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  • Sophie Frabotta

How to Change a False Belief

Earth is not the easiest place to live. We come here as these pure little beings and then stuff happens that beats us up, difficulties teach us lessons, and unfortunately life itself can leave us with unresolved energy circulating deep within. This unresolved energy then creates wounds that lead to false beliefs.

Then, as we keep moving on with our life, events will happen big or small that will "trigger" a reaction within us. A trigger is an event that causes a primal reaction inside, which is typically a result of arousing feelings or memories associated with a particular traumatic experience. Now when I say trauma, all I am talking about is that the fight or flight response was stimulated and didn't complete itself. So you are left with this internal mechanism trying to complete itself.

However, most will get mad at the trigger and want the trigger to go away.

But I am here to invite you into a new mindset. What if you started to see your triggers as teachers. What if you began to process the energy inside of you and saw this current "trigger or situation" as an opportunity. Then you would be on your way to actually helping yourself process this unresolved energy living within.

Watch this video to get a deeper understanding of what I am talking about.

Don’t Get Mad at the Trigger

Triggers show us that there is a problem inside of us, but we can use this emotional reaction as a detective. The first step is to make the conscious choice that whatever happened out there to make you react in here, is yours. I know, not an easy pill to swallow, but hang in here with me.

If you didn't have anger, it would not have erupted. If you didn't have disappointment, it would not be surfacing. If you were truly secure within, you would not be facing this doubt. When you can accept that when you get upset, bothered, agitated, or annoyed, that means there is an outside stimuli touching an internal root wound. This awareness alone will start you on your path to spiritual healing.

No one, and I mean absolutely no one out there, can make you FEEL anything in here. Your feelings are yours, their feelings are theirs. So once you accept this, you can make the choice to use this situation that triggered YOU, to learn more about yourself.

To help you understand, I am going to lay this process out for you so clearly so that you can put this into practice immediately.

Step 1: Accept that YOUR trigger is an Opportunity for healing

Step 2: Acknowledge, I have a root wound in here that I need to discover

Step 3: Get out Your Journal

Step 4: Investigate your trigger and feelings underneath it

Step 5: Identify the Belief under that

Step 6: Rewrite the Belief

Step 7: Plant that new belief deep within with a new truth statement

The Journal Process

As you begin to write and investigate what may be happening inside of you, you can use these questions below to help you discover your inner root wound or false belief.

5 Journal Prompts

1. What just happened?

2. What/ how did it make me feel?

3. What is the belief under this feeling? (Travel deep down)

4. Where did this belief come from?

5. What do I want the belief to become?

Bam 💥 your on your way to unlocking your inner genius!

Is this Easier Said Than Done?

As you begin to explore yourself, your psyche will reveal new layers of awareness to yourself. And doing this kind of deep inner reflection can sometimes get a little confusing. With that being said, having a spiritual or healing guide who can help you move through these internal layers of yourself can be priceless. There is nothing wrong with reaching out and asking for help from someone who knows how to navigate these inner spaces.