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Graduates of the Spiritual Life Coach Certification


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Divine Warriors Cohort
Graduated January 2023



Spiritual Life Coach

My name is Colleen and I help women embrace their unique selves, find their inner strength, and show them how to shine their beautiful inner light. I use a light-hearted and deeply insightful approach to peel back layers, release unhelpful patterns, and help you to move forward in your professional and personal journey of fulfillment.  


I am grounded on the principles of integrity, compassion, and also being in the element of fun to every session. No matter your profession or life story, I can help you get to the core of what’s getting in your way and show you to your answers in a way that feels right to you.

Together, we reclaim your truth and renew your spirit!  It’s time to put yourself front and center.



Spiritual Life Coach

As a Spiritual Life Coach, I specialize in sensing and uncovering the deep desires of your heart, the dreams you have for your future, and the healing you need to experience and manifest your dreams and desires.

Working with Empty Nesters and people of retirement age, I take you on a journey going deeply within to find what your heart truly desires at this stage of life and then set a course to dissolve blockages, remove obstacles, and heal the painful situations that have kept you stuck.

All of this brings you freedom, peace, a plan for your future, and the methodology to get you there. Together we re-design your inner world, uncovering your dreams for this part of life and bringing those dreams into reality.

Balancing Rocks


Spiritual Life Coach

Hello, I will be graduating this summer.

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Bodhi Cohort
Graduated April 2023



Spiritual Life Coach

Hello beautiful souls. My name is Jenny Chaplin and I am a registered nurse of 26 years, a homeopath, a spiritual life coach, an ​intuitive ​empath.​ ​​After I went​ through my ​spiritual ​awakening, I learned ​how ​to recognize and toxic relationships​,​ set healthy boundaries​ and step away from patterns that no longer served me​. 

I always considered my empathic abilities ​to be ​more of a curse than a gift​,​ because I did not know how to set healthy boundaries.​ But now I​ view my empathic abilities as one of my greatest strengths. I can readily tune into the energies of other people and can “read a room”​. ​I have great awareness and compassion for others and I am very creative and intuitive.

I was inspired to curate The Green Experience Rooms because I personally witnessed so many friends, family members and co-workers suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder-SAD for short. In M​Minnesota​ where I live,  winters can be very long, cold, monochromatic and frankly endlessly depressing. So many Minnesotans chronically suffer from the lack of sunshine, exuberance of colors and lush greenery.  We are forced indoors to hibernate for the long winter months, where we plug into our devices and disconnect from ourselves and nature itself. So many of us feel isolated and alone.


My goal is to reawaken the senses by immersing in our lush Green Experience Rooms and go back to our roots (pun intended :-), to Mother Nature.



Spiritual Life Coach

I am a 'Holistic Life Challenges Coach'  and a  Registered nurse with expanded education in hospice and palliative care. Also a  lover of Metaphysics and Intuitive Tarot.

I holistically coach you to overcome your life challenges and offer healing energy to bring you into alignment. We find all the challenging situations that are sucking your life energy and I intuitively work with you to resolve draining ruminating thoughts around life challenges and teach you energy practices to help align your vibration.

Apart from nursing, I have trained in many modality's of coaching and energy work such as Spiritual Life Coaching, Reiki, Louise L Hay Mind Body Philosophy, Behavioral Life Coaching, Hypnosis ,The Grief Recovery Method  and Transcendental Meditation.

I have overcome  many 'that sucks' experiences and today I understand my contribution to those experiences so they are not recreated. I will coach and teach you to claim your holistically empowered life now.

Balancing Rocks


Spiritual Life Coach

Hi there! My name is Susan and I am a Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, Usui Holy Fire Reiki Healer, Sound Healer and Retired Lawyer. Yes, you read that right! I practiced in an incredibly stressful profession, running my own business for many years. I tell you this because I get you and know what it takes to make significant, lasting changes in your life! I made a career out of listening to people. Now, let me truly hear what you have to say and support you in making changes to lead the life you deserve to lead! Together, we will dive deep into the dark waters of your Soul and when you breach the surface, you will be filled with Peace, flowing through your life that can be shared with others!



Spiritual Life Coach

Hello everyone & welcome! My name is Tanasha Ward and I am 29 years young! My love for internal health and wellness started when I was in High School and participated in Track and Field for 4 years. My Track Coach & English Teachers were my first role models who introduced me to 3 truths: written and spoken words have influence, a positive environment makes a difference, and kind self-expression matters!

On my spiritual path I allowed my unprocessed emotions and unbalanced perspective about being adopted by my grandmother come to the surface to heal. I confronted, face to face, my hidden self-worth and inner child wounds, leading me to a place to understand the mind, diving deeper into spirituality, and being adamant about seeking out communities with kindred souls. I have been able heal my inner child and become certified as a Spiritual Life Coach.

I now help other women understand the influence that their words, positive environment, and healthy responding skills can make on their self-image, their professional, and their personal relationships. When you embark on a journey with me, I will help you reconnect to the greatness that is within you right now by investing time into reconnecting with your truest needs and desires. No matter what season of life you’re in, you will be able to understand and communicate what your core self needs most from you. I will show you how to restructure and choose your relationships from a place of internal power and intention, leading you to create a fulfilling life internally and within your relationships.

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If you are an aspiring coach, healer, or light-worker who wants to make an impact from a higher vibrational space, I can help you activate your naturally born spiritual gifts to help others transform.

If you want to quench your spiritual thirst, and grow in your alignment with Spirit, now is your chance! 


You can become a trusted Spiritual Life Coach that empowers others to step into their truest self, manifest their deepest desires, embrace the future with joy, connect to the Divinity speaking within, and access your inner wealth of wisdom! 





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