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You need to be a spiritual seeker, self-starter, open-hearted, and ready to deep dive into your soul. Also:


You need to be meditating at least 3 days a week consistently


You need to enjoy reading and writing


You need to be ready to play it big


You need to truly take responsibility for your life and all that you have currently created it to be. 

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 We begin with an 8 day virtual retreat, this is where you will start to learn how to use The 4 R’s Method for your own healing. You have 1 lesson unlocked each day, and 3 live cohort calls that week. This is where you begin to bond with your cohort.

After Retreat Week, we move into your online classroom where we will continue your growth over the next 5 months. You have 3 assignments per week and we meet for our live calls every 2 weeks.

​Each week you submit your assignments, respond to your cohort in our online classroom, and have the spiritual support of our program and your magical cohort!

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Attend the 8 Day Virtual Retreat and attend ALL the Live calls that week

Participate in Online learning community
(3-7 hours per week of reading and assignments)

Complete the 19 week course training + demonstrating your application of skill and understanding

Complete the Reading Curriculum

Post & Respond to the weekly assignments


Attend the 80% of Monthly group sessions


Bring real life application to your assignments

Pass final exam: showing you understand and have embodied this knowledge

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Training Packet for Virtual Retreat


Personal Login + Profile on Graduate Page


Access to Online Classroom


Welcome Kit (USA Only)

Training Packet for Virtual Retreat | Materials Included in our Spiritual Life Coach Certification Training


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This certification helps you gain the identity and title of being a Certified Spiritual Life Coach.


Title: Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Trademarked Certification Seal

Our branded Worksheets from our online resource center

A bio and picture in online directory + the
chance to be featured in our quarterly newsletter

Opportunity to submit your own videos to be featured in our Resource Center

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You cannot share this information with other coaches (even if they are your paying clients) who have not gone through the certification training. As we work mostly on the honor policy, we do ask that you allow us to train other coaches.

You also cannot offer any of this material or tools for free in a workshop or master-class for the purpose of marketing yourself to clients online. This will devalue what you offer. You are licensed to use this material with your paying clients and practice all these techniques with your 1-1 clients.



It is up to you to go get your own clients. We do not send you leads. You are responsible for creating your success. With that being said, there will be a brief training on how to start your business.

If you need additional support, post graduation, we have a sister heart-led marketing program that we connect you with which will help you attract your soul-aligned clients! 


You can begin charging an hourly rate of $75-175+ per hour. (Remember, the sky is the limit!)


We teach you how to set your rate to match your vibration, and then grow from there. A lot of people teach that you should over charge before you have the experience, but I teach that it is ok to grow yourself along the way. I teach you how you can make your investment back with only 3 clients!

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  • Over 100 hours of Spiritual Life Coaching Training

  • Over 30 hours of personal instruction and guidance from Sophie Frabotta.

  • Over 50 Professional Coaching Skills, Usable Tools, Worksheets, Coaching Scripts, and Contract to start your practice

  • 8 Day Spiritual Healing Retreat + 19 weeks of Transformation + Training

  • A healing + transformational experience that activates your authentic vibration to match a heart centered practice

  • Over 20 Audio meditations, visualizations, and healings to use on yourself and with your clients

  • 20 weeks of connecting with your cohort + creating likeminded bonds

  • 7 Weeks of Pre-recorded Shadow Coaching Sessions to observe Sophie and learn about your own coaching style

  • 3 Weeks of practice Coaching sessions of YOU Coaching others students to build confidence.

  • 52 Coaching Templates to prepare you for conversations to come

  • 3 Business Building Seminars to set up your business

  • 4 Practice Weeks of stepping into being a coach to activate your Inner confidence and credibility

  • Status Upgrade: you get to  call yourself a Certified Spiritual Life Coach because you earned it

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  • How to unlock a deeper part of your inner greatness

  • Practical tools on how to spiritually go beyond wherever you are now

  • Embodiment of a spiritual practice that will activate your self-belief

  • A turnkey coaching system to assist your clients

  • 52 Comprehensive Coaching skills​

  • Guided access to define your inner spiritual vision + mission and how to turn that into your career

  • How to take these tools and use them in your own business

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You will personally heal through this certification program by learning how to make the great connection to your inner domain.


Once activated, this inner space helps you connect with past and future energies within, and we give you tools on what to do with these energies now.


