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Graduates of the Spiritual Life Coach Certification
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Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, Teacher, Spiritual Guide, Peacemaker, Clairvoyant, Visionary


Amy is a certified Spiritual Life Coach and a Certified Hypnotherapist of deep soul connection retrieval. Her method integrates the intellectual mind with an intuitive connection. She offers a loving perspective to her clients to accomplish their goals and desires with an understanding of their personality traits. With this, she is able to connect with her clients and help them see their blocks and have the tools needed to surpass them. She is joined with a group on life coaches to keep her toolbox always growing and new insight always flowing in. When using the hypnosis method she is able to take clients into a deep meditative state and guide them through a journey of their own soul communication while giving them guidance and understanding.

Amy has a wide understanding and can relate to many people’s situations because of her own various and deeply trying life challenges. Through her awareness and creative solutions she has worked through many barriers of her own by studying human behavior and the power of the mind and soul. This has brought her so many tools which she offers and shares with everyone she works with. She has a deep desire to help others to see their own unique power and is on a mission to help all who are willing to see their own light within by connecting to divine power.

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Spiritual Life Coach, Creative Coordinator, Healer, Clairscentient, Leader, Empath


Morgan is the creative coordinator and Assistant to Sophie at Awaken. She is also now a Certified Spiritual Life Coach. She has spent so much of her life not knowing how to navigate this world as an empath. Always feeling the energies of everyone around her left her struggling with anxiety and depression. It wasn’t until she did the inner work, uncovered false belief systems, and learned how to embody self-love, that she completely changed her life around.


Her main role at The Awaken Co. is to make sure the behind scenes is running smoothly: from creating content, editing video footage, working on social media, filling crystal orders, to making retreats run smoothly. She is also creating programs for teens that will help them find the freedom from their wounds and limiting beliefs. Her passion is to help teens break free from whatever lies that are keeping them stuck. 

As Awaken continues to expand, the foundation we are building together here is all about heart-led leadership. Serving others with no bounds and guiding them to the light they hold within themselves. 

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Spiritual Life Coach, Healer, Teacher, Coach, Spiritual Guide, Peacemaker, Visionary, Empath


Bianca Swiss is the Founder of Soul’s Blessings with B. She helps women walk through this journey and into their inner power. She trudged through many years on the dark path of abandonment, feeling unworthy, constantly looking to others for validation, using self-destructive behaviors to be “loved”; and then one day I woke up decided to take ownership of her life. She found a spiritual teacher, trekked through traumas, overcame bad habits, went through serious self-reflection and turned herself into an unconditionally loving woman. Her Spirituality is unbreakable now!

And now she is inspired to share this glowing light of love, with the world! She earned her Bachelor’s in Sociology and Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. And is a Certified Spiritual Life Coach through The Awaken Co. The energy and love that runs through her body and soul have called her to gracefully help others reconnect with that inner light inside of them. If you are ready to shine inside and out, Bianca is your girl!

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Open-Hearted Cohort
Graduated December 2021

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Spiritual Life Coach

I am an intuitive empath and certified Spiritual Life Coach with a passion for helping my clients move through life’s transitions and discover their soul’s path. I love change and have no fear of it. Prior to becoming a life coach I was a makeup artist. It was through the healing touch of makeup application, the power of color, and becoming an Art History instructor that I learned of my passion to help others learn about themselves and follow their aspirations. 

And now I am dedicated to helping others through the many transitions that happen in family: marriage, divorce, parenting, blended families, and loss. Because of my intimate relationship with change; experiencing the loss of my 21 year old brother and best friend at age 23, being married, divorced, taking a10 year relationship hiatus, raising a daughter, remarrying, and then losing both parents, I have first hand experience that helps me authentically meet others in their specific transition. It is my deepest passion to assist others through their life transitions with wisdom, integrity, compassion and love for the highest good of all. I am dedicated to helping my clients unlock the mystery of inner healing, deepen their inner connection with themselves and Spirit to create a life that honors their vision for themselves. Ready to Change? I'm your girl!  

