Spiritual Gift is?



Take a look at the list below and trust what you feel alignment with. 

Whether you have embraced your gift or it is just beginning to open, 

just pay attention to what feels like you!


Channel: the allowance of a spirit guide or a Being of Light to use your voice to send a message.  This takes practice of tuning and raising of your vibration to be able to blend with these beings from higher realms. Once there is access, you begin to channel messages or teachings through your voice or writings. Channeling can produce innovative ideas that come through works of art such as healing, answers to questions, creative writings, painting and music.



Clairaudient: [clear hearing] – the ability to hear spiritual information. This gift usually manifests itself audibly, inside your mind. For most people, the messages they receive are telepathic, meaning that spirits will converse with you through thoughts. You might hear unintelligible sounds, names or phrases, particular words, or music. When clairaudient abilities are beginning to open up, you may notice ringing or changes of pressure in your ears, such as popping or buzzing noises or you may start to hear one word directives.


Claircognizant [clear knowing] – the ability to feel or know something without any physical evidence or proof. Often there is a feeling of certainty about a situation or person or feelings of deja vu. Receives sudden insights about the past, present or future. You may be able to know what others are going to say and can always share information about topics they know little about. Usually they are in-tune with their spirit guides or higher self.  


Clairsentient [clear feeling] - the ability to feel spiritual information in the body. You may know exactly how someone is feeling, able to sense when someone is in trouble, or when something is wrong. Goosebumps, tingly sensations, upset stomach, ache and pains, butterfly of excitement are a few examples of how this information may show up. They can also tune into others emotions and feel them as well. They have the ability to tap into the energy of a space or object based on their gut feelings. Very sensitive to others energy and could feel drained or get headaches when around a lot of people.



Clairvoyant: [clear-seeing] - the ability to see spiritual information.  May come as a picture in the minds eye of a future life event, colors in the aura, or get premonitions about things that may happen. They often have a strong ability to analyze body language, can “see” right through people, especially if they are lying, have vivid or prophetic dreams and may see orbs or spirits. They prefer face to face interactions, are visually creative, easily remember faces and details of the surroundings, and like to “see” things before they purchase them.  


Coach: the ability to lead others to take inspired action and move through their blocks and into their desired highest potential. Being able to guide and help them define their goals, strategically walk towards their dreams, and remove unwanted behaviors and patterns behind. The coach sees beyond the current circumstance and into the true potential of who they’re meant to be.


Empath: the ability to feel and respond to the energies around them. Empaths are open-hearted and love to help. They are drawn to occupations that have deeper meaning  and want to make a difference in their world. Empaths are extra sensitive and in tune with sensing internal and external energy, and can take it in very easily. This can feel like a curse for someone who is not aware of the gift, and a skill for those who learn how to use it. Empaths can take on other peoples moods, get over stimulated by someone’s emotional state and need to apply energetic clearing and cleaning practices daily to keep themselves balanced.


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Energy Worker



Energy Worker: the ability to use the energies that pass through your body, to clear, balance, ground, soften, revitalize, magnify, attract, and/ or bridge the energies of the people, places and things in the environment around you.


Executor: the ability to produce an idea into matter. They tend to take an awareness and put it through a mental process that leaves them with an action plan of how to put something into effect. Sometimes they can get weighed down by all the task and get re-inspired from partnering with a Visionary.


Healer: the ability to channel Divine Light into the specific person, place or thing that needs restoration. The Healer then returns these dark fractals of energy back to the Divine to be recycled back into light. This is a supernatural manifestation of being able to hold and channel the Spirit of God’s love into the person, which miraculously brings healing and deliverance from disease, disorder, dysfunction, imbalance, and/or weakness.


Leader: the ability to lead, assist, protect, and care for others as they are moved towards a similar goal. They focus on people, relationships, and community and tend the see the bigger picture.  They have a strong personality that people are drawn to and are able to accomplish many different tasks as they lead, but lead relationally and with a deep concern for the well-being of others.

Prayer Warrior

Prayer Warrior: The ability to move others through prayer. They tend to be able to hold and lift up the words on Earth to the heavens and connect with the Divine.  They are drawn to prayer when there is a need and easily lift up the need to the Divine.


Peacemaker: the ability to create peace between people, circumstances, and situations. They tend to find the common ground and lead others to solution oriented thoughts, rather than letting others spin around in the problem.

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Reporter: the ability to tell story through others.  People with this gift are drawn to interviewing others on their story and are able to tell a bigger story from that approach. People with this gift are drawn to documentaries, round table discussion, podcasts that interview others, etc.

Spiritual Guide

Spiritual Guide: the ability to help others connect with their own spiritual mastery. Those with this gift often have many other spiritual gifts and act as a mentor as someone is having their own spiritual awakening.  


Teacher: the ability to teach, instruct, instill principle, method, theories, explain, and expound ideas in a manner where the listener deeply understands. Often, teachers are able to explain ideas that make sense to others, and others leave feeling like they are taking something away with them.




Visionary: the ability to have a strong vision of ideas of the future. They practice expansive thinking about the future or advancements in a creative or imaginative way. They are usually ahead of their time and have a powerful plan for change in the future. [Manifesting power comes from partnering up with an Executor.]

5D Thinker

After you have taken the journey from the head to your heart and activated the alignment of your soul mission in your physical body. Stabilizing in this 5D frequency of the permanent God choice and completely engaged heart. A huge mindset shift into what is possible, collective consciousness, and all systems are in alignment.