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  • Sophie Frabotta

How Healing Your Inner Child Creates Miracles

I was just 16 and had witnessed my first miracle. My mom told me the lump was gone. 6

months ago, we didn’t know what was going to happen.

It was a crisp fall day in New Jersey and my mom came home from the doctor and

asked to speak with me. She sat me down and shared with me that they had found a

lump in her breast. The medical staff wanted to do a biopsy right then and there - but

my Mom had other plans.

She asked them if she could have 6 months to try her own healing first. They agreed and this is when she went deep within and met her inner child who needed love. This was my first exposure to the power of connecting with the inner child.

What is the inner child you may ask?

This is the energy left behind from your childhood. This energy contains what we learned before puberty, but we were not able to process.

When your inner child is wounded and you are now in adulthood, you may find yourself:

  1. praying for explanations for events

  2. seeking approval

  3. overreacting

  4. fearing the unexpected

  5. feeling shame and/or blame on a daily basis

The cool thing is that now, You are your inner child’s only way to heal. At 16, I had no idea the extent of the power that this inner work would have on my life.

What happened with my mom? Well, 6 months later, the lump in her breast had completely disappeared! It was in this moment that I learned that you can actually be the healer of your own body.

If you have come to a point in your life where you need healing, you are in the right place.

I just want to remind and encourage YOU that you can heal from anything.

Read that again.


I am not saying that it is easy, but I am saying it is totally possible - and you do have to do the work. This is not the run of the mill transformation, self-help work.

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Either way, just know you are so unique and you came programmed with a mission. And I am so sorry if your little one is hurting. They do not have to keep hurting, there is a way to turn this all around, and I can show you how.