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  • Sophie Frabotta

What is a Spiritual Entrepreneur?

Here is my academic (yet spiritual) definition that I laid out in my Master's Thesis on Being a Spiritual Entrepreneur in Modern Business Society.

Spiritual Entrepreneur (n.):

(a) one approaching commerce with a divine alignment first, to then identify needs and create solutions that lead to profit, while making a meaningful difference in the world;

(b) one pursuing morally sustainable commerce, providing the consumer with a meaningful resource, while making a profit;

(c) one creating business with an outer force and an inner force that are in balance;

(d) one with a practice of opening to the divine flow, thinking outside of the box, finding a community need and fulfilling it, welcoming things already happening instead of making things happen, and acting with inspiration as soon as the download is complete;

Synonyms: Spiritual Leader, Spiritual Trailblazer, Beneficial Business Pursuer, Conscious Commerce Practitioner.

How I came to know Spiritual Entrepreneurship

I was in the last semester of my Master's Program, and had just been raked through the coals by a professor, who I still do question - was maybe trying to break But was testing my strength on a weekly basis by making me go back to the drawing board and resubmit almost every paper I submitted in our Spiritual Entrepreneur class.

This was my last class of a 2 year journey in getting my Master's in Transpersonal Psychology.

Every Thursday, for 10 weeks straight I would call my husband at work - in the morning, crying, saying, "I just do not think I can make it through this class. I am going to fail my whole program and the past two years would all be for nothing." It was in those moments he would remind me of my "why" and who I was. I would wipe my tears away and go back to my spiritual entrepreneur thesis and bang out another 40 hours of work to try to create and express the business model that was in my heart that I could prove was profitable through the template of a left brain business plan.

I was burnt to the core to say the least.

So when I come to you to talk about this concept of being a spiritual entrepreneur, please know that I didn't arrive with this topic by just reading a book. I had to prove my findings, my beliefs, and my theories to someone who seemed like they had it out for me.

What Being a Spiritual Entrepreneur Means to Me

Now - when I call myself a Spiritual Entrepreneur, what I am saying is: “I believe in commerce, profit and using my spiritual gifts to serve others. With an intense amount of spirituality rushing through my veins, it is very important for me to remain in tune with what my spiritual gifts are, expand them, and honor how they are trying to move through me. It is a blend of taking an idea, creating a profitable model around it, and sharing it with those who need this gifts to help them expand in their life. This path [in my eyes] is the best of both worlds."

I have a lot of goals and things want to experience in this lifetime, and as a Spiritual Entrepreneur I know it takes money to get there. I also know that I have several very powerful spiritual gifts that can help people deeply transform their lives. To say it simply, Spiritual Entrepreneurship means to me that "I’m blending my spiritual gifts with the ability to create financial abundance.”

But Sophie, Spiritual People are not supposed to make money...

Yes, I have heard this one before. (Too many times to count.) It is so common in the spiritual world for people to somehow get their wires crossed with a scarcity mindset, and turn it into "being broke means godliness". I have no idea where this thought form came from, but I can tell you I am not at all in alignment with that one.

And here is why.

When I privately commune with God, I feel a deep sense of unlimited abundance that I can have the opportunity to experience and achieve here on Earth. Part of this physical experience is to enjoy this dense 3rd dimension and all its physical beauty. We are here to create, and co-create with this unlimited abundance, which brings me to our second chakra. The chakra of creation.

The Second Chakra + Money

From a second chakra perspective, we carry this ability to create life, concepts, projects, and money. And having a positive relationship with money, is a creation. Money is a neutral substance that takes its direction from your intention. Money can weave itself into your human psyche as a substitute for life-force energy, and this is where the problems begin with scarcity.

People will mention "Money is the root of evil", but I would like to edit that "thinking money is personal power is debilitating. And here is why. When one equates money with life force energy it creates a scarcity frequency. This association (money = life force energy or personal power) then makes that person on some level believe that when they spend money, they will lose energy. Yuck, this is not where we want to be.