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Rebirth Cohort

Graduated December 2020

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Spiritual Life Coach

Michelle believes that every individual has the God given potential to reach their full destiny. As a Spiritual Coach and Guide I help others to explore their deeper connection between themselves and the universe. I use various healing tools to support my clients journeys and guide them to where they want to be. I consider myself to be a definite peacemaker because I love God and I love all people, and I believe this world would be a better place if we all learn how to get along.  It is my desire to bring to light the power and gifts that lie in each person.


She is currently based in West Palm Beach, Florida, and it is her intention to help others fulfill their God-given purpose while empowering them to help their communities and change lives.

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Spiritual Life Coach

I am Johnnie Rogers; a Mom and a Spiritual Life Coach. I was once right where you are, seeking for meaning, a deeper understanding of life and to discover my purpose. Having faced many challenges in life has made me search for a deeper understanding of how universal laws operate and our place within them. Having this clarity opened doors for me to help others do the same. It is my goal to have every person that is guided onto my path walking away feeling empowered and having found their true purpose. I know you are searching for more and I am here to help you find your gifts and powers from within. In the many years of searching I acquired certifications that widened my horizon and opened me to a whole new me. These tools melted together, and it became a passion for me to help others like you to clear old stuff and find the treasures within you. I am here to help you unlock your full potential and live your dream.

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Spiritual Life Coach

I'm Evie, a Spiritual Life Coach who can help you work through your trauma and grief. After removing myself from a very toxic and unhealthy environment, I was able to truly reconnect to my Higher power and in doing so, found freedom in forgiveness. I believe there is transformation in transparency. That there is freedom in finding your voice and speaking your truth, and through one on one coaching and connecting to other women, I provide a safe space for these processes to happen. I am so excited to meet you on your journey as we step into healing, and sisterhood together.

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Spiritual Life Coach

Hello, I am Meisha, a badass empowered woman who helps you turn your experience into a story that leads to profit. To start this friendship off right, there are some things I want you to know. 1) Christmas is my life. You can always find me snuggled up with a blanket humming a holiday tune. 2) I am a travel junkie with a big heart for adventure. And 3) Most importantly, I am a spiritualist, life partner, and Momma to three incredible little girls.

I spent over a decade devoted to the healing of women and helping them transform their pain into purpose but there was a big piece of the puzzle I was missing. I had built my foundation on suffering and no idea how to tap into the abundance and freedom I longed for. I started to dive deep within the hidden chambers of myself in order to unlock the life of my dreams. I uncovered the deep parts of mind that were killing me from the inside out and I became a master of myself. Now I’m bringing all that I’ve mastered to my glow goddess tribe to help you live your best life out loud and on purpose.

You are a powerhouse of light and I'm here to watch you Grow & Glow into the powerful woman you're called you to be. Love, Luxury, and Light is Our Birthright. When women are met with love & grace, they can do incredible things. I’m here to be a part of your tribe.

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Complete Cohort

Graduated July 2020

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Spiritual Life Coach


Amy is a certified Spiritual Life Coach and a Certified Hypnotherapist of deep soul connection retrieval. Her method integrates the intellectual mind with an intuitive connection. She offers a loving perspective to her clients to accomplish their goals and desires with an understanding of their personality traits. With this, she is able to connect with her clients and help them see their blocks and have the tools needed to surpass them. She is joined with a group on life coaches to keep her toolbox always growing and new insight always flowing in. When using the hypnosis method she is able to take clients into a deep meditative state and guide them through a journey of their own soul communication while giving them guidance and understanding.

Amy has a wide understanding and can relate to many people’s situations because of her own various and deeply trying life challenges. Through her awareness and creative solutions she has worked through many barriers of her own by studying human behavior and the power of the mind and soul. This has brought her so many tools which she offers and shares with everyone she works with. She has a deep desire to help others to see their own unique power and is on a mission to help all who are willing to see their own light within by connecting to divine power.

