New Affirmation Album Release

We wanted to create a soundtrack that will help you raise your vibration and feel good. Sound impacts our unconscious, and when we become mindful about the sounds we allow within us, we gain more power over reality.

We are so excited to announce that our new Affirmation album called Awaken Your Light is now available!

You can listen to our album free here, or it is available to listen or purchase on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Instagram/Facebook, TikTok, YouTube Music, Amazon.

You can use these tracks in your stories or reels in Instagram or TikTok by searching Sophie Frabotta where you would add music.

I am thrilled to share these positive vibrational frequencies with you through these affirmations. In under 3 minutes a day you can begin to reprogram your self love, change your relationship to money, gain access to your souls alignment, heal a problem, awaken your light, and step into your Divine Being. Enjoy!

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