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What is Emotional Awareness?

Emotional awareness is the ability to know which feeling you are experiencing and how to allow it to process through.

I would go as far as saying about 85 percent of our population is NOT in touch with their emotions, and why should they be? We do not learn this as a primary skill in traditional schooling.

We are not taught (before 10 years old) what the 8 main emotions are, how they feel and how to process them. So then, once we are in our teen age years we then experience up to 600 new emotions. And have no track record of how to know what we are feeling emotionally and how to process this big new load of awareness.

As we age we experience emotional maturity, but most do not have conscious awareness of this emotional language, so we circulate around the 5 main emotions and think everything falls into that category. For example, instead of knowing that we are experiencing rejection or betrayal, we just identify it as anger and get stuck there.

This is where we as a population are very emotionally immature.

But that can change!

I take all my students through an emotional vocabulary building exercise that helps them expand their vocabulary to around 60 emotions. Something happens in their mind after they list these emotions and find