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A Message from the Akashic Records

I'd like to share an insight with you. Recently, I was shown in my meditation that we can heal things that we have been carrying around for lifetimes, in this lifetime.

I was doing my typical spiritual morning routine in the akashic records and as I go through a little sequence to lift my vibration and ascend into the records, I typically don’t see much. But this time it was different.

It was as if I was being moved through a huge, I mean enormous, clear tube, and on the outside there were Spirits.

Not in the creepy kind of way, just spirits gently floating on the outside of the tube.

I felt very safe and protected and without any words being spoken I could hear this information come through:

“You only have this easy access to the Akashic records while on Earth. Once you graduate Earth and come back to Spirit the access is not the same.”

I took in the information and sat with it for a few days and then it dawned on me… this is so true. It is so easy to just get into the Akashic Records through intention, why is it so easy? Why isn’t everyone doing this?

I go into the Akashic records every morning and find the frequency that I am currently struggling with, and then heal that frequency. To me, it is all about frequency work. It is not about the situation or the emotion, but the frequency that is hiding behind "what is being presented" and is embedded in my cells.

Then with the assistance of being in “the mind of God” (Akashic records) I am able to heal, unwind and rewrite this frequency. Quite often I receive the information that what I am healing, I have been carrying around in my soul for lifetimes. After I do the work to heal and release the frequency from my cells, I literally feel a shift in my physical body and my body tingles.

I do this work every morning and now feel like I have to share this message with you:

“What is possible for us here on Earth, is actually easier than when we go back to Spirit. It may seem difficult here on Earth, but the opportunity to heal, release and evolve your soul being is so very great. Pay attention. You are here to heal and evolve and grow. What is bothering you is your signal to do the inner work on. It’s that simple. Learn healing techniques, do the inner work, and your soul will thank you for lifetimes to come.”

You can begin with Spiritual Healing

You don't have to start with the Akashic Records. While this is an advanced step on the spiritual healing journey, no matter where you are on your path, you can start today with Spiritual Healing.

I describe spiritual healing as a process of dealing with the density that blocks your natural flow of energy. This is a process of working through your disorganized mental patterns, understanding your emotional programs, releasing toxic energetic data, and clearing false beliefs that are operating in your current life.

Your spiritual healing can be as easy as starting with your own sacred morning routine. A sacred morning is a spiritual morning routine that helps you connect deeply with your heart, show you how to fall in love with yourself, embrace your magnificent beautiful journey and establish a consistent routine that gives you more vitality through out your day.

The Process of Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing will take you into the places inside of you that are blocking your natural flow of energy. There are many different modalities to heal what is blocking you, but we focus in on the following areas; self-love, embodying soul love, healing your inner child, turning off your stress response, cutting and clearing energetic cords, unwinding trauma, and shifting your mindset from 3D to 5D thinking.

You don’t just become Spiritually aligned overnight. This is a journey and it takes time, consistency and implementation to learn all the sacred pathways into your heart.

If you feel the nudge to step into your spirituality and raise your vibration, then I invite you to step onto this magical path with us and start your day with The Sacred Morning. Once we change your concept of what is possible, we will show you how to activate your self-love, quiet your mind so you can hear the subtle voice of the Divine and take you into the portal of your heart and change your life forever.

Start your sacred morning routine with us in our 7 day course called: Sacred Morning.

I am here to help take you on a new path that will change your life!

By Sophie Frabotta, MA

Author, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Healer

Hi! I am Sophie Frabotta, The Soul Whisperer, author, Spiritual Guide + Mentor and the founder of the Awaken Collective. I help YOU to step into your heart and turn your wounds into freedom! I don't just teach you about this spiritual healing work, I teach you HOW to deeply heal the root wounds that have been holding you back, so that you can finally experience this inner freedom that only comes from doing this spiritual healing work. My programs will help you to move far beyond where you are now and wake up a part of yourself you have been dreaming to become. Your time is now!

You can start your sacred morning here.

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