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We are calling...

all the Light Workers, Energy Healers, Spiritual Seekers, and Aspiring Coaches to step into your spiritual gifts.


Make the impact that you have dreamt about in a world that needs you now, more than ever.

Has your growing spirituality led you to awakening some new spiritual gifts you want to better understand?​


Do you want to take your spiritual gifts to a deeper level and learn how to use them as your soul purpose?


Are you a spiritual seeker who wants to expand, raise your vibration, and have a spiritually aligned + heart led business?


Or perhaps...

You want to deepen your spiritual quest + heal at a deeper level so you can truly help others as your most empowered self. ​​


Since you are still reading this...

I know you are awakening! I can help you bring your spiritual calling out into the world with an open heart.

Spiritual Life Coach Certification

With our spiritual healing curriculum, practical skills, understanding of modern spirituality theories, and defining your soul's mission...


Our Certification will ignite your spiritual practice and connect you to the higher frequencies that are waiting to come through you!


You will go through your own healing first, find your hidden wounds and remove them through all layers of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

I will help you expand beyond where you have gone, show you how to engage your heart in everything you do and then step into the role of being a spiritual coach with an authentic template to serve your clients from post graduation, because your have done the inner work.


It is such an honor to watch women expand and anchor in more of their higher selves.


Quantum leaps can happen in seconds.


Ahhhh-mazing collaborations and opportunities can manifest in a moment.


Often, we block ourselves from our spiritual growth and don’t even know we are doing it.


Then we hide behind our business, schedule, false beliefs and keep believing the chatter in our head and this just blocks the path to expansion even more.


But it doesn't have to be this way. A different world awaits you.

Changing lives & becoming more of your higher self is possible for you.



This type of spiritual health is all within your reach!


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Hi! I amSophie Frabotta

T H E   S O U L   W H I S P E R E R

I am an internationally recognized Spiritual Life Coach who teaches spiritual seekers how to understand their spiritual awakening, do the deep spiritual healing work, and experience a sense of self-love and inner freedom.

For more than 14 years, I have offered a variety of resources including spiritual healing sessions, workshops, retreats, meditations, audio healing sessions, worksheets, articles, and downloads on how to step into this spiritual healing process.


My clients affectionately call me The SOUL Whisperer because of the way their soul opens up to them during our spiritual healing work. They report, this soul channel sounds like a whisper, and long after they have completed their work with me, they still hear it.


Step into my world here.

I Teach Real Transformation

I don't teach surface level breakthroughs.

The work that I do is deep.

This inner work takes you on a journey to that find your hidden wounds and then do the healing work to remove them through all layers of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.  

We have deep conversations.

I will push you beyond where you have gone.

I teach you how to open your heart and keep it open.

This is my soul work, and why I am here.

If you look at traditional psychology, they will tell you the spiritual healing work we are doing with is impossible.


Yet we are witnessing healing and transformation every single day!


And... you can too!

I HOLD Healing

Our spiritual life coach certification, courses and retreats are all Spirit driven, high touch, high impact, hands on, and an interactive approach to healing + transformation!


As a transformational coach and spiritual healer, I will help you get into alignment with fully living your soul purpose!​ I pour my heart and soul into this work and want to show you how you can too! 


How I got into this spiritual work...

Please watch the video below to learn about how I (Sophie) learned how to spiritually transform.

Spiritual Life Coach Certification
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You can join our program from anywhere in the world, and integrate the course work into any schedule.​

Our program will help you step into your truest self, open your heart fully, embody self-love, embrace your future with joy, and activate your Divine connection within! You can become a trusted Spiritual Life Coach who will empower others by activating your soul mission and sharing the tools and processes we will teach you in this program.

Are you ready for this transformation? 



Become a Spiritual Life Coach


I would encourage anyone who is looking to deepen their spiritual practice, channel their inner healer and connect to the Divine to take this course. Sophie in my eyes is the modern-day Soul whisperer and I am so grateful that the Universe brought us together. My coaching tool bag is now full but, Spirit is the one doing the building and I am now the vessel from which it is expressed.



I am forever changed. The mystery of inner healing is far more powerful than I had anticipated. I imagined struggle, resistance and a lot of pain. The most profound experience was actually healing and feeling this lightness that followed. It has taught me how powerful and connected to source I actually am.

Become a Spiritual Life Coach


This program is amazing! Sophie walks you through deep healing and introspection to heal yourself. Over the 5 months of being immersed in this course, I learned who I am, what I am here to do, and what my spiritual gifts are and how they can help others. I developed a relationship with myself and with that comes the trust of my own intuition.


You are right on time.

Your soul is expansive.

The world needs more of what you have!



Hello Kindred Soul,



I know I have something that can change your life. I have been called to serve you and there is something inside of me, that can change your life in a way you never knew was possible. You are just like me, I know you, I understand you, and I can help you step into the spiritual work your heart is calling you to do! 

Click on the icon below that aligns with your desire.

I am so thrilled that you are here!




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Spiritual Life Coach Certification 21

I believe in You!​

There is something so magnificent about you and it is my mission to call that out in you through this Spiritual Life Coach Certification. It will bring you to the core of your being, where your true magical essence resides! 


Get ready

to be re-programmed with excellence!


the deepest part of your inner greatness!​

Turn Your Spirituality

 into a profitable heart-led career!