Sacred Space


Sacred Space + Meet Your True Self




This sacred opening is where your soul began. 

As we open this sacred space to you,

you will begin to re-align with the healthier,

more stable, high frequency YOU. 

1 Day Healing Retreat in 

West Palm Beach, FL

Saturday, February 20, 2021

9:00am - 5:00pm


 Step into Our

Sacred Space Retreat InviteSophie Frabotta
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This Sacred Space Retreat

will help you Awaken +

receive all that is in

your true soul template. 


The most beautiful you

is already present.  

We just may have

to wake her up. 



Please join us for this luxury,

tropical, high touch, high end

spiritual retreat and get

nurtured + deeply cared for.

We will connect you back to

your true souls alignment. 


This spiritual healing retreat will

amplify your space of

self-improvement, self-development,

and self-growth, moving you beyond

false beliefs + resulting

in integrating your true soul essence

into your daily life. 

This retreat will

bring you to your heart.

As we go on a deep inner journey,

lined with ancient teachings

that will feel like food to your soul,

you will remember your truth,

and activate the divine within.


This activation can be

messy and painful,

but that is why we are here

to midwife your healing.


During this retreat you will:

Shift your consciousness,

activate your self-love,

embody divine love,

+ heal some distortions

you've picked up along the way.


Join us for this 1-Day

Healing Intensive

as we dive deep into

this sacred knowledge!

Only 1 spot left.


We will: 

  • Explain how to step into and embrace sacred space

  • Explore what frequency you are living in

  • Show you how you can heal your frequency

  • Take you on a vibrational journey to show you how to use a pendulum to ask Spirit questions about your life and get clear answers

  • Have guided meditations that will activate the peaceful vibes you have been dreaming about feeling 

  • Show you how to create a high vibrational lifestyle

  • Shower you with crystals grids set up around the property to stabilize our sacred energy coming together

  • Teach you to let go of perfection and embrace real acceptance

  • Clear your entire energetic field with the powerful crystal sound healing experience


This training includes: 

A full day of healing

6 Content Packed Sessions
All your Food throughout the day
Gift Bag

Sacred Feminine Bonding
Light Healing Meditation Download


The Magical Curriculum:

Opening the Sacred Space
The 5 Steps to Spiritual Growth

Truth of Your Being

The Temple of Your Soul

Crystal Healing

Sound Healing Experience


Space is VERY limited |  Payment Plans Available  |  Women Only

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I just keep saying to myself, I will never be the same. This retreat brought me more intensive healing than I could ever have obtained through traditional therapies. Knowing that I have the ability to call in healing for myself is incredibly powerful. Delving into this space stretched my growth and there were no judgments here, no expectations. The feeling of balance and true cleansing after this retreat was something I have sought after for so long and was only able to find it at Sophie’s Healing Retreat. I found an awakening in my calling to heal others, alignment with my path, and  harmony in being an empath. 

I was in search of connecting to my spiritual/higher self and finding ways to tune in to a deeper connection with my guides. I found that everything throughout the day got me in that space. From the lovely treat bags when you check in, to the crystal raffle, there were so many fun things throughout the day. My favorite thing was the guided meditation that Sophie started us off with. It really connected us as a group of women. I would certainly go again and would really love to have it become a frequent thing. It was the perfect retreat, thank you Sophie for sharing this experience with us.

The healing retreat and training had such an impact on me and my spiritual journey. The training on the chakras, meditations and crystal programming were enlightening and it’s helped me connect some dots that I was not able to prior. The retreat also helped me grow in my awareness of how to use the tools and techniques Sophie teaches in the moment daily. This retreat is a must no matter what stage you are in on your spiritual or healing journey. Sophie’s approach to her training provides deep knowledge and awareness in an way that is easily understandable and implementable.


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This Sacred Space?

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