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The Magic of Aligning Your Chakras

The Magic Of Aligning Your Chakras

What is a Chakra?

A chakra, meaning "wheel" in Sanskrit, is a spinning disk, wheel of energy. In other words; chakras are energy vortexes that reflect our physical, spiritual, and emotional state.

When our main seven chakras in the body are open and balanced, energy can run through them freely, creating harmony between the body mind and spirit. When a chakra is blocked, or imbalanced, it means energy is not running freely.

When energy doesn't run freely, it makes it more difficult for your body to release negative energies, emotional challenges and trauma. Most of the time our blocks are misunderstood, and this is when something simple can become more complicated and turn into emotional problems; "I’m so stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed all the time." To physical ailments, "I have chronic flare ups in certain parts of my body." To spiritual: "I can’t seem to heal or manifest what I desire."Meeting your chakras will introduce you to a space inside of yourself that is completely magical.

Getting in tune with this deep inner space, where your chakras live, can show you how you are the medicine you need, guide you into healing your blocks, bring balance into your energetic flow, and help you understand your energy.

Meeting your chakras will introduce you to a dwelling deep within, where you know that everything is completely OK. A space where all your answers are held, a space where every solution is stored, and a space that will lead you organically back into balance, and the only way to get there is through your chakras.

Your chakras are your internal treasures that hold wisdom, guidance and very personal answers. You just have to learn how to translate this inner wisdom into actionable steps. This is where learning the language of your chakras can connect you to the life you want to live.

Get Answers Through Your Chakras

Each chakra contains very specific energy that circulates. And as we know, all energy does is flow. If there is a blockage the energy just finds a way to re-route itself.

Think of a river, where there is a tree that has fallen in the middle of the water stream, but the water just makes its way around that tree. Without the tree in the way, the water would have no interruption and get there faster, but none-the-less, it still gets there.

Tuning into your chakras is like looking at your own inner river and removing all those fallen trees. These energy centers contain the answers to your very specific questions about your life, health, wealth and happiness. Getting in tune with your chakras will allow you to:

  • connect the dots between your physical problems and the energetic cure,

  • understand what answers your problems are actually holding,

  • move energy through your body in an efficient way,

  • understand how much power you hold once you tap into this inner wisdom

The Magic Of Aligning Your Chakras - Sophie Frabotta

Increase your Life Force Energy

As you dive deep within to this ancient yet modern knowledge, you will access a clearer vision and understanding of how life force energy moves through you. Your life force energy flow will increase your Divine connection, Awaken your consciousness and give you access to your own inner knowledge.

This is where the chakras become like a road map to your spiritual quest and lead you into an accessible relationship with your higher self, bringing in new energy, and giving you tons of ideas on what to do next in your life.

Spiritual Awakening and Shifting Our Frequency

Why Now is a Good Time to Heal

If you are feeling all out of sorts, or like there is an uncomfortable missing piece to your puzzle, you are not alone! This is actually a very powerful time to heal.

I invite you into a new mindset:

"Whatever is surfacing now, is here for me to heal. I now have the chance to release what is no longer beneficial for my life."

And a great way to get into a better place during this global pandemic and simultaneous ascension is to do your inner work by working with your chakras. This will help you get into better alignment with a healthier flow of energy.

With all that being said, if your energy is not running right through your chakras, you could experience this energetic time in a more intense way than necessary.

Your chakras are simply these internal treasures that hold wisdom, guidance and very personal answers just for you. If you are looking to Awaken your higher consciousness and gain access to your own inner knowledge, please check out our Chakra Course

By Sophie Frabotta, MA

Founder, Healer + Spiritual Guide

Hi! I am Sophie Frabotta, The Soul Whisperer, Healer, Author, Spiritual Guide and Mentor and the founder of the Awaken Collective, where I help women like YOU to step into your heart and turn your wounds into freedom! I don't just teach you about this spiritual healing work, I show you how to deeply heal the root wounds that have been holding you back, so that you can finally experience this inner freedom that only comes from doing this spiritual healing work. My Spiritual Life Coach Certification will help you to move far beyond where you are now and wake up a part of yourself you have been dreaming to become. Your time is now!

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