The Energy of Mars Retrograde + Ascension

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With the Mars Retrograde starting on 9/9/20, we are going to be surfing some energetic waves like we haven’t felt before. I am not saying this to create fear, I am saying this to create preparation. If you have the proper energetic resources at your hands to help you process this energy over the next 2 months, you will be better off. Mars will be in Retrograde until 11/14/20.


Over the next 2 months we will be:

👉🏻 challenged on our "I can'ts"

👉🏻 nudged to look within to see what we have been shoving down

👉🏻 almost forced to look at our suppressed frustration and hostility


Without the proper support, this retrograde could feel overwhelming.


But, remember - the opportunity at hand here is to overcome the internal suppressed states that you no longer need to shove down, and begin to step into your true self, with courage, moving towards what you feel is calling you now.


Energetically, we will be challenged.




And if your energy is already on fire or frozen, you want to bring it into a balanced state, so you can learn to surf these final waves of 2020 with grace.


Join us!

The Energy of Mars Retrograde + Ascension


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