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  • Sophie Frabotta

The 9 Keys Confident Spiritual Coaches Live by

Most people who feel called into becoming a Spiritual Life Coach are empaths. They are helpers and the compassionate spirits here on Earth to try to help make this planet a better place. Is that you?

Spiritual Life Coaching is different from just your typical Life Coaching. As Spiritual Coaches, we use a hybrid approach of healing and creation to help you move into your soul alignment and design the life you truly want to live.

Being a Spiritual Coach is a big undertaking. People begin to look to you for guidance and direction. To get real with you, I was afraid I wouldn’t have the answer to what they were asking. But that is where Spiritual Life Coaching comes in, takes over and leads us to the confidence we have dreamed about carrying.

Often what happens, is when a client is on the way to one of their goals, they may get lost because of the internal wounds that need to be healed, and this is when most people without a coach will back away or abort their goals. This choice keeps them stuck right where they are.

A Spiritual Life Coach, however, will take them on an authentic healing path with the help of the Divine. You, as the coach, may not always have answers to their questions, but the Divine working through you sure does.

Being someone who was able to work in the space of healing and transformation over the past couple decades has been so rewarding.

I have seen people transform before my very eyes. I have seen rage turn to compassion; addiction turn into new business ventures; rejection turn into acceptance; insecurities turn into degrees. I have seen the lost get found; broken hearts become whole; the poor become abundant; and goals become realities!

Step into Your Confidence

So how does one become so confident without having years and years of experience coaching? Well its actually very simple.

Confidence is a symptom of empowerment. And empowerment comes from self-belief, and self-belief is born through doing spiritual healing work.

Let me explain.

When you have dug through the creases of your soul, drudged up your darkness and brought that back to the Divine, processed old memories, recycled difficult experiences, and sifted through tons and tons of energy deciding what you will keep or release, something happens deep within.

One, you heal; but two, you awaken and connect with something so much greater than yourself. And this, my friend, is when you begin to tap into your self-belief. This spiritual healing work walks you directly into your soul center and helps you fall in love with the Divine that then begins to pour through you. Once this happens, your self-belief turns into inner empowerment, and that turns into confidence.

While this may seem a little easier said than done, you too can become a confident coach by practicing these 9 keys alongside your spiritual healing practice.

Here are the Nine Keys to what Confident Spiritual Life Coaches live by.

To help you understand what these 9 powerful keys are, how to embody them, and how you can apply them alongside your spiritual healing journey, I am going to list them below.

1. Understanding Energy

2. Connecting your head to your heart

3. Embracing Your Spiritual Soul Self

4. Unlocking your Spiritual Gifts

5. Expressing your spiritual gifts to guide others

6. Embodying Self-Belief