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A magical spiritual awakening course that will give you the tools to transform + set yourself free. Get free access to the first lesson: What is spiritual healing?👇🏻

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Are You Spiritually Awakening?


Here are 3 signs that you may be spiritually awakening:


  1. You have sudden ringing in your ears (that is not tinitus)

  2. You're no longer interested in drama and conflict

  3. You keep seeing repeating numbers like 111, 222, 144, (insert your own here) every day!

And maybe something inside of you is just aching to better understand this whole “spiritual awakening thing”.

Maybe it scares you a little.  


Maybe you fear others will think you are weird.

I am here to tell you, what they think of YOU in none of your business.
You are the only one who can define you.


You have that power.

Chakra Healing 8

At first, I didn’t know what to make of my spiritual awakening either, it’s not all that comfortable when something deeper in you begins to wake up.

But deep down I just knew I could support myself.


Deep down I knew I had to believe in myself and find a way to understand what was happening.

I had this sudden ability to manifest things - quicker than before. This was awesome but led me to feeling a little alone - because let’s be honest who was I really going to share this Magic with?

I had an increased connection with nature, a willingness to embrace my spiritual gifts that seemed to be opening and I even started to change my long standing eating habits.

Have you started to feel these things too?

If so, you are not alone.

Your Spiritual Awakening

You are Right on Time!

You are actually right on time for your journey. You are not late, not early, just right on time.


And you may not be where you want to be, but that doesn't mean that you are off track. 


Life can be hard, and you signed up for a mighty mission you beautiful soul, and I am here to help you make sense of it. 


See if our desires were placed within reach, we would never evolve, and we came to this planet to evolve. So your blocks are just a way that you higher self is trying to show you where you need to evolve.

What is Soul-Love? | Awaken Your Soul's Magic

If you have found yourself saying things like:

→ I have no idea how to begin to truly integrate my spirituality into my life?

→ When I get home, I try to meditate, but I just fall asleep.

→ I am not sure I can really heal all the blocks that I have, so I have just accepted that this is the way I am.

→ My career is draining me and doesn’t call out of me who I really am, but I have no idea how to change this. 

Believe me, I get it.

I have also felt lost on how to understand my spirituality, with no clue on how to use meditation as a deep healing practice without falling asleep and totally unaware of how to truly unlock my past wounds that were still affecting my present reality...

But I assure you, spiritual healing is possible and I am here to remind you that you are the master of your life and you have the power to heal the deep dark wounds in your closet that (with your spiritual awakening) may not seem to be staying in your closet any longer.



You Can Heal Your Life!

Believe me, if I can heal using these steps anyone can heal!  


The problem with your current approach however, may be that you are not getting down to the root of the problem.


The good news is that everything will change when we show you how to:

✨ Feel safe within

✨ Discover the chaotic or disruptive energy inside and how to heal it so you can calm down on a deep inner level


✨ Explore the energetic cords that are attached to you that may be running toxic energy and how to cut, remove and untangle them to run more harmonious energy


✨ Build a spiritual practice that will change the way you approach your day and lift your energy on a daily basis


✨ Truly love your whole self and begin to practice soul-love

✨ Walk up the vibrational scale to raise your vibration and begin manifesting what you truly want in your life

 Spiritual Awakening Sounds Beautiful...

But what really starts to happen as you Awaken is that more spiritual light comes into your being, and ALL that is not in alignment with your higher path sticks out like a sore thumb.

And then what, you feel crazy.

Well you are not, you are just in need of spiritual healing.

Awaken Your Souls Magic is your opportunity to learn how to actually do the work that will free your soul.


T H E   S O U L   W H I S P E R E R

I know I have something magical that can help you.

There is something inside of me, that can show YOU how to heal your life.

Awaken Your Souls Magic is my calling. The lessons I share in this transformative program can change your life in a way you never knew was possible.

I was you 10 years ago.

And I just want to point out that we are either working at staying the same or changing. Doing this work doesn’t really take more time, it just takes a clear intention that YOU ARE READY TO HEAL!

And I can show you how. It is
 possible and I am living proof. You can completely change your life!

I live this work! It was this work that saved my life! (more about that here if you are interested.)

Sophie Frabotta The Soul Whisperer

Hi! I am Sophie Frabotta

How You Will Transform

Our spiritual healing curriculum is designed to get you in touch with the deeper issues that are ready to be found and released. We show you how to heal your inner child, turn off your stress response and heal a trauma all in the first module.

This hybrid (live meetings + online lessons) spiritual course takes you on a journey to your soul, where we will unlock the most sacred love: Soul Love!


It’s a powerful path to healing, transformation and awakening spiritually! And this method is only taught in our signature program called Awaken Your Soul's Magic.


These are the five modules of spiritual healing that we take you through 👇🏻 

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Meeting Your Inner Child

There is this little thing called your inner child. And she is probably hurting. But when you learn to meet her, and make her feel safe, you will see a huge difference in your energy levels. You may also notice that it becomes easier to know who you can and can’t trust. Healing your inner child makes it much more pleasant to interact with people in general.

Spiritual Awakening Course
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Transforming Energetic Cords

Do you feel clogged by the end of the day?

You may be an empath with clogged cords. Cords connect your energy to everyone and can end up running toxic energy to you and through you. When you clear your cords, you will instantly begin to turn those feelings of overwhelm into a free-flowing sensation. This type of energy clearing changes everything.

