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  • Sophie Frabotta

What will happen to YOU during a Spiritual Awakening?

A spiritual awakening does not look how it sounds. Most people associate spirituality with peace and love, but most of the time, a spiritual awakening looks more like metamorphosis. And when that caterpillar is in the cocoon and digests itself, this is not a pretty, comfortable or familiar process. And this is what most go through with a spiritual awakening.

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

In the most simple terms, a Spiritual Awakening means that a part of your consciousness is beginning to remember that YOU are an unlimited being and YOU begin to identify as more than just a body. You begin to realize there is an eternal part of you in this body that will never die; your soul. As this veil thins, you awaken to the truth of your being, and different things start to happen.

What Happens First

The first thing you may notice as you begin to have a spiritual awakening is that you start asking the question, why am I here? Or what is all this for? Where do we truly go when we die. This is your soul beginning to wake up and show you that there is more than what meets your literal eyes.

Other common experiences are:

  • Noticing number sequences like 111, 222, 444, 144, etc.

  • Loss of interest in conflict/ drama

  • Ringing in your ears (not tinnitus)

  • Experiencing more synchronicities

  • Sudden ability to manifest things

This is all normal on the spiritual awakening path. If you want to take your spiritual healing further check out our spiritual awakening course: Awaken Your Soul's Magic, or Spiritual Life Coach Certification. These are two powerful spiritual healing spaces that provide a safe container for you to upgrade your life into 5D.

The Next Step

After the initial phase of having more consciousness rise up from within, you may start to adjust yourself to a healthier lifestyle, you may have fall outs with old friends, feel the need to change your diet, experience a sudden interest in crystals, begin meditating consistently, feel drawn to reading those self-development books, buy a journal and feel drawn to write, or begin to explore yourself on deeper levels than before, etc. And this initial phase usually feels pretty good.

The Universe will Stretch You

After that initial sparkly sunset path or intro to spirituality as I call it, something deeper begins to happen. All of a sudden your spiritual awakening will begin to uncover strength you didn’t know was there. You will begin to meet yourself in a deeper place than you have gone before; the soul level. And at this point you will have to create healthy boundaries around you, because as you open up spiritually, you now understand how important it is to protect your energy.

These boundaries help you see what is yours and what is theirs, and as understand this space of discernment and know the difference, the Universe will supply you with circumstances to show you the wounds that YOU now need to release from your heart and body.

Phase 2: Your Spiritual Awakening

More light begins to come into your body and now the density that you have been carrying around as emotionally charged memories, wounds from the past, and false beliefs begin to surface. This can look like new triggers coming to the surface (that are overwhelming), understanding necessary boundaries (with people who will not like the change), unblocking your heart (removing your participation of toxic patterns with people who may not see them as toxic), and beginning to stand for your truth (in a way that empowers you, but may also be upsetting to someone else).

There is no sugar coating phase 2, this is not the most fun experience, but will lead you into the space of spiritual healing that is guiding you to YOUR major breakthrough.

If you have been going through your own spiritual awakening and need a guide to help you comb through what is coming up, check out our program Awaken Your Soul's Magic. Here we will teach you the foundational methods to work through inner child issues, healing your energetic cords, understanding self love and how to access this deeper love that lives within, and then showing you how to manifest your dream life.

As you AWAKEN, many of these old dense patterns are revealed, and this can be super uncomfortable. People around you may not like it, things will start to change, and there is no going back. I have heard it all...

“This sounds a little crazy”

“That is not a high vibe way to act, I thought you were spiritual”

“You have changed and I liked you better before”

This is Your Spiritual Journey

Remember, your spiritual awakening is for YOU, not them. When you understand that your soul advancement goes way beyond this life and is part of a curriculum that you chose to expand your soul, you can let these outer opinions fade and let your inner voice rise up. Spirituality is not always smiling and acting "perfect", especially when you are exfoliating crap from the past, but my suggestion is to just hang in there because it will get better.