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7 Ways to Know if Your Chakras Are Flowing Right

As a spiritual life coach, it is my mission to help others create a deeper connection with their inner selves, and a beautiful path inward is meeting your chakras! This will introduce you to a space inside of yourself that is completely magical and filled with insights and information that lead you to deeper healing and higher consciousness.

What Activating Your Chakras Can Do

One powerful analogy I frequently use is comparing the activation of your chakras to logging into your email. Connecting to your chakras is like logging in to your email. If you are logged out, no messages can reach you. The second you log in, you can receive all the messages that have been sent.

And once you start receiving messages on the inside, your confidence on the outside of your life will grow. Why? Because you know something greater is walking through this complicated and messy life with you. And with this new found supportive connection, your confidence comes online too!

Here are 7 deep changes you may experience as a result of activating your chakras:

To help you understand what these 7 changes are, how they work, and how you can apply them in your life, I’m going to outline them here, just for you.

  1. You tap into Abundance

  2. You are living on purpose + feel satisfaction at the end of the day

  3. Your body is healthy and you rarely have any inflammation

  4. Your build healthy relationships

  5. You are able to create deep connections

  6. You feel heard and understood by the people around you

  7. You attract your Soul Tribe

1. You Tap into Abundance

When your chakras are activated and aligned, the energy flow within you contributes to a positive, growth based heartset and a frequency of abundance, which ultimately attracts prosperity and success into your life.

2. You Are Living on Purpose

Living on purpose becomes second nature. You experience a deep sense of satisfaction at the end of each day as you align your actions with your true self, guided by the energy flowing through your chakras.

3. Your Body is Healthy

The proper alignment of your chakras can contribute to a healthy, inflammation-free body. The energy circulating within promotes overall well-being, creating a foundation for a robust and vibrant physical state.

4. You Build Healthy Relationships

Activated chakras play a pivotal role in fostering healthy relationships. As you connect with your inner self, you radiate positivity, attracting harmonious connections with those around you.

5. You Are Able to Create Deep Connections

A profound shift occurs in your ability to connect with people on a deeper level. Your heightened awareness and energetic alignment open the doors to meaningful and authentic relationships.

6. You Feel Heard and Understood

The activation of your chakras enhances your communication skills. You'll find that you feel heard and understood by the people in your life, fostering a deeper sense of connection and mutual understanding.

7. You Attract Your Soul Tribe

Living life next to your soul friends and mates becomes a tangible reality. The energy of your activated chakras aligns with the vibrations of the universe, guiding you toward a soulful connection with a kindred spirit.

Is this something that you dream about? The good thing is that you CAN experience these things! We just need to get your energy moving and remove some chakra blockages. Remember, Your chakras are simply these internal treasures that hold wisdom, guidance and very personal answers just for you

Problems can be Your Roadmap to Healing

Seeing your problem within a spiritual framework can accelerate your healing because it adds a dimension of purpose and meaning to your crisis. Physical illness, stress disorders, and emotional suffering are all seen as spiritual issues that drain your life force energy. The good news is if you do have any of these imbalances, you can do energetic work to ground, face and begin to move energy properly through your chakras.

And then your body, emotions, and spirit will begin to reflect this new energy flow. Chakra Healing is an active and internal process that involves authentically adjusting your attitude, identifying and healing toxic memories and beliefs, and releasing old patterns to make space for calling in new light.

Here are some other examples of common blockages in your chakras.

  • 1st Chakra: low self-esteem, constantly feeling exhausted, constipation, lower back pain, arthritis.

  • 2nd Chakra: despair, no creativity, urinary tract problems, infertility, kidney problems.

  • 3rd Chakra: helplessness, difficulty finishing task, anger, digestive problems.

  • 4th Chakra: difficulty staying in relationships, heartbroken, asthma, problems with heart lungs and blood pressure.

  • 5th Chakra: difficulty expressing feelings, sore throat, problems with neck shoulders thyroid.

  • 6th Chakra: difficulty thinking, poor vision, migraines, nightmares.

  • 7th Chakra: anxiety, difficulty sleeping, depression, lack of memory.

Working with your chakras is like learning a new inner language.

It has taken me many years to figure out how to connect with each chakra so that I could tap in, at a moment’s notice, and give my body the healing it needed. I want to show you how to do this too. In just 7 weeks we can prepare your mind, body, and soul to hold a better connection to your own energy. We will unlock different energetic exercises to support your continued process of soul healing and raising your vibration! This information alone will bring you new insights and allow you to connect the dots to questions that right now, you don't even know you have. If you are looking to Awaken your higher consciousness and gain access to your own inner knowledge, please check out our Chakra course here.

By Sophie Frabotta, M.A.

Founder, Healer + Spiritual Guide

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