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  • Sophie Frabotta

How to Become a Spiritual Life Coach

Have you heard the call to become a spiritual life coach? It is this little inner nudge that begins to tickle you. Little by little it grows and you just know you are being called to help others. Then, people begin to show up - in the line in front of you, at the doctors office, or your kid's friend's birthday party; and they spill their heart out to you.

Deep inside you know you can help them, you talk to them, begin to feel that sense of purpose and then bam, out of nowhere, you are hit with this insecurity.

"Am I really qualified to help them?"

And that is where getting Certified in Spiritual Life Coaching comes in.

How is Spiritual Life Coaching Different?

First, let's talk about how Spiritual Life Coaching is different from just your typical Life Coaching. As Spiritual Coaches, we use a hybrid approach of healing and creation. We first address your blocks, help you remove them, call in new energy, get you in touch with your soul alignment and then teach them how to design the life you truly want to live.

Most Life Coaches are great at helping you move forward, but if you still have these big daddy root wounds in your subconscious they will come straight up into that new creation, making you feel like you have lost all your momentum and growth.

Spiritual Life Coaching gets ahead of this problem by starting with the blocks, and then showing you exactly how to deeply heal them so the subconscious is supportive of your new creations.

If you are feeling ready to step into becoming a Spiritual Life Coach, here are some great action steps for you to begin to turn this inner call into action!

  1. Identify what kind of life problems you want to solve

  2. Get a spiritual life coach certification.

  3. Heal yourself to help heal others

  4. Develop your pricing and offer

  5. Set up the structure of your life coaching business.

  6. Share your true self on social media, your website and in your relationship

BONUS STEP* Invest in continuing education

1. Identify The Life Problems You Want to Solve

Figure out what kind of work you want to do with others. Look around and see who is showing up. Explore around to find your niche. Here are some suggestions:

  • Is it helping people looking to change careers (Career Coach)?

  • How about people looking to get sober (Sobriety Coaching)?

  • What about people going through relationship problems (Relationship Coaching)?

  • Or maybe assist people who are opening up spiritually (Spiritual Coaching)?

Look around and see what gifts, skills and experience you already have in front of you. Next, begin to think about the solutions you know you have for them. This will help you identify your Niche and solve your future client's problems.

2.Enroll in a Spiritual Life Coach Certification

Getting certified will serve you in so many ways. It will strengthen your knowledge, give you coaching exposure, build your confidence, and teach you how to get people from A to B. Not all certifications are equal, so pay attention to how you feel when you are exploring them. Most will tell you that accredited courses are of the most value, but I encourage you to look a little bit deeper into the energy the certification is sharing. Just because they are accredited does not mean they will light up your soul. And to me, that is the most important feeling, that I am lit up in my work and in alignment. Once you find the one that feels like you have stuck gold; take the leap, make the commitment, and say YES, because it will take you to the next level.

3. Heal Yourself to Help Heal Others

You can heal anything, and I mean anything. YOU have the power to transform and heal ​any false belief​ that is blocking you​. You can do this through finding your hidden wounds and remove them through all layers of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. In my certification I will help you expand beyond where you have gone, show you how to open your heart so that you can then lead others confidently.

4. Develop Your Pricing + Offer

As you are going through your certification, it is advised that you begin to think about how to bring your gifts into the world. And we do this through presenting our offer. Figure out what you want to charge, whether it is per hour or for a result and build 3 packages that explain what your client can expect from working with you.