique offer, naming your business, pricing, and signing your first client  - to set your business up like a pro on your first shot 

20-Week Spiritual Life Coach Training filled with meditation journeys, spiritual method lessons, shadow coaching, practice coaching, book studies, and an immense amount of transformation exercises - to tie any loose strings and ultimately get you ready for your new spiritual life coaching journey


Our Course is Different

Our Spiritual Life Coach Certification will transform your world in the most authentic way. Over a 5-month period, we will show you how to:

✔️ Release toxic memories + trauma for good

✔️ Stop worrying, caring what others think, and fully move from your intuition

✔️ Activate your wisdom codes to work alongside Spirit and The Universe

✔️ Usher is deep healing to transform false beliefs

✔️ Become confident in how to give your clients an exceptional experience

✔️ Access your alignment with your soul mission

✔️ Tap into your inner support, guidance and intuition to help you make the decisions from here on out

✔️ Meet your most Sacred Self + feel Self-Love like never before


Our Certification will anchor in your higher self, help you take quantum leaps in seconds and experience Ahhhh-mazing collaborations and opportunities that manifest when you fully get into alignment. 


Learn How to


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Travel into your sacred inner domain to find and unwind all the trauma blocks that you are ready to release



Soul Codes

Your ancient soul purpose codes lay dormant within. After our deep healing module we find + activate them

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Walk through the portal of your own heart to make contact with the truth of your being + anchor in that frequency




Enjoy a safe space to unlock your unconditional love and step into an uplifted relationship with yourself

Take a Sneak Peek 



⪢ 8 Day Intensive Healing Experience. Daily video lessons, 3 live masterclasses, 8 light healing meditations, and readily available online support to fully heal yourself in a way that sets you up to begin healing others.


⪢ Spiritual Awareness. Explore a variety of ancient spiritual principles that are translated into modern language. This knowledge will feed your soul and empower you with techniques to use with your clients.


⪢ Become a Coach. This is where we anchor your spiritual gifts into your spiritual business. You learn how to build your website, create a business plan, define your target market, create your bio, and develop your compelling offer. 


⪢ Inner Healing. Go into your inner domain and open up to a whole new world. This is a sacred journey into your inner world that will expand your consciousness and heal stagnant wounds.


⪢ Spiritual Visioning. Your soul’s blueprint exists in your energy field, with a you raised vibration, we activate your highest calling. Here you get in touch with your soul's purpose and unlock your wisdom + acceptance code. 


When you are in tune with your energy, connected to the Divine, trust your path, feel safe, have an open heart, your life will begin to shine a light so bright that your soul purpose is unlocked and vibrating! Watch this video below to see why you would want someone like me, Sophie, to show you the way through your spiritual healing as I explain my journey in this work.

You are here ...

For a reason! I invite you to trust that.


Most people who go through our certification are looking to:

→ Guide and help others on their life path

→ Want to use their spiritual gifts to help others

→ Want to attract likeminded clients

→ Become confident with their unique spiritual gifts

Can you relate? Are you one of us?

I am here to assist you in your personal healing and transformation towards the truth of awakening. Together, we will raise your vibration, show you how to hold balance within, embrace your full potential, so you can become a successful Spiritual Life Coach!

See what happened to Diane

She came into the cohort thinking "I will never connect with the other women" and look what happened.


Are you worried you’re not quite ready to guide others yet?  

Even though I’m totally confident you may already be able to impact hundreds of lives, this 5 month certification course will provide the opportunity for you to..

✨ Go DEEP in your own spiritual healing with over 50 breakthrough spiritual tools (to better help and understand others on their paths)

Participate in guided meditations and high vibrational space holding experiences (that will help you provide these opportunities in your own container)

Actively show up on LIVE group coaching calls (so we can specifically help you with any struggles, questions, or thoughts…in real time) 


Spiritual Awakening Courses 25


I would encourage anyone who is looking to deepen their spiritual practice, channel their inner healer and connect to the Divine to take this course. Sophie in my eyes is the modern-day Soul whisperer and I am so grateful that the Universe brought us together. My coaching tool bag is now full but, Spirit is the one doing the building and I am now the vessel from which it is expressed.


