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  • Sophie Frabotta

11 Signs You’re Spiritually Awakening

A spiritual awakening does not look how it sounds. Most people associate spirituality with peace and love, but most of the time, a spiritual awakening looks more like metamorphosis.

After the initial phase of having more consciousness rise up from within, you may start to adjust yourself to a healthier lifestyle, you may have fall outs with old friends, feel the need to change your diet, experience a sudden interest in crystals, begin meditating consistently, feel drawn to reading those self-development books, buy a journal and feel drawn to write, or begin to explore yourself on deeper levels than before, etc.

And this initial phase usually feels pretty good. It's exciting you are learning new things, trying on new vibes, but then the dreaded thing happens. You begin to change, lol! I just love that saying: "Everyone wants to change, it is just that no one wants to be there when it happens."

These changes however, are what can add up to shifting your consciousness into a whole new world. Here are 11 signs that indicate you are experiencing your own spiritual awakening:

1. Loss of interest in conflict

2. Sudden ability to manifest new things - quicker than before

3. Experiencing wonderful synchronicities

4. Seeing number sequences over and over that catch your attention (111, 222, 144, etc.)

5. Ringing in your ears, (not tinnitus)

6. Feeling an increased connection with nature

7. A sudden willingness to embrace your spiritual gifts

8. A shift in long standing eating habits

9. A longing to change jobs

10. A courageous willingness to be who you really are

11. A new ability to let go and truly trust

Loss of Interest in Conflict

Losing interest in activities, shifting the people you hang with, and wanting to run the other way from drama, are all signs that you are going through a spiritual upgrade. A loss of interest in many things or people, is an indication that something is changing within you and that is a good thing. However, this sudden shift can be difficult for others to understand, especially when combined with the other signs on this list, but hang in there, your consciousness is shifting and your vibration is rising, that is why conflict appears to no longer thrill you.

Sudden Ability to Manifest New Things

You find yourself focusing on what you want, over what you don't want. And you really like the energy of how that feels, only to find out, it is not as far away as you had thought and boom, manifests in front of you. These could be little details or major events. The fact of the matter is that you are manifesting more than usual and are becoming aware of how things or people start to appear in your reality. This is quite a fun sign I must admit.

Experiencing Wonderful Synchronicities

You may find yourself thinking of a friend and then they call; singing a random song in your house and then turning on your car only to find that exact song playing, having a thought that your friend will be wearing something at work, only to walk into the office and see them in that outfit. Some call this coincidence, I call it synchronicity. A synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. They are not coincidences. And when you are awakening these events will be on the rise.

Seeing Repeating Number Sequences

When these repeating patterns show up, commonly referred to as angel numbers, they remind us that we have a whole unseen team supporting us. If you're noticing number sequences like 111, 222, 444, 144, your birthday, etc., you may be experiencing a spiritual awakening. These repeating number sequences get our attention and have spiritual significance, according to numerology. The numbers repeating show us that there is an amplification of energy. The more it shows up, the stronger the vibration becomes in your awareness, moving past your conscious mind and into the subconscious to unlock the ancient memory and a message from that number sequence.

Ringing in Your Ears (not tinnitus)

And no I am not talking about the common chronic condition called tinnitus. I am referring to a light buzzing in your ear that comes and goes as your vibration raises. As you lift into higher frequencies, you will acclimate to the new altitude, and the ringing will subside. This ringing can come when you are receiving a message. It can feel like a static, or a soft hum. This is your physical body responding to the process.

Feeling An Increased Connection With Nature

You feel more moved by the natural world around you. You begin to feel how abundant the Earth is, how all nature does is celebrate and move with the fluctuations of life. And you spirit begins to want to connect more. Whether it is walking barefoot on grass, hiking up to that waterfall, getting in the ocean, or even just having your meals outside in the sunshine. This pull is a common side that you are in fact waking up!<