Spiritual Life Coach Certification

Right now we are in the midst of The Great Awakening + there is no going back. Our planet is in need of people who will be stepping up and sharing the knowledge of spiritual growth, personal evolution, and leading others through their own healing!

We are calling all the Aspiring Coaches, the Light Workers, the Energy Healers, and the Spiritual Seekers to step into YOUR spiritual gift + make the impact that you have been dreaming about. 

If you have been feeling the nudge to take a leap to become a Spiritual Life Coach and build the spiritual career your heart is longing for, here is your chance.

Spiritual Life Coach Certification

OUR Spiritual Life Coach

Offers YOU a real transformation + applicable steps to your own healing first.  Because if you have not gone to the root of your wounds, how can you guide and mentor someone in that space? 


The truth is that this kind of work requires devotion, openness, dedication, willingness, time, and most of all - you showing up for you!


I am so happy you are here!

I am confident that I have something that can change your life. But first I have a couple questions for you:

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Has your interest in spirituality led you to awakening some new spiritual abilities you want to better understand?

Are you ready to take your spiritual gifts to a deeper level and expand your toolbox?

Are you a spiritual person who wants to grow, expand and raise your vibration?

Or Perhaps...

You want to deepen your spiritual quest + transform at a deeper level so you gain the confidence to truly help others?

If so...

I bet you are Spiritually Awakening!


Spiritual Life Coach

Spiritual Life Coaching


Feel into the vibration of the type of coaching we are doing.


I have seen people 

transform before my very eyes.

I have seen rage turn to compassion.

Addictions turn into new business ventures.

Rejection turn into acceptance.

Insecurities turn into degrees.

I have seen the lost get found,

broken hearts become whole,

+ goals become realities.


That the greatest teachers lead by example...​ 

We teach you to become this work and have

A deep awakening into who you really are. 

An activation of your soul's deepest truth.

An alignment with your divine mission! 

Heard the Call

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Do you want to quench your spiritual thirst? 


Do you want to grow in your alignment with Spirit?


Do you want to help others heal? 


Now is your chance!


You can become a trusted Spiritual Life Coach that empowers others to step into their truest self, manifest their deepest desires, embrace their future with joy, connect to the Divinity speaking within, and access your inner wealth of wisdom! I invite you to step into

Your Divine Alignment!

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A Hands On Training

Our 5 month Spiritual Life Coach Certification is a high-end transformational experience that will help you finally release that nagging feeling that you aren’t fully living your purpose and help you get clear on what is inside of you that is waiting to emerge!

With the healing work, practical skills, translation of ancient spiritual theories, + defining your soul’s mission, we will turn your Spiritual practice into a business that lights you up!


Upon graduation of this certification, you will be ready to embody your new identity as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach!

Learn more on how to  Embody these 9 keys of awareness.

You will also learn how to: 

  • Unlock the deepest part of your inner greatness 

  • Connect to your inner domain + wisdom guide

  • Spiritually go beyond wherever you are now using practical tools

  • Embody of a spiritual practice that will activate your self-belief

  • Fill in the gaps of your coaching process with 52 templates

  • Access your soul's vision + how to turn this into a spiritual career

  • Apply professional Coaching Skills, usable modern tools, radiate inner confidence, and Credibility

  • Stand and hold a new space of inner power + credibility

What we all want...

Is for the deepest part of ourselves to be happy.


This is not dependent on any condition. This is a deep space of awareness within that knows who YOU are. Point blank. When you truly know the deepest part of you, no condition on the outside can shake you. This is inner peace!

As you move through this program, you will heal old programs, transform limiting beliefs + AWAKEN higher vibrations! This work activates your soul’s highest calling! With tools like listening to your inner calling, you will develop an inner clarity, and gain the skills on how to teach others to do the same + voila!


Your spiritual coaching practice is born.

With the understanding that the greatest teachers lead by example... We teach you to become this work! And the result is a deep awakening into who you really are; an activation of your soul’s deepest truth; and an alignment with your divine mission!

Join us for our Spiritual Life Coaching Certification. It all starts with our 8 Day Virtual Retreat + then we move into our 19 weeks of Online Training.

Check out what our students are saying about their experience

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The Student Expereince


Spiritual Life Coach

God + Spirit are always with you. And with your signal cleared, and your connection super charged; you will be able to stabilize your vibration and hold this healing space for others. Whether it is a coaching session, workshop, or some helping act; after going through our program you will have access to the energy of Divine Spirit flowing through you and into everything you do!

Join us + become a CERTIFIED
Spiritual Life Coach!

This program is designed to provide you the ultimate healing space to AWAKEN your life affirming spiritual practice, and turn it into an abundant career! If you feel something calling you to join us, please start your application below and you will be able to see our payment options!