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Connect in this Divine Space with Me

This meditation will give you a feel for the sacred energies we are creating for your deeper transformation! After you listen, explore our upcoming retreat to learn how you can better hold these energies and come into this living magic!!

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Sophie is A Soul Centered Spiritual Healer That Shows You The Way to Your Freedom

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Do you want to unlock your false beliefs that have been holding you back?

By tapping into the frequencies that are living within you, you’ll tap into your ​sacred vault of innersight. It is here that we can begin to make a personal shift into higher consciousness.

Treating yourself in the highest regard is our goal for this weekend. It's time to feel like royalty.

This retreat will guide you toward a more profound understanding of yourself and help stabilize you in a higher vibration!

Watch this to learn about our Retreat ↓ 

Sophie's retreats are a must no matter what stage you are in on your spiritual or healing journey.

We Begin

June 21, 2024

Dear Seeker of Light + Transformation, 

Are you ready to embark on a journey of profound inner awakening and renewal? Join me for a transformative 2-day in-person retreat designed to help you unhook from false beliefs and call in new energy for a refreshed perspective on life.


June 21 - 23, 2024
Boone, North Carolina USA

What to Expect

This is a Soul Healing Experience where you can finally find the inception point of that pain that has been holding you back.  We will be exploring your deepest block on a cellular level, then teaching you how to remove it from your cells, and then call in Divine energy to remain in its place. This will unlock a higher consciousness that you will then be able to carry forward into the rest of your life.

Together, over 2 days
 you will experience...

  • Energy Healing + Renewal: experience the impactful healing power of energy work through our signature Technique called: Cellular Alchemy

  • Guided Practices + Techniques: we will unveil your soul wounds, bring healing on the cellular level and hold Divine energy and enter 5D consciousness​

  • Community + Connection: connect with likeminded souls on a similar path of self discovery and spiritual evolution.

  • Loving Acceptance EnvironmentShare your insights, stories + feel supported in a nurturing and non-judgmental environment

  • Integration + Empowerment: Leave feeling rejuvenated, empowered and inspired to embrace life with renewed clarity, purpose and vitality

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I have found the quickest way to get straight into your wounds that are blocking your life + remove them - you have to see this magic for yourself! 



healing ancient wounds | transcending dimensions


June 21 - 23, 2024
Boone, North Carolina USA

The Magical Curriculum

DAY  1 - Insights

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Session 1
Understanding Soul Wounds

Session 2
Fire Ceremony

DAY  2 - Intensive

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Session 1
Deconstructing False Beliefs

Session 2
Getting into the Cell

Session 3
Celluary Alchemy Ceremony

Session 4
Divine Light Clearing

DAY 3 - Inward


ersonal Journey Inward + Reflection



Is Sophie there during the entire retreat administering healing?

YES!! Sophie is going to be there the entire time pouring her heart and soul into showing you how to do her brand new healing technique called Cellular Alchemy, where we find the wound you have been holding in your system and show you how to release the energy there. This has layers to it that she will teach you and then guide you through it fully on Saturday.

Are other practitioners involved?

No. This program is developed and delivered by Sophie 100%. We will have some of our fabulous team there to support the process, but Sophie will be there all the way through!

Is this an all female retreat?

Men are welcome, and the ones who come to this kind of event are usually very special beings!

Do you have an itinerary of the weekend?

Please scroll up to see what we have planned for the 2 days. This weekend is being designed to be quite the magical experience. I've never met anyone who attended Sophie's retreats and didn't have a massive breakthrough, shift, and didn't leave smiling and radiating with light.

When her next retreat be?

This is the only retreat scheduled for 2024. We do not know how many more of these in-person retreats we will offer in the future. If this interests you, the time in now.

How many people are at the retreat total?

There could be anywhere from 20 - 60 people there, it's too far out to give exact numbers. 

If you have more questions, please feel free to text us:


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All-inclusive Options

Coming alone? Or with others? Choose a price point and space that fits your needs.

After you select REGISTER on the next page, your room INCLUDES meals for the weekend.



Remote—yet easy to get to.

The Art of Living Retreat Center offers the right balance between serenity and easy access.

  • Fly into Charlotte, NC—Two hours away by drive.

  • Fly into Asheville, NC --- Two hours away by drive.

  • Check-in at 4:00 pm first day—eat dinner shortly after that.

  • Leave after lunch the last day—schedule your flight anytime after 2:00 pm.

​Transportation options Charlotte and the Center

A Spiritual Retreat with Sophie

Each retreat and training is packed with new and insightful information. Sophie pours her heart into her students in sharing the information she healed through and learned from in her own spiritual healing experiences.

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Meet Sophie Frabotta, a trailblazing Spiritual Industry Leader, Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Author, Speaker, and the founder of Cellular Alchemy. During her spiritual unfolding, Sophie unlocked a healing sequence that has gone on to help 1000s deeply heal, Soul + Cellular Alchemy the world's most needed technique to clear negative energy on the cellular level and bring in safe freedom to take its place.


Now living in the magical peninsula of Florida, Sophie uses her spiritual gifts to train other aspiring coaches globally in how to do the necessary spiritual healing work to accompany their spiritual awakening. At 25, she started her practice and has achieved over 10k hours of 1-1 practice. 


Known to many as Awaken with Sophie, she is known as a bright light who inspires, guides and leads many into the New Earth. As a beacon of light, Sophie carries the ancient soul codes that can help you remember the truth of your being and the meaning of your evolution.

I truly feel like there is a part of me that is waking up that has not come out in a long time. A part of me that is ready to be seen and heard. The ability Sophie has to create a space of loving acceptance had a huge impact on me.