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  • Sophie Frabotta

Affirmations Can Change Your Life

Everything that you desire is already present in the spiritual realm. Your purpose here on Earth is to learn how to bring it into physical form. The good news is that you have this inner power to co-create your reality. To understand how to use this inner power, let's talk about the mind.

The mind gets its instructions from thought. Once the thought is mentioned, the brain only focuses on the subject of the sentence. The brain does not hear want or don't want. For instance, if you say, I don't want headaches. You may think you are clearly stating a desire, but all the brain hears is: headaches, and that is where the focus goes. So we must begin to tune in deeper and see how we are really using our mind and focus to co-create our lives.

What are affirmations, really?

An affirmation is a positive statement of support or agreement toward what it is you desire. When you write your affirmations pay attention to how you feel and make sure that the words you choose make you feel good or uplifted. Paying attention to this is a crucial step in effectively using affirmations.

The best + most effective way to begin using affirmations

When it comes to affirmations it is extremely important that the focus is clear, direct and pointed at the frequency you DO want. So your first step is to tune into your desires. I believe that your desires that pop up on your journey, are the whispers from the Divine guiding you on your path of what you need to create to help you achieve your mission on Earth. Once you tune in and list about 10 things you want, you are ready to go deeper.

Feel into what this experience would FEEL like

This vibrational level is more powerful than the base level of thought. When you feel into what you are trying to create, you are much closer to it. This brings you into the feeling space, and that is what begins the manifestation process.

Write Your Affirmations

You are now ready to turn those desires into powerful I am statements. Grab your pen or keyboard and begin creating some statements that make you feel empowered and alive. Here are some examples:

I am affirmations:

  • I am loved

  • I am whole

  • I am safe

  • I am open, focused + supported

  • I am in alignment

Feel Good Affirmations:

  • Everything is ok right now.

  • I choose peace in this current moment.

  • I see my body as whole.

  • I make the conscious decision to be happy.

  • I choose to be nice to myself.

  • I breathe out (insert your own) and inhale love.

  • Every decision I make guides me into my perfect body, image and life.

7 Simple Ways You Can Repeat Affirmations

This is where is gets fun. Rather than just saying it once and putting it away. I want to share my favorite ways that I recite affirmations that will open and awaken a whole new world within you.

1. Emphasize one word

Take your affirmation and count the words that are in the sentence This is how many times you will say this affirmation. Then emphasize one word at a time as you say the affirmation and then rotate words.

Here is an example:

This moment is enough.