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Graduates of the Spiritual Life Coach Certification


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Lioness Cohort
Graduated October 2022



Spiritual Life Coach

Hi! I’m Becky, a certified Mindset & Spiritual Life Coach, ready and eager to help you live the life of your dreams! What opened my eyes to my soul’s purpose was a special angel message that came from my Grandfather in Heaven. He told me I have important work to do. After some soul searching I landed on my passion to help women, moms, and teens create the life of their dreams and heal any trauma they may have endured.​

Before this spiritual intervention, I used to worry about things all the time. But I am standing proof that you can lead a worry-free life once you truly learn to trust your divine life plan and the life plan of the ones you love. I will show you through meditation and other spiritual techniques that you can become the best version of yourself. I will guide you to walk with gratitude each day, lead with love from your heart, and how to have a positive mindset. 

I am honored to share my light with you and help guide you to yours. Tell your family and friends to get their shades out cause you will be glowing!



Spiritual Life Coach

Hello, my name is Erika Taju, and I'm a Spiritual Life Coach. I am so inspired to help people connect with their inner selves, and discover their life purpose. I have over 25 years of customer service experience dealing with the public which has helped me to communicate very well with others, and to find solutions to problems when it arises. I was living life just so I could survive, but not really living in my life, and not living in my truth. I was searching for something real, something spiritual, and then unconditional love found me. I have learned to respect the POWER OF LOVE.

I know what it's like to feel helpless, alone, afraid, and I also know how it feels to lose a loved one, or even a child. I now help others take back control of their life by healing and working on those inner emotional wounds, and replacing it will love, forgiveness, happiness, and inner peace.


I want you to know that you hold the key to your destiny, and you are what matters right now, right here. You are important, and you are worth so much more. I am here to support, guide, elevate, and motivate you.



Spiritual Life Coach

Hello, beautiful. My name is Allyson and I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach that guides awakening souls through their healing journey and into an abundant and fulfilling life. By creating a safe space for your magical transformation, I will show you just how incredible you are. I'll help you raise your vibration which will bring you clarity, abundance and a joy-filled life. Anything is possible when you become aligned with your Higher Self. I'm here to show you the way. You are not alone.

After going through my own awakening in 2020, I found myself in the darkest place I've ever been. I completely lost my identity and questioned everything. After sitting in that space for over a month, I started taking those first steps towards the light. I followed my intuition and learned how to heal myself through self care practices, personal development and meditation. Two years later my soul's purpose became very clear: To help others walk through the darkness to find their light again. Everything I had been through my entire life finally made was preparing me to help YOU. It's an honor to guide you, sweet soul. I can't wait to watch your new chapter unfold.



Spiritual Life Coach

Hi friend! My name is Rebecca and let me start by saying you are not alone, I have been where you are. I had my spiritual awakening 3 years ago when I discovered I was in an abusive relationship and was led to heal my generational trauma, emotional and verbal abuse, codependency, narcissistic abuse, anxiety, depression and C-PTSD.

I found my true self that I had lost and healed my little girl to help her know that she truly is good enough and I can help you do this too. I can tell you from experience that you ARE good enough! You are worthy and you are not crazy! Take my hand and I will guide you to the one person who has been waiting for you all this time, your true authentic self.




Spiritual Life Coach

My name is Lacey, I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach and Intuitive Healing Sound and Vibrational Healing Therapist. It's taken me 12 years of learning, growth and new awareness, to unlock my mission in assisting you in your spiritual and emotional healing. Through private coaching, alchemy sound healing, and guided meditations, I am committed to holding sacred space for you to unearth old emotional wounds, while tuning into the divine source within you. Connecting Source to soul.

Having been a student of childhood trauma, spiritual confusion, and hard relationship lessons myself, I have gone from student of pain and setbacks, to teacher of healing and growth. I have gone to the depths of my pain and healing. I’ve created experiences that inspire you to go your depths to heal, reclaim your worth, and enrich your relationship with God.

If you are suffering from heartache or trauma, I'd like to sit in support with you, as you shift out of those ways of being. If you are in need of new ways of seeing the world and experiences, I'd like to help you create that for yourself. If you want peace, I'd like to sit with you while you find it.



