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What is Soul-Love?

What is soul-love, you might ask? Soul-Love is an evolved version of self love. I like to break it down to these 3 types of love: self-care, self-love and soul-love. Self care is how we take care of our needs externally. Self-love is how we begin to take care of our needs internally, and then soul-love is when we begin to tap into the deep inner knowing that we are carrying a piece of Divinity within us at all times, right inside our heart.

Once we tap into this inner dwelling and realize that Divinity (as Love) is living within us, everything changes. I have seen people give themselves permission to feel their true feelings, face their shadow side, find the gunk the ego has been hiding, release that stale energy, reprogram their inner world with truth, all because they tapped into Soul-Love.

This is the effect of soul-love. It vibrates you open to a whole new level, so deep and profound that it lights up your soul. And deep down you remember, I am so loved, and held by the universe that I can truly handle whatever comes my way.

Soul love comes from deep inside your heart and as it emerges - it raises your overall vibration. As you step into becoming a soul-lover and learn to do your inner spiritual healing work, you will begin to find the space and time to do their inner work. Soul lovers are inspired by knowing they came from love, they will return to love, and they are externally loved. The more this soul love opens up in you, the more meaningful connections you will attract. This is simply a result from learning to remove your mask and move from your heart.

The Soul Lover Affirmations

  • I am a soul-lover.

  • I love differently.

  • I never give up on myself, because deep down I know I am love.

  • I work to release all the baggage I have carried, until I experience the exhale.

  • I do the work.

  • I love the work.

  • And I heal.

  • I define who I am.

  • I allow my spirituality to shine.

  • My soul love begins to take over.

  • I remember, I listen, and I love.

  • I am a Soul-lover.

And I invite you to become one too!

Spiritual healing is a process of removing past mental and emotional programs, toxic energetic data, and false beliefs that are still lingering in your system and causing you present day pain.

If you want to learn how to activate this kind of internal love, step onto this path with us and become a Soul-Lover, where we will show you how to transform the blocks that your human is carrying around, and open you up to a world where soul love leads your way in our program called: Awaken Your Soul's Magic, a 20 week process with 10 months of support, where we peel back the layers to help you create and manifest your dream life!

This is not about just putting a bandaid on broken bones + covering up insecurities with statements or ideas that you don't believe.

The transformational experience in Awaken Your Soul's Magic is about finding that Soul-Love deep in your heart and honestly learning the truth of, "Yes I love all of me."

I will walk with you through the depths of your wounds and bring healing, show you how to turn your self-rejection into deep acceptance, and transform your judgmental tone into one fueled by love.

And this signature process will unlock and Awaken Your Soul's Magic.

By Sophie Frabotta, MA

Author, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Healer

Hi! I am Sophie Frabotta, The Soul Whisperer, author, spiritual coach, guide and mentor and the founder of the Awaken Collective, where I help women like YOU to step into your heart and turn your wounds into freedom! I don't just teach you about this spiritual healing work, I teach you how to deeply heal the root wounds that have been holding you back, so that you can finally experience this inner freedom that only comes from walking this spiritual healing path. My Awaken Your Soul's Magic program will help you to move far beyond where you are now and wake up a part of yourself you have been dreaming to become. Your time is now!

You can dive deeper into your Spiritual Awakening by watching our FREE intro lesson here.

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