The first day, after I quit my job back in 2007, and went full time as a Life Coach was exciting + freaking scary.  I thought, "how am I going to do this?" But it was that fear, lined with drive that led me to keep asking that question. Every day, I got a new answer that seemed to magically move me into a direction of success. And those answers have been the success of my career. 14 years later, I stand here booked to the seams with clients! I was so eager to make it work that I attracted the opportunities I needed, and then made it happen.  Believe me, you can do it too. 

You will go through a full transformation process with your cohort in our group experience. This is one single solution offering you a cohesive step by step way to show YOU how to become this work. Stop spending $500 here and there, to not solve your problem. Instead I invite you to invest in the actual solution. In our program you will get to:

✨Be inspired by others

✨Be a part of a community of people doing the same work

✨Get better results, connection, and feedback on realistic action steps 

✨Learn a powerful coaching system

✨Know how to make the impact you have been dreaming about

You can either make it happen, or just hope it will happen.​ So my question for you is, are you ready to step into your spiritual calling?

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If you look at traditional psychology, they will tell you what we are doing is impossible. Yet we are witnessing  healing and transformation  every single day! And, You can too!  There are people out there right now, who are waiting for you to step into your purpose so you can help them! The divine contract has already been signed, it's just a matter of time now. 




RECOGNIZE: The first phase that we discover is the real issue under the presenting problem. Often what brings a client in the door, is not their deepest issue.  So we dig and recognize the real issue that needs to be addressed. This is typically where traditional therapy stops.

RELEASE: We then use an array of different healing modalities to move outdated energy, memories, emotions, and fears out of the body. 


REPROGRAM: After we have released this stale energy, we begin to plant new seeds and reprogram your inner space with new energy by setting intentions and building a powerful strategy to manifest desires!


RADIATE: In the final stage, we begin to carry a new energy and raised vibration. Walking through life with new empowered thoughts, feeling good,  invigorated, and revitalized - you begin to RADIATE a joy so profound that your highest potential becomes your reality!  

4 R's Method


Spiritual Life Coach Certification Includes:

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Retreat Week

8 Days of Traning

8 - Video Lessons Unlocked Daily

3 - Live Cohort Building Sessions

8 Guided Light Healing Meditations (Downloadable)

High Vibrational Space Holding

Online Cohort Sharing

Sound Bowl Healing (Downloadable)

Welcome Kit Delivered to your door ($100 value USA only)

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Administrative Templates

Coaching Scripts

Worksheet Templates 

Downloadable Forms

Coaching Contracts

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Online Course Training

20 weeks of Transformation Training

19 – Meditation Healing Journeys
14 – Coaching Method Video Lessons
Weekly responses from Sophie
9 – Live Group Masterclasses 

Live Opening + Closing Ceremony
7 Weeks of Shadow Coaching 
3 Weeks of Practice Coaching

20 weeks of online interaction/ feedback with Sophie + your cohort 

4– Book Studies

Transformation exercises every week

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Over 30 Hours of Master Coaching

24 Hours of Spiritual Masterclass Training from Sophie

Live Group Coaching with Sophie every other week

Breakthrough concepts to help you heal yourself first

5 months of Transformational Support from our Program Success Coaches 



Building Tools

Creating Your Website

Defining Your Unique Offer

Sharing Your Spiritual Gifts

Signing up your first client




And walk away with:

 Action Oriented Techniques to help you RECOGNIZE the root issue, 

7 different spiritual modalities to help you RELEASE any stale energy,

7 unique affirmation tracks to help you REPROGRAM your life

new found spiritual understanding of how to RADIATE in 5D.

The transformation that this program offers you carries life long benefits and upgrades your status to a CERTIFIED Spiritual Life Coach.


I have seen people transform before my very eyes. I have seen rage turn to compassion. Addictions turn into new business ventures. Rejection turn into acceptance. Insecurities turn into degrees. I have seen the lost get found, broken hearts become whole, + goals become realities.

Image by Ray Hennessy




We begin  with our 8 day Healing Retreat Online. You will learn how to use The 4 R's Method: Recognize, Release, Reprogram, Radiate which will be the foundation for your healing and your future coaching practice. There is one lesson unlocked per day with video content, an internal practice session, and 3 live sessions over retreat week.

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These are the souls who are on this journey with you! During retreat week, you begin building connections with other like-minded souls! We name your cohort and hold each other in love and kindness. We share our deepest and truest self in this special group experience.

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After retreat week, you will have your retreat reflection paper due and we move into our interactive online group classroom. Here you will have your weekly lessons unlocked, where you submit your weekly work to Sophie, and interact with your cohort. This virtual container will guide your growth, hold collaborations with your cohort and expand you beyond your current knowledge.

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There will be two LIVE group Coaching Sessions with Sophie each month.  We will have mini check-in, discuss a coaching topic and then do all sorts of interesting activities that facilitate your spiritual growth as a coach! 

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Most importantly to me, I learned my coaching skills from (in my opinion) the best ! (Sophie Frabotta, Awaken Life Coaching). I have complete access to so many powerful tools, visualizations, and follow her flow of Recognize, Release, Radiate. Seemingly simple, yet profound.

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I have received such clarity. This clarity has allowed me to meet my spirit and begin to cultivate an inward relationship. I had only dreamt of such a gift. My inner healing work has presented gifts of spiritual travel that I had never thought was possible. It is absolutely amazing what healing does for your entire being. I look forward to the meditation each day. 

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To anyone considering taking this course you won’t be disappointed.  I’ve prayed to be surrounded with good people. I’m so grateful for our leader Sophie, her heart, energy, and confidence have helped me understand energies and vibrations in a much more spiritual manner; allowing my mind open. I started this program as my worse enemy and now I’m my own best friend.

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Sophie you are an amazing Teacher/Coach you are truly gifted in so many ways, I have told you many times you inspire me, your passion behind what you do makes it that much more meaningful. Thank you for this beautiful Cohort you built, this will be something that stays with me for the rest of my days, You shine brighter than a Diamond Thank you.

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Sophie's Spiritual Life Coach Certification Course is a tremendous value. Not only did I receive my certification and a clear path to my own spirituality, but I also received a multitude of physical resources. I now have books, awakening passages, meditations, healing audios, journaling sheets, worksheets, and many coaching materials.

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I draw such strength from Sophie's words and her focus, and as Jon said, how connected she is. I love her soft heart of humility regarding meditating and radiating, and how she has taught me to set a new intention going forward. Everything in this program and what Spirit is doing in me moment by moment is in perfect alignment! ️

What our program entails!



Once we change your concept of what is possible for your life, YOU will change forever. I am here to help take you on a new path. Becoming a Spiritual Life Coach is the beginning of your real transformation journey. I invite you to step into the life you have been waiting to live!