with Sophie Frabotta



We are calling...

All the Aspiring Coaches, those having a spiritual awakening, the Light Workers, the Energy Healers, and the Spiritual Seekers to step into YOUR spiritual gift + make the impact that you have been dreaming about. The world needs you now, more than ever.​ 


Hi! I amSophie Frabotta

I believe you were born with an array of spiritual gifts, that when misunderstood may seem more like a curse. I am here to help you tap into your inner power and activate your spirituality deeper than you have gone before.  First, we will use YOUR problems as the road map to understanding how healing works, and then once you heal you will gain an inner confidence to help others on their path! 

T H E   S O U L   W H I S P E R E R

I am so happy you are here!

I am confident that I have something that can change your life. But first I have a couple questions for you:

Has your interest in spirituality led you to awakening some new spiritual abilities you want to better understand?

Are you ready to take your spiritual gifts to a deeper level and expand your understanding?

Are you a spiritual person who wants to grow, expand and raise your vibration?

Do you want to deepen your spiritual quest and transform at a deeper level so you gain the confidence on how to truly help others?

If so...

I bet you are Spiritually Awakening!

I HOLD Healing


I will help you define who you truly are in this important time on your soul's journey, by helping you connect the mission in your heart to the vision in your head - with a spiritual action plan!


Our spiritual courses, classes and certifications are a Spirit driven, high touch, high impact, hands on, interactive approach to healing + transformation!


We will help you get into alignment with fully living your soul purpose!​ Please watch the video below to learn about how I got into this work. ​

Awaken your 13 chakras.jpeg

OUR Spiritual Life Coach

Offers YOU a real transformation + applicable steps to your own healing first.  Because if you have not gone to the root of your wounds, how can you guide and mentor someone in that space? 


The truth is that this kind of work requires devotion, openness, dedication, willingness, time, and most of all - you showing up for you!


Flow Through the Program


We begin with our 8 day Healing Retreat Online. You will learn how to use The 4 R's Method: Recognize, Release, Reprogram, Radiate which will be the foundation for your healing and your future coaching practice. There is one lesson unlocked per day with video content, an internal practice session, and 3 live sessions over Retreat Week.


These are the souls who are on this journey with you! During retreat week, you begin building connections with other like-minded souls! We name your cohort and hold each other in love and kindness. We share our deepest and truest self in this special group experience.


After retreat week, we move into our interactive online group classroom. Here you will have your weekly lessons unlocked, where you submit your weekly work to Sophie, and interact with your cohort. This virtual container will guide your growth, hold collaborations with your cohort and expand you beyond your current knowledge.


There will be two LIVE group Coaching Sessions with Sophie each month.  We will have mini check-in, discuss a coaching topic and then do all sorts of interesting activities that facilitate your spiritual growth as a coach! 

We offer you a way to connect the mission in your head to the vision in your heart with a spiritual action plan! 

Everything you will learn is anchored in the intention to help you heal + transform.


We will help you step into 5D, get into alignment with your soul purpose, teach you the necessary healing work, show you practical skills, translate ancient spiritual theories into understanding modern

spirituality, and help you define your soul's vision​.


Through our training YOU will step into your unique spiritual gifts and connect to the higher frequencies that are waiting to come through you!

Connecting Your Head to your Heart




Hello Spirit Lover,



I know I have something that can change your life. I have been called to serve you. I will shout this message from the roof tops to everyone who will listen. There is something inside of me, that can change your life. I can change your world in a way you never knew was possible. You are just like me, I know you, I understand you, and I can help you step into the spiritual work your heart is calling you to do! 

Click on the icon below that aligns with your desire.

So thrilled that you are here!


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