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Spiritual Healing to the Rescue


I Believe

You can heal anything.

And I mean anything.

Whether it is abandonment, betrayal, mistrust, or whatever deep dark wound you’ve been carrying, you can heal it.

It is possible.

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When You Heal

It is so freeing!!

This kind of healing doesn’t need anyone else to participate.

This kind of healing happens deep within your cells.

This kind of healing unlocks you from victimhood, unlocks your past karma, and welcomes you into a whole new version of YOU.

This is the kind of healing I teach, it’s a fundamental shift.

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Free Class

Discover how to Self-Heal, Break Free from

Embedded Trauma and Step into the New Earth

A Fundamental Shift


You came with a plan, a path, and a destiny and it is time to chop away at all that you are not, so you can become all that you truly are.

Spiritual healing will remove past mental + emotional programs, toxic energetic data, false beliefs, and soul wounds. This process will unlock your spiritual and energetic bodies so that you can carry new energy that recharges your system with safety, joy, purpose and unconditional love. 

It is my loving mission to show you HOW to do this spiritual healing work so that you can radiate your light!


Your Energy Field

Your energy field either has distortions to it or it does not. And when the distortions are there the physical body has no choice but to respond to that interruption.

When you carry a false belief, anxiety, past trauma, unresolved wounds, unhealed injuries, or regrets; it generates a physical distortion in your energy field.

And when you do the spiritual healing work to remove that energetic distortion in your field, your physical body has no choice but to respond to it.

Your body is like the caboose on a train, and your energy field is like the engine. The train goes wherever the engine takes it.

So this is why healing miracles are possible.

When you heal any energetic distortion, your body, emotions, mind and spirit respond to this.

The Cellular Detective

Hi, I am Sophie. I know I can help you change your life. They call me the cellular detective, because I will show you how to do go beyond the presenting problem and into the root of the wound. From there, we find the energy that is being held in your cells and clear it - for good. You can learn more about me here.

Spiritual Healing Results

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You activate a deep trust + joy in yourself.

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Feel more comfortable in your own skin.


Develop a sense of inner peace + mental clarity.


Open up your soul's purpose + unconditional love.


Feel more calm and stable deep within yourself.

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Experience self-love and inner support like never before.


A World of Possibility

You live in a world of possibility.

You have a rhythm unique to your own soul.


There is no other you.

It is now your job to heal whatever you've been carrying that is blocking you, no matter where it came from, you have the power to clear it. 


You can positively impact the rest of your life by the decisions you make today.

Listen to a power healing ↴


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Soul's Purpose (1).png

Free Class

Discover how to Self-Heal, Break Free from

Embedded Trauma and Step into the New Earth

 Spiritual Healing


This spiritual healing journey takes commitment, but every single step helps you take control back of your internal motherboard and recode yourself with the truth you want to live.

SHIFT Deeply

This spiritual healing work will shift you deeply. 


Internal conflicts will begin to fade.


Old negative energy will lift.


And your soul's truth will surface.

I will guide you beyond where you have gone before.

This is my soul work, and why I am here.

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