No is a Healthy Boundary

I love to come from the space of yes and try to say Yes until I have to say no. Saying no, nevertheless, makes things final, and may seem scary to use at times.

YES is a great word to use! But for people pleasing empaths, it can be a huge drain on your energy and life.

Here are 3 positive tips for using the word No.

1. Know what you can take on without sacrificing your inner power and balance. If you continue to say yes and over pack your schedule, you create unnecessary stress for yourself and your life.

2. Review your schedule and see what you can realistically fit in. Print out a weekly schedule with hour slots and then write in all your appointments (add in driving time, traffic time, and all the other little distractions that can pop up or creep in). Next, look at what you are already committed to on paper. It may make things a little more clear. Now, if you see a lot of empty space, these are your “YES” slots. If, however, your schedule is already packed with responsibilities, this would be a great opportunity to see this time as already scheduled and a great place to say no (thank you).

3. This does not have to be a permanent NO. Things are always changing, but for now it is an empowered no with healthy boundaries!

Give these tips a try and let me know if this gives you some energy back in the comments below.

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