Spiritual Life Coach

Hello my beautiful friend, my name is Adya and I am so grateful to connect with you!  Several years ago I sought help from a Spiritual Life Coach and was able to heal from loss, heartbreak and a general sense of lack of fulfillment.  I experienced first-hand how the right coach can ask questions that crack you open, teach you new tools, and ultimately help you transform your life from the inside out. Now, that’s what I can do for you! 


After spending more than eighteen years in the professional corporate business world working at public and private companies, holding roles in various functions, I finally listened to my inner voice and became a Certified Spiritual Life Coach. If you are at a crossroads in your corporate career and feel that nudge guiding you to listen to something deeper, I can help!


My purpose is to partner with you, create a space of loving kindness, and use my own growth experiences to intuitively guide you on your internal journey. Together, we will explore deeper wounds, recognize frequent triggers, and lead you to heal, grow and transform into the sparkling light that you are. I can help you authentically live with balance, gratitude, peace, joy, love, abundance, fulfillment, and awakening to your true self!

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Spiritual Life Coach

Hi beautiful people, my name is Des and I’m a certified Spiritual Life Coach, empath, and intuitive. My mission is to help women meet their higher self, work through their blocks, and shine more light into their true essence.

Growing up, I always felt different, I made my own path and took note of what helped me embrace my true nature. I will assist you in your soul evolution by helping you to see your full potential and release what no longer serves. By using these sacred tools and creating a safe place for you to explore your truest nature, I will walk you into meet your highest self.

If you’re ready to step into your power, I’m your girl! Looking forward to connecting with you.

Certified Seal.jpg

Awaken Deliberately Cohort
Graduated September 2022



Spiritual Technologist, Healer, Spiritual Life Coach

Hello Star seeds, My name is Anil Gunjal, the spiritual technologist. I help recently awakened souls through their spiritual journey. I always felt different in my life, after multiple health issues starting with diabetes, cancer and then hearing loss, I had my awakening. I have learned to love myself, forgive and connect to the Divine from the heart. My spiritual awakening uncovered my gift of healing, reading akashic records and more. I developed my own healing modalities by connecting with the galactic realm. I am here to help you down your spiritual path and share my gifts with you. If you are feeling lost, lonely, looking to discover who you are or you need help with your health issues, let's connect!

Balancing Rocks


Spiritual Life Coach

My name is Carlos Miller, a Mental Health Intuitive, honorably discharged veteran, empathic life coach, and Registered Professional Nurse. I specialize in psychiatric health to provide therapeutic education and coping skills training to improve mental health. For over twenty years, I have worked to empower the community and guide the inner understanding of ourselves, as it relates to mental health.  It is my pleasure to customize a nonjudgmental atmosphere of service oriented education.  I will help you enhance the management and improvement of your spiritual connection, enhance your self-development, and improve the quality of your life through my intuitive guidance.



Spiritual Life Coach

Hello Beautiful People, My name is Joseph D'Amato, but you can call me Pepe. I am a survivor of a spiritual awakening. After existing for 30 plus years as a dormant empath, my transition has sparked an unignorable hunger to help other souls that are suffering or dealing with situations where they feel trapped inside of their bodies. Are your gifts being blocked or wasted?​

Being able to hold space for you is a blessing from the divine. I am filled with grace to even have the opportunity to present my work to you. In order for earth to continue to shift into the amazing planet it is, we must continue to evolve and transform into our highest selves.​

I am here for basketball athletes with blockages, miserable laborers, or my super specialty which is working with souls struggling with the ascension symptoms of a spiritual awakening. Please reach out to me via email, so we can set up a 30 minute phone call and see if we are aligned to work together. Source energy is love. Peace to you.

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Intuition Cohort
Graduated August 2022



Spiritual Life Coach

Hi beautiful Souls! I’m a licensed massage therapist, certified spiritual coach and light-worker. I’m experienced in various energy healing modalities and aromatherapy which I implement into my sessions. My mission is to help women through gentle, yet powerful guidance to express their inner power to their fullest and embrace true acceptance.