Spiritual Awakening Course
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Step into Self Love

We will teach you how to get in tune with your unique rhythm. Our Self-Love information will help you connect to your own acceptance in a deeper, more meaningful way that will actually help you feel better. And our Self-Love techniques only have you do two things, watch our videos and listen to the internal practice sessions, and your love will begin to blossom.

Intro to Soul Love | Awaken Your Soul's Magic Program Flow

We Show You How to do this Work

There are so many people who talk about the spiritual healing work that you need to do, but I am one of the only healers out there that will actually show you HOW.


See I don’t lay my hands on people and do the work for them. I show you how to go into your inner world and do the work yourself, so you can use these techniques as a problem solver for the rest of your life.


Read that again: a problem solver for the rest of your life.

And this leads you to results like:


  • Believing in yourself

  • Tapping into your intuition

  • Gaining Clarity in Your Mind

  • Ability to Reboot Past Failures

  • Putting Your Fears to Rest



All while I support you in your growth. Don't just take it from me, listen to what one of our shinning students has to say below.



The work I have done with you Sophie has truly changed my life. I react differently to people. I have confidence that I haven’t had in years. I’m excited about life again! Thank you for creating a space for us to heal Sophie. Thank you for putting so much love and attention into your content. I’m eternally grateful for this rewarding experience. 

This Course Will Vibrate You Open

These spiritual teachings and ancient tools are translated to make sense in your modern day life, in a way that YOU will understand and be able to integrate now.

And as you understand how to truly do this spiritual healing work, you will learn how to move beyond your head and into your heart to activate your heart centered consciousness, or fifth dimensional reality.


This spiritual healing process will wake up something magical within you. Your vibration is unique to you, and it wants to come out of you in a way that becomes YOUR magic. Are you ready to experience this?


As you Awaken you are going to see what is blocking your light, there is no way around this one. So having a guide help you know HOW to remove, heal, and deal with your inner gunk is a game changer.


When you really work through your past mental and emotional programs, release past energetic debris, and transform false beliefs you will get:

​✔️ A Mindset Shift: You will have a mindset shift where you begin to really understand that things don’t happen to you, they happen FOR you.

​✔️ Energy Boost: You will begin to gain more energy, better responses, and clearer thinking.


​✔️ Self-Growth: Your self-love, self-acceptance, will begin to open in ways you never thought was possible. 


​✔️ Healing: You will learn ways to really forgive your past, present and future. 


✔️ Freedom: A new inner freedom will be unlocked where you truly believe that you can heal what comes your way, because you now have the insight and tools to face your life in a positive way. 


Awaken Your Souls Magic is a weekly template that helps you work on your own healing.


If you commit yourself to the work, this process has the power to completely change your world.

It doesn’t really take more time, it just takes your clear intention that YOU ARE READY TO HEAL!

And our spiritual healing curriculum is designed to get you in touch with the deeper issues that are ready to be found and released. We show you in just 5 modules how to
 remove past blocks, heal emotional programs, release toxic energetic data, rewrite your false beliefs, raise your vibration, and  reprogram YOU with soul-love!

You can even start now and watch the first lesson for free

A Magical Experience


There is no competition. We all have the same universal energy to build our castles with and when you let go of all the things that have been holding you back from your greatness, you will see that comparison is just one of the many blocks that will disappear. 


Now the healing process can be messy, it is rarely linear, and others cannot heal these spaces for you, even if they created them. It is up to you to do the inner work. Therefore, having a guide (like me) show you the way through your inner jungle can be a transformational game changer. 

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from Awaken at our Souls Magic what they had learned throughout the course, here is what they shared.


“I really got to meet a part of me that I hadn’t known before.”


“I got to see how I was living my life. I saw things I liked, things I needed to change and had clear instructions on how to do it.”


“I stopped giving so much attention to what others thought about me and that has been so freeing!”


“I just began to feel happier with who I really am.”


“I stopped worrying so much and began to trust my higher power.”

Here are more testimonials of our students.

When I asked my students...

Sophie Frabotta | Awaken Your Soul's Magic


With my help, I will walk you into a new YOU.

Awaken your Souls Magic is the beginning of your real transformation journey that will help you finally release all that energetic baggage you have been carrying around for far too long!

Hearing your own soul is the opening to a deeper relationship with Source, and this opening will shift everything!


You are just like me, I know you, I understand you, and I can help you!

The Student Experience

What others are saying about their experience of coming into our healing cocoon as we call it at Awaken!


→ meet a part of yourself you have never known before


→ Get instructions on how to authentically change what is not working


→ Tap into the freeing mindset that what you think about yourself is all that matters

→ Gain a certificate of completion for a 100% completion rate.


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At just one week into this program, as I was doing Sophie’s Inner Child meditation, I met another part of myself.  My masculine self that exists within me in spirit - my ‘other-half’ or ‘soul-mate’ and felt so comforted that he is always with me, filling the void within that I have tried to fill with those outside of myself.  I now feel more whole, more complete, and I am not searching or needing something outside of myself to fulfill me.  I have all that I need, and it is always with me.



What is Spiritual Healing?

Get your free access to the first lesson that will answer all of your questions about Awaken Your Soul's Magic