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The 3 Best Questions to Ask to Get Back into Alignment

During the human experience, we often find ourselves out of alignment, feeling disconnected from our true selves and the Universe around us. The best way to really understand this kind of alignment is to first make a distinction between the ego and the spirit.

The ego can be a significant barrier to spiritual alignment. It can dominate our thoughts and actions, overshadowing the deeper connections that manifest true harmony within ourselves, others around us and the Universe. The ego's need to be seen as superior or different from others creates a barrier, preventing us from experiencing the interconnectedness that comes with spiritual alignment.

Spiritual alignment, on the other hand, refers to a state of harmony between one's inner self and the greater universe. Focusing on nurturing our Spirit involves experiencing a sense of purpose, inner peace, and interconnectedness that the ego cannot provide.

When we prioritize our spiritual growth over the ego's demands, we open ourselves to a deeper, more fulfilling existence.

Remember, You are an intensely alive energy field. You are not your body, your feelings, your thoughts, those are just parts of your energy expressing itself.

As a spiritual healer, I've realized three powerful questions that you can ask yourself to  help you realign and find your way back to your purpose.

As a spiritual healer, I've realized three powerful questions that you can ask yourself to  help you realign and find your way back to your purpose.

These questions encourage us to reflect on our current state and bring us towards a deeper understanding of ourselves and our connection to the Divine.

The 3 Best Questions to Ask to Get Back into Alignment

1. Who is at the microphone, who am I letting control the wheel?

When going through a rough patch, it's easy to lose sight of who is truly in control. When I ask myself, "Who is at the microphone?", I will then pause to see whether this inner voice is coming from my ego or my higher self. This will usually stop me in my tracks and show me if I am seeking validation from others, or acting from a higher place of inner truth and wisdom?

This correction is sometimes all I need. 

Recognizing when my ego is in control allows me to gently come back to my spiritual self. It is common for the ego take the driver's seat, overshadowing our inner voice and higher self. The ego, characterized by self-centeredness and its attachment to the material or superficial identity, thrives on separation. It constantly seeks validation and recognition, leading to a constant longing for external approval and external success. 

This outward focus, however, can distract your attention from inner growth and the spiritual practices that can create true alignment. So if we know this, we can catch this and just come back to our heart, soul center.

And this question can help you to get clear on which part of you is speaking. 

2. What part of me wants this?

This question invites you to dive deeper into our desires and motivations.

Often, you will pursue goals and aspirations without questioning where they are coming from within? Maybe it's trending, maybe others have it and it looks cool, but all these reasons often lead us away from the soul. 

When you come home and ask, "what part of me wants this" you bring yourself back into alignment and have the chance to look deeper. It is here where you can see if this desire is stemming from a place of fear, insecurity, or a need for external approval. The soul will often want expansion, growth, connection, and fulfillment, which are great traits to stand up against this desire.

This question opens a dialogue with your inner self to see if your actions are aligned with your true essence or if they are driven by your ego's need for validation. Understanding the source of your desires helps you make conscious choices that support your spiritual alignment!

3. What does my higher self think about this?

Our higher self is the part of us that is deeply connected to the Universe and lives inside of our pulsing heart center. It embodies wisdom, compassion, and a profound sense of interconnectedness. When we consult our higher self, we gain clarity and insight that transcend the ego's limited perspective.

Asking, "What does my higher self think about this?" encourages you to tap into your inner wisdom and seek higher intelligence that goes beyond the brain. It can shift your focus from the ego's narrow viewpoint to a broader, more expansive perspective.

Your higher self, so filled with loving acceptance for you, then has space to subtly guide you towards decisions and actions that are in harmony with your spiritual path.

This connection alone can change your life and foster a sense of purpose, inner peace, and alignment with the greater good.

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Here's your reminder to regularly check in with yourself and see who you are giving power to at the microphone, what part of you wants this, and most importantly, what does your higher self think about this?

By taking the time to do this inner alignment work, you will find yourself coming home to your heart, where you are more at peace, and more connected to the beautiful and intricate web of the human experience and beyond.

Another great thing to do at this hour is meditate. If you need some support, check out our free library of 33 free spiritual meditations on our website, these special meditation journeys are carefully curated to take you within and explore your inner world.

With Light,

Sophie Frabotta, M.A.

Author, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Healer

Hi! I am Sophie Frabotta. I am a heart-centered, soul leader who is so honored to be doing this work. With over 10,000 hours of 1-1 experience, a leader in the field of Spiritual Life Coaching, and a Globally recognized Spiritual Life Coach Certification – I teach students the depth of real transformation in a way that most have never seen. Having transformed my own body, mind and spirit, I am honored to take you into your inner chamber, show you how to lift out of karmic soul wounds and stabilize your higher vibration in 5D.

You can get started by meditating with me here!

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