I’ve learned through my own struggles that there is a way out of any issue, and if not visible, we need to create that path. On our spiritual journey together, I will show you the tools that will help you rediscover your true-self and how to invite the good things into your life.


My intention is to help YOU accept yourself as you are and where you are. If you want to access and live your absolute freedom and you’re willing to make changes, the best time to start is NOW. 



Spiritual Life Coach

After going through my own spiritual awakening, I knew that being a spiritual life coach was my calling. I had to let go of bondage that kept me silent, break out of limiting beliefs and set my authentic self-free. Coming from a world of being bullied, shamed, abused mentally, emotionally, and physically, I found the way to make the changes that empowered me, healed me, released me, spiritually guided me, and allowed me to shine brightly in my own skin.

With over twenty-five years in the legal field, guiding clients through different aspects of their lives. I found I always ended up guiding them emotionally and spiritually as well as legally. 

As a natural leader, I use motivation, support, direction, empathy, and faith to help you on your path. I can help you find the mountains in your life that have made you feel small, shed the layers that have weighed you down, and LOVE like you have never loved before.

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Spiritual Life Coach

I am a clairvoyant, channeler, akashic record consultant, shamanic practitioner, priestess, starseed, herbalist and gardener. I recently exited a 20 year career as a prescribing clinical pharmacist, to pursue my soul’s calling as a spiritual life coach for those experiencing spiritual awakenings, and life transitions.

I assist clients in birthing into a life of divine alignment by nurturing, cultivating and tending their Divine Inspirations.  I offer myself,  as an aid and an example, of what coming out on the other side of a major life shift can look like.



Spiritual Life Coach

Hi, my name is Sissel, I am a Certified NLP Practitioner, Spiritual Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Personal Trainer, and Nutritionist. I am also in the midst of finishing my bachelor’s degree in Business & Social Sciences. 


I used to work in the fitness industry training hundreds of clients, and as much as I loved working with people and helping them get healthier physically, something was missing. I went through a dark night of the soul in my early twenties, with one spiritual awakening after another and I had a hard time seeing the light. 


Overtime, I learned how my mindset and connection to the divine could change my life. As your coach I will help you to focus on your mind, body, and spirit as a whole. With the right tools and guidance, I will help you step into your full potential and access your power to create the life you have always dreamed of.


Through our 1:1 sessions, I guide you each week through personalized programs to help you glow inside and out, we’ll work together to love yourself fully, build self-confidence, feel aligned, and have success in whatever you desire to manifest for yourself. 

Certified Seal.jpg

Talent Cohort
Graduated June 2022



Spiritual Roofing Contractor

Edward Campany is the founder of Campany Roof Maintenance, a commercial roofing company based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Campany Roof Maintenance has been in business for over 30 years and has grown to be one of the largest and most respected roofing companies in the state of Florida.  Ed’s path to the success was not an easy one. He grew up in upstate New York and was born into a family with nothing. Over the course of his life, he has built and lost multiple fortunes. But with God’s favor, he was able to build an elite roofing company starting with nothing more than $3,000 and a borrowed pick-up truck.  Growing up Ed knew what it was like to be hopeless, but something in him never allowed him to give up. He now has a devoted career, loves to see people help themselves and is inspired to work with people who have a drive to see a transformation in their life. He is passionate about serving others and giving people a “hand up” and not a “hand out.”  Ed has received many accolades and compliments over the years, but none more valuable than from his peers in roofing who look at Campany Roofing as a “legendary” force in the industry. 



Spiritual Life Coach

Hello, my name is Sabino J Mendez. I am a life coach, healer, and martial artist. I went through a spiritual awakening back in 2020 that changed my life. I learned meditation and started to question everything I "thought" about who I am. That propelled the journey within me. Reading books, listening to hundreds of podcasts, working with mentors/teachers, and spending time in nature.


Through my journey I have learned to forgive, let go of the past, & dropped labels that no longer served me. I believe my life purpose is to raise my vibration and consciousness and to help others do that too. I've transformed my life and can help you do the same.