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Spiritual Life Coach

My name is Rishika and I help others to discover the inner peace that is already within. I now share Spiritual Life Coach sessions in the non-dual way of pointing. Pointing seekers to the true essence of pure Awareness and Space that we are beyond the mind.

As a spiritual life coach I show others how to overcome negative mind patterns with the approach of non dual self inquiry with the goal of discovering lasting inner peace. But I didn't start here.

I was born in the Czech Republic and moved to England when I was 6 years old. I have always been a ‘truth’ seeker and searched for the meaning of life in lots of different areas. After a traumatic event, I found my guru Mooji and later had a spiritual awakening in 2014 whilst watching a video of the teacher Papaji.

It is my mission to help you find your true essence of pure Awareness and land in the Space that we are beyond the mind.

If desired, I also incorporate nutritional advice (inspired by Anthony William, the Medical Medium). Having optimal nutrition leads towards better health which enables us to have a clearer mind that can focus better on finding inner peace.

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Spiritual Life Coach

Hello. I’m Diane and I’m glad you’re here! I’m a coach, confidant, intuitive and guide. After many years serving in spiritual leadership, I decided to shift my focus onto the work I most enjoy - helping people tune in to their guidance, heal emotional pain and become fully who they’ve always intended to be. As a result, ARISE was born!

For over 20 years, I've offered one-on-one healing sessions, facilitated groups, taught classes and led retreats. I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Chaplain and Theophostic Minister. I have studied relational dynamics, boundaries, conflict resolution, inner healing, soul fragments, integration, visualization, journaling as well as breath and energy work.

If you want to get unstuck, calm down, heal the pain, deal with what is, or go to the next level, reach out to schedule an introductory session to see if I can help!

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Spiritual Life Coach

Hello, I am Victoria, a teacher of spiritual awakening and intuitive coach that strengthens and reveals your own guiding intuition. By being an open, loving, connected, divine conduit, I assist others in finding their spiritual truth and life answers. I believe Spirit offers us opportunities to uncover our subconscious limiting beliefs for healing and answer our deepest questions so we can create the life our hearts desire. It is my mission to help you create change within so you can confidently navigate your life.

Ten years ago, after several previous attempts, I jumped into my spiritual awakening feet first and a soul friend who had been through her awakening provided me with support, guidance, and self-reliant tools, which I believe greatly influenced my personal soul transformation. Looking back, I didn’t have a clue as to the depth of healing I would undergo and at times felt like it wouldn’t end. Soul evolution can be gut wrenching and emotional, but peace, self-love, and understanding is patiently waiting on the other side.

I am here to hold space for your spiritual awakening and transformation. Each of us has a unique path for cultivating the connection with our higher self and Spirit and my purpose is to support YOU in discovering who you truly are. You are not alone.

You have divine wisdom within and I will show you how to open and tap into it. My mission is to share what I have learned and provide transformation tools and techniques to love and care for yourself, develop a stronger connection with your higher self, and heal deeply seated wounds, to create the life YOU envision. Let’s connect to see how I can support you on your journey.

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Spiritual Life Coach

Hi, I am Deyanira, a Spirit Guide & Lightworker. I can help you clear blockages, heal past wounds, face childhood trauma, and change your limiting beliefs. This kind of inner work is not easy and that is why I can help guide you through your healing journey. Together, we will go on the journey of healing and self-discovery to get more in touch with your soul and let the Light back into your life.

I have been an immigrant since I was a teenager, and while adapting to a new culture, different language, and social settings, I felt out of place. I felt isolated, very lost, and struggled to find where I belonged and my true life purpose for many years. Still, something that was always very clear to me was that I wanted to help others.

Through practices of acceptance and self-love, I found myself and now want to share the same thing with you! In our sessions, I make space for your passion, unlock your potential, and help you fully embody your purpose. I am so excited to see you bloom and glow from within.