8 Day Virtual

8 Days of Spiritual Healing

8 Video Sessions Unlocked Daily

3, 90-minute Live Masterclasses

Cohort Creation + Bonding

8 Guided Light Healing Meditations

High Vibrational Space Holding

Online Support + Sharing

Sound Bowl Healing 

Welcome Kit 

($100 upgrade)

Holding Pencil_Holding Pencil.png

Spiritual Entrepreneur Workshops

Creating Your Website

Defining Your Unique Offer

Creating a Business Plan

Naming Your Business

Charging for Your Spiritual Gifts

Building a Spiritual Business


Over 100 Hours of Transformation

52 Breakthrough Spiritual Tools to Help You Heal Yourself First

24+ Hours of Spiritual Healing Content from Sophie

11 Live Group Coaching calls with Sophie + Cohort

20 Weeks of Transformational Support from Sophie + Our Program Success Coach

Weekly Feedback from Sophie on all assignments


20 Week Training

20 Meditation Healing Journeys

18 Spiritual Coaching Method Lessons
Weekly responses from Sophie

11 Live Group Masterclasses, Live Opening + Closing Ceremony
7 Weeks of Shadow Coaching 

3 Weeks of Practice Coaching

20 weeks of online interaction/ feedback with Sophie + your cohort 

4 Book Studies

40+ Transformation Exercises




Admin Templates


Coaching Scripts

Worksheet Templates 

Downloadable Forms

Coaching Contracts

Business Building Tutorials

The 4 R's Method Template




You will walk away with

 action oriented techniques to help you use The 4 R's Method as a problem solver for the rest of your life. 

3 Techniques to RECOGNIZE

root issues

7 Spiritual Modalities to help RELEASE stale energy 

7 Original Affirmation tracks to PROGRAM you as a Coach

8 Ways to RADIATE in 5D

Plus, Upgrade your status to a Certified Spiritual Life Coach



See what happened to Nicole

Nicole had our website open on her computer for 3 months, and then she took the leap, and watch what happened.

Are you ready to:

➝ Learn how to guide others and help them find their life path

➝ Use your spiritual gifts to assist others in their awakening

➝ Embrace your full potential

➝ Heal your soul so you can authentically help others connect with theirs

➝ Blossom and connect with like-minded clients

➝ Become a successful mentor who takes quantum leaps

➝ Watch your life become filled with love + gratitude

➝ Fully step into a higher vibration

I often say, this certification calls you in. There is just something in you that knows it’s right. You feel this resounding YES inside your heart. Are you feeling the pull? If so, I encourage you to listen to that!

Sophie Frabotta The Soul Whisperer
Spiritual Life Coach Certification 13

Free Workshop

The Top 10 questions all Aspiring

Spiritual Life Coaches are asking 👇🏻


I have seen people transform before my very eyes.

I have seen rage turn to compassion.

Addictions turn into new business ventures.

Rejection turn into acceptance.

Insecurities turn into degrees.

I have seen the lost get found,

broken hearts become whole,

+ goals become realities.

Spiritual Life Coach Certification


✔️ An empath who could care less about small talk

✔️ Willing to step further onto your spiritual path

✔️ Feeling a call in your heart to serve

✔️ Able to trust your heart to take you somewhere totally new

✔️ Longing to use your journey to guide others along theirs

✔️ Ready to take a Quantum leap into the new you

Our Spiritual Life Coach Certification houses ALL of the information, practices, and tools you need to start helping others live their truth and shine their light.


This is the only certification where you’ll find…


  • Frameworks to guide your clients with confidence

  • Proven templates that will help clients on their journeys

  • Live masterclasses with ME, a spiritual life coach!

The Essence of Spiritual Coaching

Feel into the vibration of an intuitive Spiritual Life Coach. This will show you how we identify, how we live, where we hang, and how we respond.


Have you considered the cost of being in the same place in a year?

Great changes take great changes.

If you are ready to really heed the call of your heart, you will probably feel a little scared or nervous and that is normal. This is a big step of transformation. You are upgrading your identity and learning a new way to serve you mission through this course.

I got you, I will walk you through this.

