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What You Need to Unlearn if You Are Awakening

The spiritual healing journey is not just about discovering your own magnificence, but also about unlearning certain ingrained beliefs and habits that may have guided you for years. As a spiritual mentor and healer, I've witnessed firsthand the transformative power of unlearning four specific beliefs in the awakening process. I want to clearly share these aspects with you so you can get a head start on your path of awakening.

Spiritual Healing Content of 2023 by Sophie Frabotta

What You Need to Unlearn if You are Awakening

1. Belief: Spirituality is Always About Peace And Love

One of the most common misconceptions about having a spiritual awakening or becoming more spiritual is that it is solely a state of constant peace and unconditional love. While these are indeed beautiful aspects of awakening, the journey is about so much more. Awakening is not just about the love and light that shines through after you have done your inner work to clear. It is about facing your inner conflicts and discomforts, which doesn't always feel peaceful. But we do this deeper digging to get into a more peaceful space. There is room for all these inner states, as they are beautiful parts of our growth. 

2. Belief: I have to Say Yes (When You Really Mean No)

You have to learn to say "no" when you mean it. For too long, many of us have been conditioned to prioritize politeness and compliance over our own truth, often saying "yes" when our hearts scream "no". This misalignment can lead to a disconnection from our authentic selves. Learning to honor your truth by saying "no" will help you grow. It is a declaration of self-respect and an acknowledgment of your own needs and feelings.

3. Belief: My Needs Come Last (Putting Others First)

The belief that your needs must always come last can lead to self-neglect and burnout, distancing you from your own heart. In the process of awakening, it is essential to unlearn this and to start to realize that you and your needs matter. When you begin to prioritize your own needs you gain a sense of self-fulfillment that only you can give yourself. This is not about becoming selfish, but about recognizing that you cannot pour from an empty cup. By taking care of yourself first, you are better equipped to help others and to engage with the world from a place of fullness.

4. Belief: It's Not My Fault 

Awakening brings with it the realization that blaming others or external circumstances for your predicaments is no longer an option. This phase of unlearning is about taking full responsibility for your life and everything inside of it; from your emotions, to your reactions and reality. It's about understanding that your healing and growth are in your hands, and that while you cannot control everything that unfolds, you can control how you respond. Taking radical responsibility is an empowering step on this awakening path.

4 beliefs to unlearn when awakening

Healing is not always pretty.

This path requires you to let go of old patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that no longer serve your highest good.  I invite you to embrace your challenges and lessons with an open heart, knowing that each step brings you closer to your true essence. If you find yourself needing help with this spiritual shift, I am so excited to share that we have created something called the Spiritual Love Bundle where we compiled over 44 lessons and training for you to do this healing work.  

The bundle kicks off with a free training called Doorway to Love, which has been recently updated, that you can watch first to learn about this healing opportunity. If this piques your interest, you can sign up for the free training here. 

By Sophie Frabotta, M.A.

Founder, Healer + Spiritual Guide

Sophie Frabotta - Spiritual Life Coach

Hi! I am Sophie Frabotta, The Soul Whisperer, Healer, Author, Spiritual Guide and Mentor and the founder of the Awaken Collective, where I help women like YOU to step into your heart and turn your wounds into freedom! I don't just teach you about this spiritual healing work, I show you how to deeply heal the root wounds that have been holding you back, so that you can finally experience this inner freedom that only comes from doing this spiritual healing work. My Spiritual Life Coach Certification will help you to move far beyond where you are now and wake up a part of yourself you have been dreaming to become. Your time is now!

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