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  • Sophie Frabotta

What 10K Hours of Experience Looks Like

I was out to lunch with a friend and she was started sharing so much about her life. Her perspective seemed to be so focused on self-rejection and self-hatred. As she told me more, I thought, “I can help her.” I threw myself out there and offered her 6 sessions. I got my first client!


At that lunch, I followed the nudge of my heart and put myself out there to help and she accepted. But I didn't want this coaching agreement to be casual. I want her to be committed to this journey, so I had her invest in herself financially (at a seriously affordable price - about 90% off of my current rate!) But this made it feel real. She filled out my client onboard packet and we got to work.

This agreement benefitted both of us. She needed the guidance, it was affordable for her, and I wanted to help her out. It was a win win and the beginning of me gaining experience.

After those first 6 sessions or 6 hours, I had experienced the love of coaching! Seeing her turn towards self-love was very rewarding. I called out to the Universe, "send me more people to serve, I know this is the right path for me."


The next couple of years I worked consistently with about 20 clients at a time. They would come to me with a problem on our free consultation call, I would assess the problem, and made sure I knew I could help them. And then I would then ask them to commit to a full 16 weeks of coaching.

This commitment was imperative because it helped them move through the blocks that would inevitably surface. I began to see that most people followed a similar pattern. Week 1-6 they would be feeling better week 7-11, they would have a setback, week 12-16 they would soar.

Knowing this, I needed to be there with them through the harder parts to help them find their way through it and into success. Times have definitely changed since then, and not everyone goes through these patterns but you may be able to see the patterns that your clients go through.


There were as many slow times as there were rushes. In this space, I learned about how to really help people with consistency, commitment, and accomplishment. I saw hundreds of clients over the next 5 years. Each person was different and I found that a cookie cutter approach was not the best way to serve their individual needs.

I would deeply listen to my clients, reach into my tool belt and then hand them the most effective tool to help them in their situation. I also learned the importance of accountability and giving clients what they needed to be successful. In terms of accountability, I noticed that some clients needed a babysitter, while others needed a college professor. I also developed a very strong cancellation policy and let people know about this from the beginning. (24 hour cancellation or you will be charged for the full session.)


I started to see patterns and themes in clients healing journeys. This is where my revolutionary theory of The 4 R’s Method was born. In order for clients to truly heal, I knew they had to start by recognizing their dee