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  • Sophie Frabotta

10 Tips for Self-Love

Self-Love is the best medicine you can take! Deep down, so many people are struggling against their life. They have this disturbance deep within and what I have seen is that most of the time it goes back to a subconscious program practicing self-rejection instead of self-love. This subconscious choice leads to an inner turmoil that can show up as toxic relationships, addictions, energy leaks, issues with your career, problems with your children, and so on.

This is the holistic remedy that can begin to heal these problems from the inside out. Self-love leads to self-worth, self-confidence, and self-acceptance and all these vibrations are within your reach. The first step, is that you need to become aware of your own self-rejection habits and begin to catch these moments and see them as unhealed wounds and energy within you that still need healing.

Once you bring in the healing, you will be able to turn these old patterns into self-love and acceptance, making it easier to love those around you.

10 Tips to Self-Love

To help you understand what these 10 tips are, how they work, and how you can apply them in your life, I’m going to outline them here for you first. We have a bunch of free resources on our website that can help you with each of these steps, so make sure to check out those links!

  1. Begin Your Day with Gratitude

  2. Become Your Best Friend

  3. Find your Joy

  4. Stop Comparing

  5. Forgive Yourself

  6. Celebrate Yourself + Others

  7. Meditate

  8. Repeat Self-Love Affirmations

  9. Surround Yourself with Love

  10. Follow Your Intuition

Here are 10 tips that you can begin to work with to get your inner medicine of self-love flowing!

1. Begin your day with gratitude – not technology.

Right when you wake up, take a minute to first express gratitude. This will start your day on a positive note, and you can set an intention for your day with a grateful heart. We actually have a free eBook that will show you how to develop a great morning routine if you need support there.

2. Become your best friend.

Begin to tune into how you truly talk to yourself on the inside. Is it nice, or mean. To become more self-loving you need to learn to talk to yourself the way you would speak to your very best friend. At first you may notice that your inner conversation is not so nice. But just catch is and reword it in a friendlier statement. You’re listening to what you’re telling yourself, so be kind!

3. Find your joy.

There are very specific things that will light you up inside, and it is your job to get in touch with these things, and then make time for them in your life. Notice what lights you up, follow what feels good, and start to fill your heart by connecting your intention to your interests and passions.

4. Stop comparing yourself.

"Comparison is the thief of joy," attributed to President Theodore Roosevelt, shows us how detrimental this little negative habit can be. If we are going to do all this work to find our joy, we need to make sure we are not wiping it away with this bad habit of comparison, which only grows on the tree of self-doubt, not self-love. Focus on your own personal journey and if you must compare, just compare this version of you, to a past version of you!

5. Forgive yourself.

You are going to mess up, I am going to mess up, and guess what, it is ok! As you forgive yourself, your heart will open and you will experience acc