I invite you to step into the 

truth of your being!

6 Month Live Online Journey with Sophie

Self- Love Circle

MARCH 2020


Sacred Experiences

Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and cringed?

Or looked at a video and wished you looked different?

Or maybe over heard your recorded voicemail and felt a discomfort with the sound of your own voice?


These are all indications that you’re out of sync with your self-love center. And we have an opportunity for to change that.


Napoleon Hill said,

"You can accomplish more in 1 month

in a mastermind group setting,

than you can by yourself in 1 year."

Our self-love circle is a 6 month group journey

that will re-ignite your self-love + teach you how to fully practice self-love, regardless of circumstances or conditions.

The point is to embody unconditional love.

Love without conditions.

Not the common, "I love this because..."

The "because" makes it a condition.


Self love is unconditional. 

Self-Love is an art, a sacred practice. 

Once we change your concept of what is possible, we will change your life forever. 

The way it works: 


  • We meet for 12 Live Video Group Sessions (every other week)

  • There are 24 online course lessons (1 unlocked per week)

  • Virtual Connection + Online Interaction with our self-love tribe

  • Email support with Sophie during your 6 month journey


Powerful Agenda Includes:

  • MODULE 1 - Meeting your inner child

  • MODULE 2 - Spiraling the trauma away

  • MODULE 3 - Cutting toxic cords

  • MODULE 4 - Expand into Loving Yourself


$260/ month

Space is limited.


"The skills I have gained in Sophie’s program have enabled me to reach higher and expand further than I ever felt possible."

You know, every gift has a dark side, and every dark side has a gift within it.  This work has led me to see the gift lying within my darkness, instead of the darkness getting all the attention.  Once I stepped into the gift side, it just brought the light back in!

"I feel like the first month of this program has been the missing puzzle piece to my inner healing experience."

Ready to activate