We are certainly not the cheapest but we are also not the most expensive program of this kind. Many courses are double this price, with less experienced mentors, larger groups, and with much less than I have to offer you.

Our program is an intimate container of 4-10 women where you will feel safe and heard. 


Spiritual Awakening Courses 35


Having a guide show you what to do once you have stepped into the world of healing will amplify your results.


What took me 20 years to learn, I show you in 5 months.

✔️ Fill in the gaps of your coaching process with 52 templates

✔️ Apply professional Coaching Skills, usable modern tools, radiate inner confidence, and Credibility

✔️ Graduate with a full business plan designed for your success


✔️ Personal Virtual Retreat (Total Value: $888)

✔️ 100+ Hours of Transformation Work  (Total Value: $3333)

✔️ Library of Spiritual Life Coaching Templates (Total Value: $688)

✔️ Best Business Building Tools (Total Value: $1111)

✔️ 13 Live Masterclasses from Sophie (Total Value: $2222)

✔️ 5 Months of Online responses + Voxer Support (Total Value: $1111)

✔️ 20-Week Spiritual Life Coach Training (Total Value: $5555)


Total value = $13,908

Spiritual Awakening Courses 20
Price card.jpg


If you are considering taking this course, it is 100% worth the investment and your life will be changed forever! Not only do you get to heal yourself, but you get to share that healing with the rest of the world and help your future clients go through the same process. It is a safe container for healing and you form a special bond with your fellow cohorts who are on the same journey.



You can fully trust that as we anchor in your spiritual gifts, we will also do something that most spiritual people don't offer, and that is connecting your left and right side of your brain, to fully activate these spiritual gifts into a life changing spiritual business.


In the final Module you will learn how to build your website, define your target market, create your bio, develop your offer, and put this all together in the form of a creative business plan that will guide you post graduation.


This process alone will help you authentically step into your new role of being a powerful Spiritual Life Coach. 

Spiritual Life Coach Certification

This is the only certification where you’ll find . . .

✔️  Spiritually Modern Frameworks to guide your clients with confidence AND intuition

✔️ Proven templates that will help clients have breakthroughs and aha moments on their journeys

✔️ The number 1 technique to give every single client an exceptional coaching experience that leads to raving reviews

✔️ Live masterclasses with ME, Sophie, a Spiritual Life Coach with over 10K hours of experience



If you’ve been feeling this constant calling

in your mind, body, and soul to do, be, and offer MORE with your spiritual journey, but…


→ Just don’t know where to start or what to do first

→ Unsure of how to confidently guide + heal others on their journeys

→ Need a little more healing and understanding before you’ll feel ready to offer coaching

Here’s your prime opportunity to step into your calling by learning how to share your spiritual gifts and knowledge with the world! 
Whether it is a coaching session, workshop, or some helping act; after going through our program you will have access to the energy of Divine Spirit flowing through you and into everything you do! 


Bella Took a Quantum Leap

All the way from California, Bella found our program and felt that pull in her heart, had no idea how she was going to make it work, took the leap... Listen to her story.


This Work is Sacred

Become a Spiritual Life Coach

I show you how to:

Trust what comes up.

Share your truth.

Illuminate your imagination.

Let your spiritual freak flag fly!


You are safe here.

This work will change you.

It will strengthen you. 

It will help you activate your soul's highest calling! 

In just 5 months...

You will go through a full transformation.


And then...

You can serve others from your overflow!


Between challenging yourself, getting comfortable being uncomfortable, setting new boundaries, and beginning to trust your path… I know you are changing, evolving, and expanding AND You and I both know this spiritual walk is NO easy task.


If you want to learn the techniques on how to give others aha moments, tap into your higher self, embody your full potential and go on to be a successful mentor who takes giant leaps...

✨ Then you are in the right place! ✨

Here is your invitation to truly leap into the call of your soul, get connected to your inner self and raise your vibration so you can overflow your magic into the lives of others.


Spiritual Life Coaching Certification

Spiritual Life Coach?

God + Spirit are always with you + with your signal super charged; you will be able to stabilize your vibration in 5D and hold this healing space for others. If you feel something calling you to join us, please start your application below!