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  • Sophie Frabotta

Chakra Healing for the 5 Higher Chakras

Most people are familiar with the 7 main energy centers, the chakras, that exist through the axis of our spine. We actually have many more energy centers - up to 385!

Through some spiritual healing and doing the inner work to raise your vibration, you can begin to work with and access your higher chakras 8 through 12. Some practitioners talk about 12 chakras, others talk about 14, 21, 7. Some even talk about the higher chakras being in the body system, in-between the the main chakras, others talk about them above the head and below the feet. The point is that the information varies.

The most important thing is that you go with what rings true for you.

The way I teach this mystical information is in a linear way. I just go from the feet to way beyond the top of the head, as I have found my students to absorb this teaching the easiest.

Some believe that after the fall of Atlantis, we went from living in a fifth dimensional reality (5D) to living in a third dimensional reality (3D) existence here on Earth. This fall in consciousness was also the closing of our 5 higher chakras.

But the good news is, that we are collectively ascending and re-opening to our 5D reality. This means we also have the opportunity to re-open and activate these 5 higher chakras. Activating and aligning your entire 13 chakras will completely change your life.

The 5 Higher Chakras:

Here is a very brief overview of these 5 higher chakras and a little about the energies they hold.

  • EIGHT: Soul Star Chakra

  • NINE: Spirit Chakra

  • TEN: Universal Chakra

  • ELEVEN: Galactic Chakra

  • TWELVE: Divine Source Chakra

Eighth Chakra: Soul Star

About a foot above your head, ranges in color - but I always see it as white. The bridge between our ego-based perception and higher awareness.

Ninth Chakra: Spirit

About a foot and a half above the head, I see this as a pink. Allows you to begin to direct your reality and become aware of your cosmic blue print.

Tenth Chakra: Universal

About two feet above the head, I see this as a light blue. Allows you to find your place in the Universe and where you fit in. As you anchor this in, you gain access to knowledge from past lives.

Eleventh Chakra: Galactic

About three feet above the head, I see this as a light green. Connects you to the galactic levels of awareness and access to the wisdom and guidance of the multidimensional realms of the cosmos.

Twelth Chakra: Divine Source

About three and a half feet above the head, I see this as a white/ clear color. This is where we feel at one with Divinity itself, connect with Unity Consciousness, and remember who we truly are.

There is so much more information on these chakras, but the best way to understand these is to experience them yourself. If you are ready to take it a step further and get control of your life, your health, and your creations; then join me in our Course + Retreat Awaken Your 13 Chakras and completely transform the way you live! I will show you how to have your chakras run as a whole unit, so you can achieve the healing you are seeking. Then at our retreat I will guide you through a full activation of your higher chakras 8-12.

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