all the Light Workers, the Energy Healers, the Spiritual seekers, and aspiring Coaches to step into your spiritual gift + make the impact that you have dreamt about in a world that needs you now, more than ever.

Has your interest and passion in spirituality led you to awakening some new spiritual abilities you want to better understand?


Are you ready to take your spiritual gifts to a deeper level and expand your toolbox?


Are you a spiritual person who wants to grow, expand and raise your vibration?

Or perhaps...
you want to deepen your spiritual quest + heal and transform at a deeper level so you can truly be your most empowered self. 

Since you are reading this...
I bet a deeper part of you is Awakening!

I am so happy you are here!


Watch this video below to learn a little about how I (Sophie) got into this work. 

We are calling...

Hi! I am Sophie, founder of The Awaken Co., Awaken Life Coaching, Awaken Crystal Gallery and Awaken with Sophie.


We are a lifestyle brand that offers you a way to connect the mission in your heart to the vision in your head with a spiritual action plan!

Our spiritual courses, classes and certifications are a Spirit driven, high touch, high impact, hands on - interactive approach to

healing + transformation! 

Awaken will help you get into alignment with fully living your soul purpose!

With the healing work, practical skills, understanding of modern spirituality theories, +

defining your soul's mission...

we will ignite your spiritual practice and connect you to the higher frequencies that are waiting to come through you!



We Offer...

real transformation + applicable steps to healing. 


The truth is that this kind of work requires devotion, openness, dedication, willingness, time, and most of all - you showing up for you!

Are you ready for this? 



Click on the ICON that calls to you...






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