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The 9 Keys Confident Spiritual Coaches Live by

Most people who feel called into becoming a Spiritual Life Coach are empaths. They are helpers and the compassionate spirits here on Earth to try to help make this planet a better place. Is that you?

Spiritual Life Coaching is different from just your typical Life Coaching. As Spiritual Coaches, we use a hybrid approach of healing and creation to help you move into your soul alignment and design the life you truly want to live.

Being a Spiritual Coach is a big undertaking. People begin to look to you for guidance and direction. To get real with you, I was afraid I wouldn’t have the answer to what they were asking. But that is where Spiritual Life Coaching comes in, takes over and leads us to the confidence we have dreamed about carrying.

Often what happens, is when a client is on the way to one of their goals, they may get lost because of the internal wounds that need to be healed, and this is when most people without a coach will back away or abort their goals. This choice keeps them stuck right where they are.

A Spiritual Life Coach, however, will take them on an authentic healing path with the help of the Divine. You, as the coach, may not always have answers to their questions, but the Divine working through you sure does.

Being someone who was able to work in the space of healing and transformation over the past couple decades has been so rewarding.

I have seen people transform before my very eyes. I have seen rage turn to compassion; addiction turn into new business ventures; rejection turn into acceptance; insecurities turn into degrees. I have seen the lost get found; broken hearts become whole; the poor become abundant; and goals become realities!

Step into Your Confidence

So how does one become so confident without having years and years of experience coaching? Well its actually very simple.

Confidence is a symptom of empowerment. And empowerment comes from self-belief, and self-belief is born through doing spiritual healing work.

Let me explain.

When you have dug through the creases of your soul, drudged up your darkness and brought that back to the Divine, processed old memories, recycled difficult experiences, and sifted through tons and tons of energy deciding what you will keep or release, something happens deep within.

One, you heal; but two, you awaken and connect with something so much greater than yourself. And this, my friend, is when you begin to tap into your self-belief. This spiritual healing work walks you directly into your soul center and helps you fall in love with the Divine that then begins to pour through you. Once this happens, your self-belief turns into inner empowerment, and that turns into confidence.

While this may seem a little easier said than done, you too can become a confident coach by practicing these 9 keys alongside your spiritual healing practice.

Here are the Nine Keys to what Confident Spiritual Life Coaches live by.

To help you understand what these 9 powerful keys are, how to embody them, and how you can apply them alongside your spiritual healing journey, I am going to list them below.

1. Understanding Energy

2. Connecting your head to your heart

3. Embracing Your Spiritual Soul Self

4. Unlocking your Spiritual Gifts

5. Expressing your spiritual gifts to guide others

6. Embodying Self-Belief

7. Blending both sides of your brain

8. Being Authentic

9. Creating healthy boundaries

Want to learn more about how to step into this type of confidence? Our Spiritual Life Coach certification dives YOU deep into this spiritual healing work and will show you how to embody all these 9 keys over 5 months of interactive training. You can learn more here.

Understanding Energy

We are all energy. The law of energy states that everything in our universe is made of energy, and this energy has different frequency levels, which are constantly being transmitted and received. Every person, object, emotion, thought, intention, feeling, and word we speak carries a charge of energy with its own matching vibrational frequency. When you understand everything is energy, it helps you understand how to influence it. Because if you radiate a certain vibration, you will get it back as feedback. It comes down to energy is always in motion and you can go with it or against it.

Connecting Your Head to Your Heart

A confident spiritual Life Coach connects their head to their heart. This helps them integrate the truth of their soul into words that can then be shared with others. This is a skill of getting quiet enough to hear what is inside of your heart and then inspires the ability to translate it for others to understand. Connecting your head to your heart also helps you hear yes, no or wait (your internal guidance indicators) much more clearly, giving you confidence in the decisions you choose to make.

Embracing Your Spiritual Soul Self

Spirituality is defined as the recognition of a feeling, sense or belief that there is something greater than me, something more to being human than my sensory experience. This consciousness then leads you to the interconnected of the greater whole, unity, and Divinity living within. As you embrace and deeply believe more in the unexplainable, your heart will begin to open, and as a heart centered, soul conscious human, you can get in alignment with your true soul’s mission.

Unlocking your Spiritual Gifts

I describe Spiritual gifts as innate tendencies that are unlocked within and grow with natural effort and easily expand with attention. I have found these 17 different spiritual gifts as the most popular with my spiritual life coaching students: Channeler, Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Coach, Empath, Energy Worker, Executor, Healer, Leader, Prayer Warrior, Peacemaker, Spiritual Guide, Teacher, Visionary, 5D Thinker. There are many more, but these are the 17 most common gift I have seen arise from my students over the years. The cool thing about your spiritual gift is you will just notice it comes easier to you and begins to grow when you focus in on it. As you read that list, just notice which one popped out at you.

