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Virtual Retreat Starts: 

May 6 - 13, 2021

Online Training:

May 16 - September 16, 2021


Just think... in 5 months,

you will have a powerful coaching system +

you will be making an impact

to change peoples lives! 

You can either make it happen,

or just hope it will happen.

So my question for you is,

are you ready to step into 

 your spiritual purpose?


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Virtual Retreat

Over 8 days:

8 Video Lessons (Self-Paced)

3 - 75 minute Live Cohort Building Sessions over the week

7 Days of Guided Light Healing Meditations (Downloadable)

1 week of High Vibrational Space Holding

Guided Crystal Journey 

Guided Distant Sage Ceremony

Sound Bowl Healing Session (Downloadable)

Welcome Kit Delivered to your door ($100 value)

Online Course Training

19 weeks of Online Learning, Training, Techniques, Shadowing Sophie Coaching, Coaching Your Cohort, Sharing in our sacred tribe +

Interactive feedback from Sophie on each assignment post

Business Building Tools

Tips + tricks to build your business on any budget; from website building to marketing! Includes: Spiritual Life Coach Certification Seal +

Professional Head Shot

Audio Recordings

Access to our library of Healing Meditations, Visualizations,

How To Videos

Over 30 Hours of Master Coaching

24 Hours of Spiritual Training throughout the program 

9 - 60 minute Live Group Coaching with Sophie, every 2 weeks through the program

Admin Templates

Coaching Scripts,

Worksheet Templates 

Downloadable Forms

+ Coaching Contracts

Transformation Keys

Spiritual Modalities

 Action Oriented Techniques

Life Coaching Tools

Access to our online resource library

Become Certified

The transformation that this program offers is priceless + upgrades your status to a CERTIFIED Spiritual Life Coach. 

You can become a CERTIFIED

Spiritual Life Coach

for $5,000 with us!


Retreat week was a life

changing experience; mind, body, and soul.

It was an instant sisterhood.  -Nicole

Pick Your Payment Plan

3 Ways to Pay 



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$2,500 DEPOSIT



OF $500


$1,500 DEPOSIT



OF $375

Take a Look at our Welcome Kit

What others are Saying

Sister, I’ll tell you what: ALL OF ME HAS WOKEN UP! I know that finding this program was absolutely divinely guided. - Christie

When we started the virtual retreat, I really didn’t know what to expect and was concerned that I might not get the full effect being virtual. Pretty immediately after we all ‘met’, I could feel myself soften by the smiling faces on Zoom. I knew I was exactly where I was supposed to be. -Liz

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Virtual Retreat


  • 8 Video lectures (Self-Paced)

  • 3 - 75 minute Live Cohort Building Sessions over the week

  • 7 Days of Guided Light Healing Meditations (Downloadable)

  • 1 week of High Vibrational Space Holding

  • Guided Crystal Journey

  • Guided Distant Sage Ceremony

  • Sound Bowl Healing Session (Downloadable)

  • Swag Bag Delivered to your door ($100 value)

Online Training

  • 4 Modules | Inner Healing, Spiritual Awareness, Spiritual Visioning, Become a Coach | of lessons + training over 19 weeks

  • Transformational reading curriculum

  • Online posting + responding for maximum growth

  • 9 Group Coaching sessions with Sophie 

  • Shadowing 7 weeks of Sophie Coaching

  • 52 Coaching Templates

  • Experiential Coaching Practice

  • Business Building Template

  • Status Upgrade: Certified Spiritual Life Coach


This powerful role of being a coach,

you are going to need coaching,

you will have questions that need answering,

and you might even need help in the accountability department.


And let me tell you,

I take my job as a coach very seriously!


I will not let you get down on yourself,

we will get through everything together,

and I cannot do that with a few videos and some PDF’s.

Information alone will not create this type of transformation.  


If information were enough,

than your google search would have

already made you successful. 


What you need is the metamorphosis of changing roles,

from where you are now and stepping into

your inner greatness to transform into a spiritual coach. 

That is what I am offering here.


I will be your guide, through thick and thin.



In just one week, seven days, 168 hours, I have spent opening my heart to the Divine and shining my inner light brightly onto others. Retreat Week was such a blessing in disguise. I’ve spent every single day focusing on healing my inner being and getting to know who I am. I will be recommending this program/retreat to anyone in the future seeking a similar path as me. Sophie is an amazing coach, and does a fantastic job at listening. If you need any sort of insight or guidance, she is your go to girl! Sophie, I want to take a moment to thank you for all that you do for our Enlightenment cohort. We are all honored to have you as our coach. -Alexa

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