With this release, you make space for the new and from there, we will build your spiritual practice, identify your personal mission, get clear on what you want to do + who you love to help, embody your authentic self with integrity, follow your inner voice and calling—even if others don’t get it, and finally-- turn your spiritual practice into a business that lights you up with joy and feels authentic!

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You will also be a part of a cohort, that ranges up to10 women. Going through this experience can create deep bonds with someone right now you may consider a stranger.  These connections can help you stay connected, accountable and inspired in your life after the training.

We all need to surround ourselves with others who relate to us and believe in us.

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Through this course you will be instructed to add different tools that made an impact on you, scrap book style, into your spiritual tool box.  This is meant to become your guide, your coaching map, and professional resource that you can use to help others Awaken!


Building this Spiritual Life Coach Training binder is encouraged through out the weeks, as you come across a variety of downloads. This can also serve as your tool box that you can refer to for years as it will contain many of the tools and concepts you'll learn in this training.



At this time, we are offering this training to men + women separately.


You will have weekly homework, practices, and posting requirements to demonstrate how you are embodying these concepts and practices. In the last month, you will have a final exam to show your understanding and personal expression of these practices.

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Cost Includes

The total cost of the training includes your 8 Day Virtual Retreat, 19 weeks of transformation, 13 Live Sessions with Sophie, over 100 hours of training, a bunch of materials + resources to assist in your healing + transformational experience, alongside the beginning of a life changing spiritual journey! 

We take all forms of payments online.

We have 3 payment options available to cover your tuition.



1 Payment: $5,111
8 Payments: $2,500 Deposit + 6 Payments of $555
13 Payments: $1,600 Deposit + 12 Payments of $377


  • 8 Video Lessons (Self-Paced)

  • 3 - Live Cohort Building Sessions over the week

  • 8 Days of Guided Light Healing Sessions (Downloadable)

  • 1 week of High Vibrational Space Holding

  • Guided Crystal Healing Journey 

  • Guided Sage Ceremony

  • Sound Bowl Healing Session (Downloadable)


  • Welcome Kit

  • Personal login to the course

  • Access to Online Resource Center filled with worksheets, guided meditations + healings, tools, etc. 


  • 100+ hours of transformational guidance with Sophie Frabotta.

  • Partnering with your cohort to begin practice coaching

  • 4 modules of training over 19 weeks

  • A comprehensive reading curriculum

  • Posting + responding to the weekly assignments

  • Live Masterclasses with Sophie every other week 

  • Detailed training on how to unlock a deeper part of your inner greatness

  • Practical tools on how to spiritually go beyond wherever you are now

  • Embodiment of a spiritual practice that will activate your self-truth + self-belief

  • A guideline to assist your coaching process with 3 comprehensive skills

  • Understanding how to practice deep listening

  • Introduction to a list of 100 prompts for guiding your clients

  • Guidance on how to take your client to a space of self-awareness and breakthrough

  • Access to your inner spiritual vision and how that can become your career

  • Application to take these tools and use them in your own business

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Yes, you may take this training program and it is expected of you to complete all the course work.  This option is for spiritual seekers who just want to grow their spirituality and become a healthier and stronger person.  However, you must complete all the modules.  You are only exempt from the final exam.  There are no price deductions for this option. 

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To remain in good standing with an active Certification status you will need to renew your certification every two years, from the day you have completed and passed the course and become Certified on the date of your closing ceremony.


20 CECs: $144

  • submit 20 CEC hours

  • This fee keeps your Certification status active: 

    • gives you permission to continue to use our processes, worksheets, forms, videos, and tools that we have covered in the course with your paying clients

    • allows you to continue to use the certification title as a Certified Spiritual Life Coach


We have a database that contacts you with a form to renew your status 60 days prior to your renewal date. 

  • This gives you time to make your payment and complete your 20 CECs

  • If you do not renew, your certification status becomes inactive. 

If you need your CEC tracker worksheet to submit to us, please email our team.



A CEC is a Continuing Education Credit hour and generally represents one hour of self-study to improve your understanding in the field of spirituality. Credit hours can be acquired through various activities. Depending on the activity, the CECs (credit hours) earned may not correlate one-to-one with the duration (number of hours) of the activity (see examples above). For renewal, you need 10 CECs per year, 20 total CECs at the end of the 2 year renewal period.

If you have any questions about applying, joining, or your unique situation, we invite you to reach out to our Program Success Coach to have a personal conversation! 
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