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Embody Self love


This is the doorway into self healing

where quantum leaps become your reality


Welcome to Your Awakening

So ​here ​you are, in the midst of your spiritual awakening...

Congratulations and welcome!!

Within your spiritual awakening, I have found that you can’t have the embodiment of true self-love without looking at your darkness.

This is your first step to authentic spiritual healing.

Taking small steps in the right direction can have a huge impact on how you actually change.

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Emanating Love

The problem is, most people don't know which steps to take to actually support the inner growth they want.

When you have an effective self love practice - where every single day you are starting the morning with the purest form of LOVE and emanating that frequency of love, you are then able to heal so much more quickly.

Build a Beautiful Day

This course has the ability to change the vibration of your entire experience because it shows you how to be the embodiment of the frequency of love.

This is all because once you implement and learn the most effective self-love techniques that you can do on a daily basis, you go through your awakening process in a more beautiful way.


Embodying Self-Love

This 7 Day Class offers you a:

  • Place to fall in love with your true self

  • Doorway into the portal of your own intuition

  • Step-by-step process on how to truly connect with your heart


This course is my full blown recipe for how to make every morning a sacred experience with my very own self-love routine.

As You Awaken + Heal

A part of your soul comes online in a whole new way because now you are walking alongside the Divine!

On this new spiritual path you become inspired to live in alignment with who you truly are at soul level.

This changes everything from the way you see your life unfolding to the brightness of colors pulsating from nature.


Divine Love Awaits

As this Divine love emerges inside of you, it begins to pulse out into your life.

This course is a safe space to unlock your Divine self-love, feel uplifted, and guided with grace and ease.

Our Results


Take a look at the new awareness that surfaced after years of inner work.


Look how he was inspired to change his whole morning routine through this class


Take a look at how the powerful message of the day, spoke directly to her situation


Watch how she found her joyfulness in the present moment and activated her positivity


Learn How to


Spiritual Healing.png



Connect with your inner love chamber that is waiting to come alive inside of you

Stars Head_Stars Head.png


The Universe

Come into alignment with how the Universe is already supporting to you

Empowerment_Apple copy 5.png



Ignite your intuition and connect to your true nature to live a new reality



Best Friend

Transform your negative self-talk and learn the 4 ways to activate self-love


Hi, I'm Sophie

When I stepped into my spiritual journey 20+ years ago, my calling was clear: to help others heal what is blocking them and spiritually awaken to their greatness.



1. You can heal anything, and I mean anything. YOU have the power to transform and heal ​any false belief​ that is blocking you​. 


2. Your true power lives within. You were given an enormous amount of power that is currently living within you, and I will show you how to plug into it.


3. You are deeply loved by the Universe, and when you do the deep spiritual healing work and practice self-love you activate your ancient code of true acceptance.

I am here to ​show you​ how to deeply heal​, to activate you​r ancient codes embedded in your body so you can AWAKEN Your Inner ​healer!


​I am here ​to help you expand ​into your fullest potential a​s a​ Love first responder.​​


How will me embodying the frequency of love change my entire existence?

Self-love is the foundation that we need for deeper spiritual healing work. Self-love creates a stable place to look deeper at the hidden darkness that your soul is ready to release. Without this foundation in place, your spiritual awakening can feel very vicious and unstable. Building in the proper structure first changes the outcome.

Where massive healing and quantum leaps become your reality.

I invite you to step into this portal of Self Love!

Become the New Amazing You

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