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Spiritual Life Coach

Welcome lovely soul, I’m Devin a certified spiritual life coach, empath, leader, teacher, visionary, and peacemaker. My spiritual awakening began in 2019 when I felt a weight lift from my soul and decided to leave my marriage. This choice empowered me to allow my true inner light to shine, but I had to do the work inside to find my happiness.


With the hope in my heart I started to face my fears, heal childhood trauma, deal with past wounds, unlock limiting beliefs, doubts, and achieve goals that I had only dreamed of achieving prior. Being from Oakland, California with two parents who served in the US military, I had to face my feelings of abandonment, and loneliness. But it was this seeking guidance and purposes in my life, that led me to live life as a Christian who was awakening. This path helped me discover that I love to help people and wanted to help others heal.

I’m here to guide others to heal from the inside out. That is where true transformation and healing begins. Once you find divinity within yourself and know that everything you are seeking outside of you is already within, you are free!

Loving your whole self unconditional is all you need to live your dreams and I can help you discover and redefine your passion that is awaiting to explode and share with the Universe.

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Crystal Cohort
Graduated October 2021



Spiritual Life Coach

Hi, my name is Kelsey Burchett! I am a Spiritual Self Love & Mindset Life Coach. After years of struggling with anxiety, confidence and a negative mindset, I made a change in 2017 and got out of my own way. I started on my own self love and healing journey and knew that I needed to be a voice for other women out there who were feeling stuck, just like I was. I took the leap in 2020 to start my coaching business after being laid off from COVID (a blessing in disguise) and have since been working with women all over to help change their mindset, know their worth and live a life without an anxious mind.

I teach my clients actionable mindset tools and self love practices, so that they can show up confidently and rise to their fullest potential. I am passionate about showing women how worthy they truly are, and I believe that tapping into self love is where the real magic unfolds. I am here to hold the space for you to heal and help you to get out of your head, into your heart and SHINE all your greatness out into the world. Your higher self is waiting for you.



Spiritual Life Coach

My name is Jeanna Brewer and I am a Reiki Certified Holistic Healer and Certified Spiritual Life Coach. I specialize in energy work and helping others heal through the power of my God given healing abilities and gifts, by guiding them with counseling and freeing up and clearing what no longer serves them energetically. There is something so magical that happens when I tap into my gifts to serve others for their highest good! Helping others heal and improve their lives is my life's greatest passion and mission here, and seeing the positive effects it has on others is the most rewarding thing I could ask for! My healing journey put me through the ringer a couple times, which resulted in a most beautiful transformation, led my to self-love, and has taught me so much about the human experience, that I am able to help others heal as well. If I can do it for me, I can help you heal and become the person you have always dreamed of being, minus the guilt, shame and blame! The transformations are all unique and catered specifically to my clients' needs on an individual basis and it all leads to healing mind, body, soul and spirit, which results in real self-love, which is so awesome!



Spiritual Life Coach

Hi, I am Kathy Sessums. I am a Spiritual Life Coach, widow and mother to three beautiful children. When my husband of 12 years passed away suddenly in 2019, I leaned on my faith but still felt stuck in the shadow of grief. I have learned to be patient and offer myself grace on this healing journey. I’ve put in the work daily through time in devotions, self-love, and solidifying my relationship with God.

I want to share with you the tools that I have learned to not only heal from the past but to build a solid pathway to overcome the obstacles in life that are holding you in place, so that you can thrive and achieve a life of peace and transformation. I love to see my clients gain confidence, find their self worth and effectively incorporate that into their lives.

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Spiritual Life Coach

In the last twenty years I have been trained in many healing modalities such as Lomi lomi Massage, Aquatic body work, Ayurveda, Theta Healing, Clarity Breathwork, Shamanic Studies, and Sound Healing. At the age of eleven my life was transformed through a car accident which set me on a path of healing myself and has inspired me with the desire to help others heal and awaken. I have a deep love and connection to nature, especially the ocean, which has been my guide and teacher in opening up my voice and allowing the song of my soul, the earth and universe to flow through me..

