Are you ready to get into alignment with your Divine Mission & activate your spiritual Mastery? Become a Spiritual Life Coach + join our Certification Training program - a 4-month transformational journey designed to give you the platform to dive deep into your inner domain to heal, and then a step-by-step guide on how to help others do the same!  


Do you want to quench your spiritual thirst? 


Do you want to grow in your alignment with Spirit? 


Now is your chance!


You can become a trusted Spiritual Life Coach that empowers others to step into their truest self, manifest their deepest desires, embrace the future with joy, connect to the Divinity speaking within,  and access your inner wealth of wisdom! 

Step into your Divine Alignment!

With the understanding

that the greatest teachers

lead by example...

We teach you to

become this work! 

The Result...

A deep awakening into who you really are. 

An activation of your soul's deepest truth.

An alignment with your divine mission! 

You will learn how to Embody the 9 keys of awareness

that will activate a sacred relationship with your inner wisdom!

You will also get: 

  • Detailed training on how to unlock the deepest part of your inner greatness 

  • A profound connection to your inner domain and wisdom guide

  • Practical tools on how to spiritually go beyond wherever you are now

  • Embodiment of a spiritual practice that will activate your self-truth and self-belief

  • A guideline to fill in the gaps of your coaching process with 52 lessons

  • Access to your inner spiritual vision + how to turn that into your career

  • Professional Coaching Skills, Usable Tools, Inner confidence, and Credibility

  • Understanding on how to take these tools + use them in your own business

  • A strong bond with your cohort, which can help you stay connected, accountable + inspired in your future career!  


is a high-end transformational experience

that will help you finally release that nagging feeling

that you aren’t fully living your purpose

and help you get clear on

what is inside of you 

 that is waiting to emerge! 


With the healing work, practical skills,

understanding of modern spirituality theories, +

defining your soul's mission, we will turn your

Spiritual practice

into a business that lights you up!

Upon graduation of this certification,

you will be ready to embody your new identity as a

Certified Spiritual Life Coach! ​


is for the deepest part of ourselves to be happy.

This is not dependent on any condition.

This is a deep space of awareness within that knows who you are.

Point blank.

When you truly know the deepest part of you,

no condition on the outside can shake you.


This is inner peace!

As you move through this program, you will heal old programs,

transform limiting beliefs + awaken new conscious


higher vibrations!


This work activates your soul’s highest calling!


With tools like listening to your inner calling,

you will develop an inner clarity, and gain the skills

on how to teach others to do the same...

+ Voila!

Your spiritual coaching practice is born.


Join us for our Spiritual Life Coaching Certification. 

It all starts with our 8 Day Virtual Retreat +

then we move into our 19 weeks of Online Training.




This program is designed to provide you the ultimate healing space

to Awaken your life affirming spiritual practice,

and turn it into an abundant career!

If you feel something calling you to join us,

we are waiting to welcome your application!

Take the leap... 

your greatness is calling!

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