The Spiritual Retreat Experience

Sophie's retreats are a must no matter what stage you are in on your spiritual or healing journey.


I truly feel like there is a part of me that is waking up that has not come out in a long time. A part of me that is ready to be seen and heard. The ability Sophie has to create a space of loving acceptance had a huge impact on me. 


A deep sense of belonging has woken up inside of me when Sophie said, “Krissi, I accept you.” Acceptance is what I have been longing for and hearing that phrase was like a key that opened my heart to a deeper healing than I could have imagined.


I could not have dreamed of a better teacher. Sophie is so inspirational, supportive, dedicated to us all evolving and finding our own unique gifts. All the information was new and dynamic. I feel you opened the space for me to really dive in deep and yet also made it ok for us to breathe out! 


I am now more aware of messages and signs from Spirit. I am so glad that Sophie told me that spirit would never guide me by creating a feeling of fear. Spirit would always guide me in a warm and loving way.


After this retreat, I feel I am willing to open myself to my own inner guidance and feel a fire has been ignited inside of me. I am ready to really focus on creating an amazing life.


The perfection and magic that we created together under Sophie’s poetic planning was truly a Divine experience. I healed on a deep level, gained knowledge and skills of crystals, the subtle power of aromatherapy, and the vibrational elevation of sound healing.