I use sound vibration, intention, intuition, emotion and divine love to create soundscapes, invocations and blessings to guide you back to your heart and the core of your being, as well as support others to open to their own expression of sound and prayer.

In my sessions I integrate all of these elements to unravel, illuminate, guide and support you on your journey of evolution, wholeness, healing and remembrance of who you are and what you have come here to do and become, manifesting your highest dreams and potential, in alignment with your heart, soul and the desire to serve, create and enjoy life.



Spiritual Life Coach

Hello, my name is Kelle Koenig and I am a Spiritual Life Coach, specializing in Holistic Counseling, Energy Bodywork, and Therapeutic Massage. As a child I always felt moved to figure out what would make others feel better both emotionally, spiritually and physically, and was the type of person who listened to others' stories and issues. It was natural for me to want to help and I felt Spirit calling my name for this adventure ever since. As a prior holistic nurse, Advanced Energy Healer, and Spiritual Life Coach, I am passionate about helping others find their way in this life, understanding themselves and healing heir mind, body and spirit. I love creating a supportive, nurturing environmental container where all types of incredible healing can happen. I am excited to help you find your way 'home' to yourself.

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Enlightenment Cohort

Graduated May 2021



Spiritual Life Coach

I am Alix Walker, and I help women not lose their shit. Being an entrepreneur and a full-time mom since 2010, every day of my life was lived in a complete state of burn out. I thought this was normal, but I was brought to a deep introspection that led to my spiritual awakening. I now help women learn to love themselves so they can heal the wounds in their way and learn how to create a happier, more balanced life.
Wherever you are on your journey, it has led you here. Divine timing is an incredible thing. If you feel called to learn about self-love, to learn how to find healing within yourself, and learn how to create a more balanced life, let's schedule a free call to see if we are a good fit to take your life to the next level.



Spiritual Life Coach

Hello, my name is Alexa Ferguson, and I welcome you to my sacred space created for your healing! Through many years of my life, I knew that I would soon be called to something much bigger than myself. I have been on the journey of healing for some time now and I have learned it is not all rainbows and butterflies. However, the results are undeniably rewardable. I used to live inside of a space of darkness, and with time, I have broken down each and every one of these places and shined this beautiful liquid light into them. I am a spiritual life coach who is here to hold your hand and lead you to See The Light. I am here to guide you into a place of awareness and teach you how to heal yourself, for yourself. I will hold a safe, loving, and a warm place for you to step into the beginning process of healing. I allow Spirit to speak through me and give you the messages you need to hear in our sessions together. Take my hand, and let's walk towards the light together.



Spiritual Life Coach

I am Sheri, your Anam Cara (Soul Friend.) I am a healer and a powerful guide here to help you with your spiritual awakening and show you how to come home to yourself, reclaim your true magical energy, and live a spirit-driven life. I believe healing opens our hearts allowing us to see the beauty in ourselves, others, and our world. Healing realigns us with our soul, which opens us to the beauty of being alive.

Four years ago, I began a healing journey culminating with a mystical sabbatical in Ireland. Today, I authentically live a heart-centered life more magical than I could ever imagine. My inner world is peaceful, my heart overflows with love and beauty surrounds me. Peace, beauty, and love are within each of us waiting to abundantly flow into our world. My mission is to guide you to discover the miracle within your inner-most self so you may live your truth and create a life you love.



Spiritual Life Coach

Hello there! I’m Nicole, a Spiritual Life Coach and Intuitive, with a gift for identifying soul connections. My spiritual journey began in 2016 during a dark time in my life. I met another mom who had so much faith in my ability to heal, that I began to find that faith in myself. I was introduced to the power of mindset, manifestation, and the law of attraction. People and situations started coming into my life that supported my growth, and I finally met the person that I always knew I was. Like wiping the dirt off of a lightbulb, I now show others how to shine brightly!