Certified Seal.jpg

Kintsugi Cohort
Graduated May 2022



Spiritual Life Coach

Hello beautiful souls!!  I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, single mother, recovering perfectionist, daughter of an alcoholic, facer of fears, and transformation specialist.  I spent the first half of my life figuring out how to fit into a world that I didn’t fit into, living what I thought was success only to find anger and bitterness.  What I have discovered is to live a life that brings you joy, you need to invest in yourself, live life on your terms, and listen to the voice of your heart.

After 19 years working in government service where I focused on shifting culture and developing people, I am mastering letting go of the stories, beliefs, trapped emotional energy, trauma, and programing to transition to a life that is full of self-acceptance and love energy.  I have sat in the darkness and realized that I have a light inside of me that can guide me, and so do you.  I see patterns and build strategies for implementing improvements, both in life and in business.  I am a survivor of perfectionism and burn out that led to adrenal fatigue.  I have shifted my energy from one of self-rejection to self-acceptance and learning to love myself beyond comparison.  If you are ready to say “YES” to life and remember your truth, come join me!



Spiritual Life Coach

Hi! I am Martina. I have been helping both women and men to significantly improve their lives by teaching them how to manage their inner and outer energy. I am a certified Spiritual and ICF coach, empath, energy worker and a teacher. I developed my own Theory of 4 Energies that is based on the Hippocrates' 4 archetypes, after 11 years of coaching and training and my own extensive studies of psychology, sociology and holistic medicine. I help my clients understand their core energy and gifts that are connected with their unique energy. By understanding your own energetic system, you can heal your wounds, rewrite the non functioning patterns, clear and strengthen your bonds with others and above all, finally bring more highly vibrational energy into your life. I am a proud working mom, passionate traveler, outstanding wife and humble human being. I can't wait to meet with you and help you boost your life energy too! 



Spiritual Life Coach

I'm here to help you hit the reset button, make different choices and find your soltuions.  I’m a full time educator and mother of two. A few years back, my life became one huge emotional trigger.  I was burnt out and my world felt chaotic, cluttered and out of control. I have spent years guiding thousands to find solutions to their problems, however, I was completely neglecting myself.  

I began my coaching journey with a passion and dedication to achieve a greater skill set in guiding others. During this time, I had my own personal transformation. I gained self worth, self love, courage, trust, acceptance, patience and stability. I connected with my heart and became my own grounding post. The benefits are immeasurable. 


As I embarked on my journey to support others to hit the reset button, I made different choices, found solutions, tapped into my freedom and I realized I was the solution to my own life. After 20 years of coaching in the classroom and on the athletic field, I chose the path to becoming a Spiritual Life Coach to use my strengths to help you heal and grow


I will help you declutter your life so you achieve your ultimate life goals and dreams. As your coach, I will offer you a deep level of understanding. I am committed to guiding you in navigating a path of clarity to embrace your true purpose, which provides opportunity for growth and tools for change. After I made the choice to hit the reset button, shift my focus and discovered how to live freely- I became so passionate about helping you do this too. 

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Spiritual Life Coach

I am an Artrepreneur, living a creative and joyful life between Bermuda and Canada with my fun-loving, supportive husband of 18 years. I have experienced many significant turning points in my life that enriched and transformed my perspective on life.  Everything shifted for me after taking care for loved ones in ill health, which brought me to the realization that I had neglected my own life goals, health, and artistic pursuits. I intuitively knew that receiving coaching would provide the healing I needed. So I sought out the path of tremendous emotional healing and getting back on track with the me I once knew.

I awakened my spiritual guides within me, found the healing energy I needed to deeply shift, and reconnected me with my soul’s purpose. Completing my training as a Spiritual Life Coach certification has allowed me to now share my own personal experience, offer insights and share healing practices with where you are on your path. Together we travel along this road of amazing changes and shift your world through spiritual life coaching.



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If you are an aspiring coach, healer, or light-worker who wants to make an impact from a higher vibrational space, I can help you activate your naturally born spiritual gifts to help others transform.

If you want to quench your spiritual thirst, and grow in your alignment with Spirit, now is your chance! 


You can become a trusted Spiritual Life Coach that empowers others to step into their truest self, manifest their deepest desires, embrace the future with joy, connect to the Divinity speaking within, and access your inner wealth of wisdom! 




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