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Spiritual Life Coach


Morgan has spent so much of her life not knowing how to navigate this world as an empath. Always feeling the energies of everyone around her left her struggling with anxiety and depression. It wasn’t until she did the inner work, uncovered false belief systems, and learned how to embody self-love, that she completely changed her life around. Her passion is in working with teens that will help them break free from whatever lies that are keeping them stuck and guiding them to the light they hold within themselves. 

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Spiritual Life Coach


Bianca Swiss is the Founder of Soul’s Blessings with B. She helps women walk through this journey and into their inner power. She trudged through many years on the dark path of abandonment, feeling unworthy, constantly looking to others for validation, using self-destructive behaviors to be “loved”; and then one day I woke up decided to take ownership of her life. She found a spiritual teacher, trekked through traumas, overcame bad habits, went through serious self-reflection and turned herself into an unconditionally loving woman. Her Spirituality is unbreakable now!

And now she is inspired to share this glowing light of love, with the world! She earned her Bachelor’s in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. And is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach through The Awaken Co. The energy and love that runs through her body and soul have called her to gracefully help others reconnect with that inner light inside of them. If you are ready to shine inside and out, Bianca is your girl!

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Courageous Cohort

Graduated May 2020

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Spiritual Life Coach


For years Jon was hurting, angry, stuck, and confused. Not sure what to do or where to go, he found his life in a unhealthy space. Recognizing this wasn't the life he wanted to live, Jon decided to look in the mirror and make a change for himself and his children.


This was when his journey to self-awakening began. He went back to church and the Holy Spirit lead him to find a life coach and his transformation began and an internal flame lit the way.


He is the founder of Infinite Life, a holistic life coaching and consulting brand that is rooted in love and honor. He offers a concierge service to help clients break free from their chains and move through a transformation into the authentic self. Jon has a deep passion to help others and shares his transformation experience of self love with the world through Infinite Life Coaching. He believes that an infinite life with infinite possibilities is available to us all and lives inside you.

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Spiritual Life Coach


Thomas is not a stranger to adversity. As a teenager, he was relied upon as a rock in his family. He grew into a successful engineer, unaware of the cracks in his own foundation and found himself crumbling from emotional wounds, health issues, and an identity crisis.

After decades of running and, he had the courage to stop, look inward, and pour love into the cracks of his foundation. He had breakthroughs in his own healing and came to a surrender that changed his life. After five years of working with kids and youth, and six years of environmental engineering, he began to taste the richness of his calling.

He believes that every single one of us is limitless. His passion is people, and the infinite possibilities we possess. He helps his clients to overcome blocks keeping them from the fullness of who they are. His invitation is to partner together and make a lasting impact, starting from the inside out.


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Spiritual Life Coach


Jerry has served in the United States Army, served as the President of Business Development for Ambrosia Treatment Centers, is member of the Palm Beach County Substance Abuse Coalition which led to the arrest of over 50 individuals who violated ethical practices within the industry. In December 2017, was recognized by CBS12 of Palm Beach as an “Extraordinary Person."

Jerry launched Fort Freedom, a 501c3 non profit organization designed to minimize Veterans suicide rates. The mission is to approach the imprisonments of PTSD through many different avenues of therapy including: EMDR, Spiritual Life Coaching, Personal Fitness, Massage, and brotherhood. This organization takes in hurting veterans provides them a home for 90 days and provides all these therapies free of charge for the entirety of their stay. The mission is to heal the PTSD alongside identifying a sense of purpose in the Veterans life. It is his goal to save as many Veterans as he can from the terrors of PTSD.


His mantra is: "Potential is the opportunity to achieve greatness.”


Sophie Frabotta | Spiritual Life Coach Certification Training

If you are an aspiring coach, healer, or light-worker who wants to make an impact from a higher vibrational space, I can help you activate your naturally born spiritual gifts to help others transform.

If you want to quench your spiritual thirst, and grow in your alignment with Spirit, now is your chance! 


You can become a trusted Spiritual Life Coach that empowers others to step into their truest self, manifest their deepest desires, embrace the future with joy, connect to the Divinity speaking within, and access your inner wealth of wisdom! 

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