I AM HAPPY TO Announce

That we have made the decision to move forward with our next in-person Retreat + Spiritual Life Coach Training.


It is a go for several reasons.


  • We need commUNITY right now more than ever

  • Outdated programs are being released and need active healing

  • Trauma is surfacing for the Black commUNITY and we need more Spiritual Life Coaches who can assist in this healing process

  • And my program teaches you how to completely step into this work


Our retreat is scheduled for August 6 - 8, 2020 in Singer Island Florida and I am super excited to share this deep and meaningful work with you, at such a pivotal time in our history.

Right now,

we are in the midst of The Great Awakening +

there is no going back.


The world is in need of people

who will be stepping up and sharing the knowledge of spiritual growth,

personal evolution, and leading others through their own healing!



If you have been feeling the nudge

to take a leap and build the career your heart is longing for,

here is your chance.


The first day, after I quit my job back in 2007, and went full time as a Life Coach was, exciting + freaking scary.  I thought, "how am I going to do this?" But it was that fear, lined with drive that led me to keep asking that question. Every day, I got a new answer that seemed to magically move me into a direction of success. And those answers have been the success of my career. 13 years later, I stand here booked to the seams with clients! I was so eager to make it work that I attracted the opportunities I needed, and then made it happen.  Believe me, you can do it too. 


I have seen people 

transform before my very eyes.

I have seen rage turn to compassion.

Addictions turn into new business ventures.

Rejection turn into acceptance.

Insecurities turn into degrees.

I have seen the lost get found,

broken hearts become whole,

+ goals become realities.

THE WORLD needs you! 

If you look at traditional psychology,

they will tell you what we are doing is impossible.


Yet we are witnessing

healing and transformation

every single day! 



You can too! 

There are people out there right now, 

who are waiting for you to step into your purpose

so you can help them! 

The divine contract has already been signed, 

its just a matter of time now. 




Standing in this space...

in just under 5 months

feeling strong on your two feet,

empowered with your soul purpose +

confident in your ability to create

what you know deep down,

you were meant for! 


you are going to be trying to live your purpose right?


One way or another,

you will invest time and hope that

this will be your year!

So you might as live it with intention!




Just think... in under five months,

you will have a powerful coaching system +

you will be ready to make the impact

you have been dreaming about!

You can either make it happen,

or just hope it will happen.

So my question for you is,

are you ready to step into 

 your spiritual purpose?

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Weekend Retreat


2 Nights Lodging

All your Meals

Retreat with Sophie + Your Cohort

Deep Healing Discussions

Bonds made with Cohort

Guided Meditations

High Vibrational Space Holding

Sound Bowl Healings

Swag Bag ($100 value)

Online Course Training

16 weeks of Online Learning, Training, Techniques, Real life Application + Shadowing Sophie Coaching, + Practice coaching on your Cohort!

Business Building Tools

Tips + tricks to build your business on any budget; from website building to marketing! Includes: 

Professional Head Shot

Audio Recordings

Access to our library of Healing Meditations, Visualizations,

How To Videos

Over 30 Hours of Master Coaching

24 Hours of Spiritual Training throughout the program

FIVE - 90 minute Live Group Coaching Sessions with Sophie Frabotta

Admin Templates

Coaching Scripts,

Worksheet Templates 

Downloadable Forms

+ Coaching Contracts

Transformation Keys

Spiritual Modalities

 Action Oriented Techniques

Life Coaching Tools

Access to our online resource library

Become Certified

The transformation that this program offers is priceless + upgrades your status to a CERTIFIED Spiritual Life Coach. 




Want to get a feel for

Sophie's Teaching Style... 

Check out some of our Free Trainings

This journey all started with a woman named Sophie who was smiling at me in a video so passionately speaking about her life transformation and how she wanted to help me walk through it. After watching that video I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Within the week I had a call with her and she stated I seemed really grounded and ready for the next step: All I had to do to say was yes, come with an open heart and be willing to hold this sacred place with my cohort. Easy right? Yes!! Best decision I’ve made for the life I want to live. If you want to transform then going through this process is necessary, it will take you to your root wounds and untrue beliefs that hinder you, then mentally reprogram you with a new perspective of love within yourself, confidence in your gifts and understanding the connection we are all One.

My Experience in this course has transformed me from the inside out. Before this course I was trying to find my way to learn more about what I was going through. When I came across her videos it sent chills up my spine. I knew I had to take this course and when I went to the Retreat and she gave me a feeling of comfort. If you are considering taking this course - look no further, Sophie has so much to offer to each and everyone out there that is looking to transform, heal, and  take their life to the next level. Sophie is an amazing Teacher/Coach who is truly gifted in so many ways. I have told her many times that she inspires me. Her passion behind what she does makes it that much more meaningful. I am so Thankful for this beautiful Cohort and program she built. This experience will be something that stays with me for the rest of my days.  

Sophie's Spiritual Life Coach Certification Course is a tremendous value. Not only did I receive my certification and a clear path to my own spirituality, but I also received a multitude of physical resources. I now have books, awakening passages, meditations, healing audios, journaling sheets, worksheets, and many coaching materials.

I would highly recommend this certification course to anyone, especially soul seekers. Even if you are not planning to become a life coach, this course will be beneficial for anyone who desires to live a life that is a reflection of who they truly are, and who want to experience their fullest potential and brilliance. You will open up to a life of clarity, connection, and contentment as you learn so much about yourself. Plus, you will attain the confidence and skills necessary to help positively transform the lives of others.


What our program entails!

Healing Retreat

A Weekend in W. Palm Beach  


  • 2 nights of Lodging 

  • All your Meals

  • 8 Group Sessions with Sophie

  • Healing + Inner Journeying

  • Bonds made with Cohort

  • Guided Meditations

  • Sound Bowl Healings

  • Swag Bag ($100 value)

Online Training

  • 4 Modules | Inner Healing, Spiritual Awareness, Spiritual Visioning, Become a Coach | of lessons + training over 16 weeks

  • Transformational reading curriculum

  • Online posting + responding for maximum growth

  • 5 Group Coaching sessions with Sophie 

  • Shadowing Sophie Coaching

  • 52 Coaching Templates

  • Experiential Coaching Practice

  • Business Building Template

  • Status Upgrade: Certified Spiritual Life Coach


Take the leap... 

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