Expressing Your Spiritual Gifts to Guide Others

Once you start to notice your ears whispering information to you, your hands heating up when someone mentions pain, or clear visions come to mind when listening to a friend; then you are on your way to better understanding what you spiritual gift may be. As you learn how to use it, you then have a new powerful tool in your coaching tool box that makes surfing those harder questions a bit easier, leading to more confidence.

Embodying Self-Belief

Self-Belief changes everything. This is like internal medicine that unfortunately so many are living without. In traditional school systems, WE were not taught how to tune into our unique gifts, then shown to go after our natural yearnings. But it is not too late to start now. When you begin to believe in yourself so deeply that you know deep down that YOU truly have your back, you can accomplish anything you put your energy into. You have embodied self-belief and as discussed above, this then turns into confidence.

Blending Both Sides of Your Brain

The left side of your brain is concerned with language, number skills, reasoning, scientific skills, spoken language and right-hand control. The right side of the brain is responsible for some of the cognitive functions like attention, processing of visual shapes and patterns, emotions, verbal ambiguity, and implied meanings. In spiritual terms, the left side is you logic and the right side is your creativity, or as I like to say, the left gains the knowledge, but the right turns it into wisdom. It is important to use both sides of the brain to help you integrate all your knowledge into understanding.

Being Authentic

Authenticity is the quality of being real, truthful, genuine, and original. There is no one, and I mean no one on this planet who carries your vibration or mission. It was sacredly given to you, and it is yours. When you get in such great touch with your soul that you not only know who you are, but love who you are. You can honestly share who you are with others and you have become authentic. This is a huge step on the path to embodying confidence.

Creating Healthy Boundaries

Personal boundaries are the limits and rules you can set for yourself that are in alignment with your needs. A healthy boundary can look like:

  • Saying no

  • Giving yourself permission to be ok even if someone else is angry

  • Taking responsibility for your mood and actions

  • Dropping responsibility for someone else’s mood or actions

  • Knowing your truth and standing for that

  • Tapping into what makes you happy and allowing others to find their own happiness

Another word for boundaries is self-awareness and being very clear on what your needs are so that you can communicate them in a healthy and empowering way.

We compiled the 10 most asked questions about Spiritual Life Coaching and answered them all for you here. This session is powerful, straight and to the point and will give you some of the answers you have been seeking if you are thinking about becoming a Spiritual Life Coach.

The Most Important Key

I often get asked, what is the one thing I can do today to strengthen my confidence?

Like I said above, self-belief changes everything. I deeply know that there is something so magnificent about you + it is my mission to remind you of this. When I first started out as a coach, I was so afraid that I wouldn’t have the answers, and that I would get stuck when asked the hard questions. But I still felt this calling to do this spiritual work with people.

Do you feel that too?

If so, I understand the space you are standing in right now. I can share with you that once I took the leap + learned how to let the Universe move through me in my sessions, my clients started to transform before my very eyes.

I simply learned how to do the correct spiritual healing work to get out of my own way and allowed source energy to flow through me. If you want to learn these kind of spiritual lessons, you are in the right place!

Understanding how to take someone from wounded to freedom, while letting the Universe guide you, is what will take you and your clients to the next level. This is the foundational method that we teach our Spiritual Life Coaches in our Certification program.

You can learn more about becoming a Certified Spiritual Life Coach with us and how this process and advanced spiritual formula will change your whole world. This is not just a “get certified” in a weekend kind of experience, our Spiritual Life Coaching Program is a 5 month Transformational Container that takes you through your healing first, and this healing experience then prepares you to truly help others.

We show you the formula to combine the most important spiritual tools, and how you set your frequency to stand up your spiritual business confidently.

If this peeks your interest, you can watch a free training and learn how to permanently heal yourself and go on to teach others how to heal on a cellular level.

By Sophie Frabotta, MA

Author, Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Healer

Hi! I am Sophie Frabotta, The Soul Whisperer, author, spiritual coach, guide and mentor and the founder of the Awaken Collective, where I help women like YOU to step into your heart and turn your spirituality into your career. I don't just teach you about this spiritual healing work, I teach you how to become this spiritual healing work, to finally turn the dream inside of your heart into meaningful and satisfying work in the world. My Spiritual Life Coach Certification and Awaken Your Soul's Magic program will help you to move far beyond where you are now and wake up a part of yourself you have been dreaming to become. Here is your chance!




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