I will guide you on your journey from darkness to the light, from victimhood to empowerment, by using my spiritual gifts to help you clear stuck energy and shift your perspective. As we identify and clear traumas, everything inside of you will change. I am here to guide your healing. Follow the call of your heart and watch your soul illuminate!



Spiritual Life Coach

I’m Ali, your Embodiment and Spiritual Life Coach, and I help single mother's reclaim their worth, peace of mind and overall wellbeing.

As someone who used to suffer from anxiety by getting "stuck in my head", I have come to fully experience my healing by getting "out of my head and into my heart". I know that your life has SO much to offer you, but without any tangible guidance you can feel a little lost. I can show you how to live a beautiful life, fully surrender to a power larger than yourself, and help you open up to receive your MIRACLE. If you are ready to live with total peace of mind, have full self acceptance and an unshakable trust in the Universe, let’s talk!



Spiritual Life Coach

Welcome, I am Maricris, a Spiritual Life Coach, intuitive guide and soul amplifier, who offers a safe and sacred space for moms, children, and teens to share their deepest struggles, fears, and resistance. As a spiritual guide, I offer my wisdom and healing in any place that you, my love, may feel stuck. With the nurturing support of my spirit team, I am then able to support you. Together, we find your inner strength, by embracing each struggle as a lesson so you can rise to the moon and witness your own spirit team anchor you into your power!

As a mom of two tween daughters, I know the struggle and triumph that we feel everyday. It is THE hardest job in the universe. We know how to give and give more, but we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves first. I've learned that when we give from a place of overwhelm, it backfires on us. With the help of my own coaches, it is in my inner healing and inner work that I have been able to find that spark that's been inside me all along. That sparks lives in YOU, too. And it is with my greatest offering that we hold hands through this as you allow me to help you re-find your sparkle, too.



Spiritual Life Coach

Hi, I am Rachel, with the skills and training as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, I help others accomplish this same level healing and freedom that I was seeking and found. I have lived it and know it works! I am excited to offer help and guidance to help you experience the same healing and freedom I have found on my path. With first hand experience of feeling blocked, stagnant and frustrated I understand deep down how this work can create a life that is free, fluid and in alignment. Doing this inner work will heal you on so many levels. I am passionate about helping you grow and evolve into a happier version of yourself and will show you how to sustain this journey. Clients have shared that my coaching style is clear, achievable and supportive. Let’s get started together in your healing process!



Spiritual Life Coach

I am Christie, a Spiritual Life Coach who has gone through a quick awakening when I moved my family into my dream house and was alarmed to find out that we already had tenants, it was a spirit-filled house. My life-altering experiences with those that have passed on forced me to consider, accept and cope with the significant paradigm shifts that came with the simple fact that there is life-after-death and a “bigger plan” for us all. Through this experience, I reconnected with Source, identified my true beliefs in God, in Spirit, in the Universe Laws and was led to freedom. As I took an honest inventory of my SOUL, I embraced my truth as a Divine Being, and used the inner "tools" to find my way. I now guide others on how to heal the things inside of them that are preventing and blocking their expansion and progression. I am committed in my practice to helping you discover your path of healing, alignment, clarity, and freedom that comes from reconnecting with the Divine. Together, we will allow you to tap into your authentic Spirit and live the life you have committed to living and loving.


Sophie Frabotta | Spiritual Life Coach Certification Training

If you are an aspiring coach, healer, or light-worker who wants to make an impact from a higher vibrational space, I can help you activate your naturally born spiritual gifts to help others transform.

If you want to quench your spiritual thirst, and grow in your alignment with Spirit, now is your chance! 


You can become a trusted Spiritual Life Coach that empowers others to step into their truest self, manifest their deepest desires, embrace the future with joy, connect to the Divinity speaking within, and access your inner wealth of wisdom! 

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