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  • Sophie Frabotta

How I Turned My Wounds into Freedom + Why You Can Do It Too

It was a dark evening, and I wanted to give up. I felt like I was trapped in the most sensitive body and could feel everything every vibration known to man; emotions, sounds, situations, I could feel it all. It began to overwhelm my system and I felt like a prisoner inside my own body.

This led me down a path of depression, anxiety, bulimia and even suicidal thoughts. I was carrying around over 60 pounds of fat, stored as dread in my body and felt like I was living in my own nightmare.

And then something shifted.

On a crisp fall evening in New Jersey, I cried out to Divinity to enter my life and help me. And the series of events that happened next blew my mind and completely transformed my life.

When I look back at the string of events it went like this:

I had connected spiritually.

I had this awareness that we all need to plug in spiritually, just like a lamp plugs into the wall. And my spiritual plug had fallen out of the wall and was disconnected. I simply picked it up (with intention) and plugged it back in through my seventh chakra daily.This helped Divine energy begin to flow through me.

I met and helped heal my inner child.

I went within and found this sad little girl. I gently began to build a relationship with her and then promised her that every day I would come in and give her a hug. Once I made her feel safe and loved, my energy levels changed.

Then, I began to explore trauma healing

I was able to see some of the deeper energetic problems that kept locking me up in my present-day life. Through meditation I began to un-spiral all that trauma and stress energy and started to release the feeling of being so frazzled.

This technique showed me how to find the energy, turn it off, and get the fight or flight response to complete itself, so I (on the outside) could truly calm.

I could breathe.

My energy calmed down.

These techniques were a game changer and I began to respond to all sorts of situations in a new way. I wasn’t holding on to so much anger and frustration and began to feel like I was more stable on the inside than I even knew was possible.

As I continued my spiritual healing journey...

I learned about energetic cords.

We run energy to others though these cords and sometimes this energy exchange can be toxic. I began to cut, untangle, and alter all the cords in my relationships. If there was ever a magic wand in the spiritual world, I thought I had found it. I did some cord work on a specific person that triggered the crap out of me.

The next time I saw them, I kid you not, it was like our palette was clean! There were no energetic issues from the past and I felt clean with that person.

It felt like I really had found this magic eraser in my spiritual healing work. At this point, I really thought I was special and had some magical gift, so I started teaching others how to do this work, and they were having breakthroughs too!

Then I became a little humbled, realizing these were universal tools that anyone could use, and I was not that special, just blessed to have found them!

These tools were working for me, and they were working for others too. I kept getting more and more clarity, feeling this new empowered capacity to handle what life threw at me.

The Gift of Empathy

It was then that I began to really dive into spirituality and an array of different spiritual practices. This introduced me to one of my biggest spiritual gifts, that I previously had identified as a curse. It was meeting this gift where everything changed on an even deeper level.