Personal Assistant


Are you a spiritual + creative person who loves to keep things moving efficiently?


Do you want to work in a meaningful business where lives are being transformed?

We are looking for a Personal + Creative Assistant who is interested in keeping us running smoothly, wants to grow with us and to help us with our Coaching Business + Spiritual Retreats in West Palm Beach.  

Sophie Frabotta

Creative Personal Assistant


This is a part-time position from 15 hours a week.  Looking for someone to work afternoons on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. And then with flexible hours the month leading up to our Retreat and then 3 full days during our retreats. Usually spring and late summer. (Next retreat March 2020.)


We are looking for someone who is creative, can handle administrative work, many changing tasks, thinks outside of the box, can visually capture the moments at our retreat, turn it into engaging social media, and many more random tasks...

If you are totally into spirituality, meditate and can't get enough crystals, we may click. It is imperative that you are authentic, responsible, punctual, honest, hard-working, ethical, and drama-free! 

I run a tight ship and have high expectations, so this opportunity will grow you as a person, but you need to be up for the challenge! 

Responsibilities Include:

  • Organize + execute on administrative tasks for our retreats 

  • Set up/ tear down

  • Manage Sales of crystal inventory

  • Capture moments creatively with photo and video

  • Prepare content for social media use

  • Write creative copy outlining brands vision

  • help design valuable content, from presentations to videos. 

  • Edit image and video

  • Research + recommend new ideas for strengthening our brand

Ultimately, you will help us build and maintain a strong and cohesive brand both online and offline.



  • Efficient + Organized

  • Excellent written + verbal communication abilities

  • Dedicated, Loyal + Trustworthy

  • Experience with photo or video editing software 

  • Balanced + Healthy

  • Understanding of digital advertising tactics

  • Punctual + Honest

  • Creative copywriting skills

  • BS in Marketing, Art, Design or relevant field is a +

Is this you? 

A little about Awaken's Founder: Sophie Frabotta

"Life had challenged me to my core at such a young age. 


18 years ago I was depressed, anxious, bulimic, suicidal and 75 pounds heavier. I was miserable. I was lost. I was overwhelmed by the darkness. However, it was this darkness that ultimately led me to finding the light.


I had always been a highly sensitive empath who could feel on such a deep level, and before I understood this gift, it used to feel more like a curse. I can remember walking through my college campus and feeling happy, then sad, then overwhelmed; all just on the way to class.

After several years of mild improvements in therapy, I found life coaching and my life began to transform before my very eyes. Things started to make sense, I learned how to create energetic boundaries, how to distinguish my feelings from others, and how to create real change in my daily life! 

It was like someone put the sparkle back in my diamond. I had found the inner work that freed my soul and I wanted to teach people how to get their life back, do this work, so they too could sparkle like a diamond!


I went back to school, got my undergrad in psychology, my Master's in Transpersonal Psychology (later in the game), got certified as a holistic life coach and then took the leap to start my own coaching business in 2008. 


Eleven years later, seasoned with a ton of mistakes, but thousands of hours helping others climb through their own limitations, I stand here today to share that you can turn your spirituality + inner work into an abundant career!


You do not have to be perfect, but you can learn how to effectively set up your desires with action + make the best of what comes your way. 

To me, life is about being your true self and having the courage to share that with the world.


So I stand before you today as me; a work in progress, highly motivated to help you get into alignment with who you really are, so you can co-create the life and career you are seeking to experience!"


Want to create together? 

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