A space to fall in love with your magnificence, awaken your self-love, and ignite your Divine energy.


Start your 7 day journey today to ​tune into the whispers of your soul through our Sacred Morning Routine Check in Process. 

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Starting your day with The Sacred Morning will allow you to quiet your mind so you can hear the subtle voice of the Divine. It is a space of spiritual devotion, a time of reflection and a portal into your heart.

Start Your Day Fresh

Do you wish you could...

➵ Have more energy throughout the day

➵ Better understand your Spiritual Awakening

➵ Trust the way your life is unfolding

➵ Stop berating yourself for every little mistake

➵ Feel like you have enough time + energy

➵ Live in alignment with who you truly are


The Sacred Morning is safe space to unlock your unconditional love, feel uplifted, and be guided with grace and ease.

Without a structure you can get lost in old repeating patterns. We remove those distractions for you and show you exactly HOW to start your day with an intentional Sacred practice.


The Sacred Morning Routine walks you through a 30 - 45 minute intentional practice each day to touch all four components of your: Body, Emotions, Mind + Spirit.

This is a 7 day experience that lays the foundation for you to develop your very own Sacred Morning Routine.


The Morning Experience

Watch what these souls have to say about their very own Sacred Morning experience.


Learn How to


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Connect with your inner love chamber that is waiting to come alive inside of you

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The Universe

Come into alignment with how the Universe is already supporting to you

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Ignite your intuition and connect to your true nature to live a new reality



Best Friend

Transform your negative self-talk and learn the 4 ways to activate self-love


Hi, I'm Sophie

When I stepped into my spiritual journey 20+ years ago, my calling was clear: to help others heal what is blocking them and spiritually awaken to their greatness.



1. You can heal anything, and I mean anything. YOU have the power to transform and heal ​any false belief​ that is blocking you​. 


2. Your true power lives within. You were given an enormous amount of power that is currently living within you, and I will show you how to plug into it.


3. You are deeply loved by the Universe, and when you do the deep spiritual healing work and practice self-love you activate your ancient code of true acceptance.

I am here to ​show you​ how to deeply heal​, to activate you​r ancient codes embedded in your body so you can AWAKEN Your Inner ​healer!


​I am here ​to help you expand ​into your fullest potential a​s a​ Love first responder.​​


The Sacred Morning will:

  • Help you tune in to the whispers of your soul through our Sacred Morning Routine Check in 

  • Give you a quick hit of instant guidance through our Light Healing Meditations 

  • Show you how to create a daily affirmation to hold a higher vibration through your day

  • Invoke healing within you

  • Connect you to your own supportive energies

  • Guide you into better spiritual alignment

The Sacred Morning...

is the beginning to having a good day.

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Free Recipe

Check out my recipe for creating your own sacred morning👇🏻

Check out Georgie's

New awareness as she went through own sacred mornings.


What to Expect


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Your Most Supportive Self

When you get in tune with your energy from the very beginning of the day, you:

✨ Become a better version of you

✨ Shake old buried feelings and turn them around

✨ Use more of your pure life force energy

✨ Hear your intuition

✨ Become more on purpose

✨ Tap into that inner support that has been waiting to come alive inside of you.


The Sacred Morning will help you step fully into a more supported, confident, trusting relationship with yourself.

Take a Look at how Thomas

Used all these tools to completely transform his morning routine.

You're Right On Time

Right in this very moment, you are where you are meant to be. I invite you to exhale into that. And if you want to fill your life with more meaning, this is your chance! You don’t become completely Spiritually aligned overnight. It takes time and implementation to learn all the little sacred pathways into the heart.


But you start today!

✔️ You can become a better version of you by learning how to shake those old buried feelings of self-rejection and turn them into self-love.


✔️ You can learn how to restore your body, emotions, mind and spirit in under 30 minutes a day to access your supply of pure life force energy.


✔️ You can learn the very effective strategies to practice to bring more meaning in your life.


The Sacred Morning

will help you step fully into a more supported, confident,

and trusting relationship with yourself.


✔️ 7 Sacred Morning Videos, Lessons + Templates 

(Total Value: $777)

✔️ 3 Light Healing Meditations 

(Total Value: $33)

✔️ Daily Worksheets + Affirmation Building Template 

(Total Value: $122)

✔️ 7 Days of Online Responses/ Support 

(Total Value: $111)

TOTAL VALUE = $1,043

Your Sacred Morning


Sign up today + enjoy 7 sacred mornings!

See what happened to Jennifer

She clicked right back into where she knows she needs to be. 



✔️ Ready to change your insecurities + self-doubt

✔️ Wanting to kick-start your Spirituality 

✔️ Feeling unclear on your path

✔️ Disorganized, always late, and chronically tired

✔️ Longing to feel more connected to who YOU truly are

✔️ Tense, untrusting, and all over the place

✔️ Curious about how to tap into your intuition

✔️ Eager to understand how the Universe is supporting you

Watch how Paula

Made a small adjustment which completely changed how she feels getting up every morning.  

Listen to how Rachel

Used the sacred morning to get back into a better morning  routine.