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I am so happy we meditated together!


We have a bunch of events coming up this year, and would love to meet you live at one of our retreats or events. 


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Sophie Frabotta

"I am astounded by all that has transpired in my life since this amazing course began. I am in a place of greater peace, more clarity of purpose and am seeing changes in myself that I used to look upon with absolute fear. This class has inspired me to reach for more and believe in more!  Sophie holds such a soft but empowered space for everyone and it's been such a joy to be a part of this cohort and her spiritual teachings!  I sing her praises wherever I go!  And I always will!"

This experience was life changing from the time I arrived to the time I left! Sophie has such a passion in what she does, and I felt it deeply. I am inspired by her and love that she held the retreat for us. I felt so comfortable with our tribe of women, there was no judgment, and I learned that there are other beautiful souls out there that want to help others awaken and change - just like me.

This program was built with sacred energy that primed my heart to break down any barriers or expectations. I felt like I was a little kid that was seeing the world through a lens I had never experienced. When Sophie explained 'the Healing Hut,’ I realized I had never learned how to release my pain and had all these energy blocks that were stopping me from moving to the next phase of reprogramming and then radiating.

Work with Sophie


Transform your Life with our 12 week spiritual emersion to Heal the Inner Child, Heal the Trauma Response, Cut Energetic Cords + Develop a Spiritual Practice.


This Spiritual Life Coach Training is a spiritually driven, hands on, interactive training, and transformational experience with our virtual Retreat + 19 weeks of online trainings with Sophie.

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